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Natural law of ethics


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Published in: Spiritual, Education

Natural law of ethics

  2. 2. NATURAL LAW OF ETHICS Also called Thomistic Ethics St. Thomas Aquinas Synderesis ◦ Inherent capacity of individual to distinguish the good from the bad
  3. 3. Propositions1. Voice of right reason or voice of conscience ◦ Voice of conscience will serve as a natural guide ◦ Right thing- following conscience ◦ Wrong thing  feel guilty, remorseful
  4. 4. Propositions2. Man’s threefold natural inclinations 1. Self-preservation  Suicide  Smoking  drinking 2. Just dealings with others 3. Propagation of our species  Any form of contraceptive is wrong
  5. 5. Propositions3. Three determinants of moral actions 1. Object 2. Circumstances  Who, What, Where, By what means, why, How, When 3. End/purpose of agent  For an act to be morally good, these 3 elements must be good.
  6. 6. PROPOSITION4. The double effect principle ◦ Woman 3 months pregnant with a cancerous uterus5. The principle of totality ◦ An individual has the right to cutt off, mutilate or remove defect non-functioning organs only if the general well being of the whole body requires.6. Principle of stewarship
  7. 7. PROPOSITION7. Principle of inviolability of life8. Principle of sexuality and procreation.