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Inside Google Knowledge Graph


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My slides on Google's Knowledge graph from SMX West 2013

Published in: Technology

Inside Google Knowledge Graph

  1. Matthew Brown Head of Special Projects SEOmoz (in Portland!) Twitter: @MatthewJBrown Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX
  2. Link to menu page on restaurant website Link to built out G+ profile pageLocal Knowledge Graph
  3. Media Searches
  4. Carousel (appears in a lot of local/tablet searches)
  5. Data sources are (mostly) closed! Wikipedia, Freebase, CIA
  6. KG carousel keeps you on Google longer, and changes queries
  7. Images aren’t as closed as other types of KG results
  8. And they can lead to more interesting results. Will Google notice?
  9. Follow the query chains in KG results
  10. YouTube, Vimeo, Ly rics sites, band fan sitesExample of a song query from KG
  11. Example of an event query from KG
  12. Check out the query. What sites are in the results?
  13. Use structured data tool to check semantic markup
  14. Open Graph *all the things* - OGP Resources
  15. Make sure upstream data sources are correct(Wikipedia, Freebase, other Linked Data sources)
  16. Ranking #1 for “SEO Consulting” is not too shabby Pay close attention to localized organic results
  17. Google releasingthe corpus allowsdata analysis ofhow entities arementioned acrossa large number ofsites. Google Research Wikilinks Corpus: More Info!