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Google, SEO and Personalized Search

  1. Don’t Panic! A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Surviving SEO Changes Personalization and SEO by Gianluca Fiorelli (@gfiorelli1)
  2. Disclaimer: this speech is based over one firm statement SEO in not a tactic. SEO is a strategy that uses tactics for obtaining a purpose: qualified organic traffic.
  3. Why are you asking me for rankings when they all see different search result pages?
  4. Maybe because you “forget” Personalization Taken from What do the public understand about Search
  5. Personalization is pervasive
  6. And the conversion is not a funnel is a spiral
  7. Powerful is the Force of Personalization
  8. Search History It is working also if you are not logged in
  9. Language The language you set Google up with and the language of the content you usually consume
  10. Social Connections (well… Google+) Be sure to view this Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin
  11. Localization Because Google knows where you are, always.
  12. Consider competitive research with personalization in mind 67% of the time your rankings won’t appear in the localized SERPs of other cities (data from Linkdex)
  13. Use geo-ranking tools
  14. What can I do? Work for obtaining bigger and stronger relevance in the local markets that matters the most to your business
  15. How? Creating events and synergies between Online and Offline visibility Targeting local sites Targeting local influencers
  16. Use Social Media data for boosting your SEO
  17. Psst… you can use the follower base of your competitors
  18. The tool I used is Followerwonk of Moz
  19. The tool I used is Followerwonk of Moz
  20. And it is great for journalists outreach
  21. Other Factors Browser Used Device Used Timing of Search And all these factors act at the same time
  22. Food for Thoughts 40% of Internet Time Now On Mobile Devices (data from Comscore – 2/13) 40% of Mobile Users use their devices at home watching TV (data from Nielsen– 2012)
  23. Forget about (not provided) keywords Think about queries QUERY = Explicit Query + Implicit Query
  24. “Stazioni del metro di Milano” Explicit Query Android 4.3 on the street in Milan Implicit Query From Keywords to Contexts: the New Query Model
  25. Hey, that sound a lot like Hummingbird
  26. Search Entities •  A query a searcher submits; •  Documents responsive to a query; •  The Search Session during which the searcher submits the query; •  The time at which the query is submitted; •  Advertisements presented in response to the query; •  Anchor text in a link in a document; •  The domain associated with a document More in this post by Bill Slawski
  27. Search Entities Relationships between Search Entities Probability Score Re-Ranking of the SERPs More in this post by Bill Slawski
  28. Pay Attention to This A relationship between a first entity that has insufficient support (e.g., not enough search history data) to associate a given property with the first entity and a second entity that does have sufficient support to associate the given property with the second entity can be identified, and the given property can be associated with the first entity with higher confidence More in this post by Bill Slawski
  29. In plain English that means
  30. If my web document is not in the search history of people searching for a query potentially related to it
  31. Then what I must do is being linked and/ mentioned from another web document that indeed is present in the personalized SERPs of those users
  32. Because doing so Google will assign a Probability Score that may let me pop up in their Personalized SERPs
  33. TL;DR Branding Really targeted outreach Learn about Really Targeted Outreach for Richard Baxter
  34. Totally Implicit Queries Making of Google a tool, which would give you answers to things that matters to you, even when you don’t ask (Larry Page)
  35. Totally Implicit Queries Watch this interview to Baris Gultekin shot at I/O 2013
  36. HEY! This is not SEOable!
  37. Oh… it is!
  38. Email Marketing to the rescue
  39. Final Thoughts SEO in a silo is not enough for “conquering” faithful customers
  40. Final Thoughts SEO must synergically interact with all the other Internet Marketing disciplines
  41. Final Thoughts And the same is valid for Social Media, Content and Email Marketing
  42. Final Thoughts Because the sum of them is not 4, but 5
  43. Final Thoughts SEO must become Search Experience Optimization
  44. Don’t Panic! A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Surviving SEO Changes Personalization and SEO by Gianluca Fiorelli (@gfiorelli1)