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Structured Data and Semantic SEO


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Presentation at September event for SEMPDX in Portland OR. Covering the latest on structured data markup, Open Graph, and data markup for SEO.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Structured Data and Semantic SEO

  1. Structured Dataand Semantic SEOMatthew BrownSEMPDX Sept 2012 Image credit:
  2. Matthew Brown Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX Twitter: @MatthewJBrown matthew@audiencewise.com
  3. Definitions@MatthewJbrown
  4. Semantic Search Engine Optimization (Semantic SEO) is theuse of techniques from the Semantic Web technology stackfor:1.sending detailed information about the meaning of yourpage content to search engines and other data consumers,2. in a way that can be easily processed by computers. Good definition of Semantic SEO:
  5. Structured Data = Data organized by a markup language and avocabulary. Can be organized and searched by machines.Linked Data = Publishing structured data so it can be accessedat a URISemantic Web = The web of globally accessible, interlinkeddata entitiesRDF = Resource Definition Framework. This is a data modelthat establishes entity relationships using ‘triples’ Other notable parts of the ‘Semantic Web Technology Stack’
  6. Great overview of the Semantic Web hereExample of RDF triples describing entities. This is how semantic web data is defined.
  7. Schema: A specific vocabularySo what’s Microdata? RDFa? Good primer here:
  8. Choose your weapon. Which language and vocabulary fits your situation?
  9. There are many languages and vocabularies for structured data. Schema is just one.
  10. Current Status of “semantic SEO”: Google, Bing, Facebook @MatthewJbrown
  11. @MatthewJbrown
  12. OUCH!Google is doing more displacing of organic results. Deal with it: mark up your data
  13. Rich snippets are everywhere now, even spammy ones
  14. There are more options everyday to increase SERP real estate
  15. Rich Snippets can take up 30 days or more. Don’t panic. Study at:
  16. Track CTR changes for keywords that get rich snippets to measure ROI
  17. Google Knowledge Graph
  18. Look for what markup gets into Knowledge Graph
  19. Knowledge Graph Carousel (for ‘multiple’ searches like albums)
  20. There are multiple sources in the carousels as well
  21. Markup type: (Keep a running spreadsheet)
  22. Google Plus Knowledge Graph – Great article at
  23. Open Graph@MatthewJbrown
  24. Just about every ‘entity’ under the sun is in Facebook’s graph
  25. Straight from Facebook at TC Disrupt:
  26. Open Graph: Huge graph of semantic data. HUGE.
  27. Guardian’s FB traffic eclipsed Google traffic at one point:
  28. why services like Socialcam and Viddy suddenly exploded?
  29. Open Graph SchemaProtip: Use Open Graph Markup in addition to schema, etc.
  30. Using OG can control how your snippets, images, anddescription appears in Facebook and other networks
  31. @MatthewJbrown Tools
  32. Webmaster Tools now provides basic structured data stats
  33. Facebook Object Debugger:
  34. Mat Clayton (CTO of Mixcloud) on Slideshare:
  35. Schema Creator from Raven:
  36. Local Business Microdata Generator:
  37. Wordpress Schema plugin fromRaven:
  38. Drupal has functionality to consume and publish RDF data. Guide to getting up and running at:
  39. Rich Snippets Bookmarklet: snippets-testing-tool-bookmarklet
  40. Bing Webmaster Tools Markup Validator
  41. – Industrial Strength Structured Data Display
  42. – Semantic web search engine. Good way to see what
  43. Linked Data tools for content marketing@MatthewJbrown
  44. Point Blank SEO’s guide to data visualizations:
  45. - Linking Open Data Cloud
  46. Linked Data datasets – current best source:
  47. Dbpedia is Wikipedia in Linked Data specification. Outputs are JSON/XML/RDF.
  48. PoolParty has a Wordpress plugin to import Linked Data as tooltips:
  49. LODSPeaKr – Simple Publishing Kit for Linked Data -
  50. Reading Materials/Resources@MatthewJbrown
  51. Raven has an excellent guide here:
  52. Good Relations has several great Q+A sites and a FAQ:
  53. Great primer to RDFa in HTML5 and Linked Data:
  54. Learn what entities are.
  55. Proposed schemas:
  56. Reading List Linked Data Primer – Start Here - Dead simple intro to RDF andassociated vocabularies and tools. rules. intro to RDFa and highlights Best Buy, Overstock, Examiner.com Developer Works tutorial on how to combine data with Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy There’s a ton of resources on the web to get you started
  57. Semantic SEO Follow ListFolks who have some SEO/Semantic Web crossover:Aaron Bradley - @aaranged – Hands down the best curator of semantichappenings on the SEO side. When he blogs at it’s not to be missed.Jeff Preston - @JeffreyPreston – Lead SEO at Disney Corp. Happens tobe speaking at the Semantic Web 2012 conferenceSean Golliher - @SeanGolliher – Publisher of SEMJ – writes occasionallyfor http://www.semanticweb.comJay Myers - @jaymyers – Best Buy lead dev and RDFa proponent. He’sthe man responsible for Best Buy’s 30% CTR increase with rich snippets.Dan Brickley - @DanBri – outreach for Google, works onproposed specs People who have both search and semantic backgrounds
  58. Semantic Tech ProsSemantic Tech Folks who are very smart and say things I don’t get:Martin Hepp- @MFHepp– Heads up Good Relations, which is the mostextensive vocabulary for e-commerce dataManu Sporny - @ManuSporny – Leader of the W3C working group forRDF. The man leading the charge for the RDF spec.Lin Clark - @LinClark – Works on the linked data/RDF integration forDrupal. Codes neat linked data things for Drupal.Gregg Kellogg - @Gkellogg – Semantic Web Developer of all trades.Wrote the Structured Data Linter.Aaron Bradley’s gigantic Semantic Twitter Group:!/SemanticWeb/semanticweb100 - Like tappinginto the Matrix of semantic tech information. People building semantic tech tools and standards
  59. Thank you!Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX twitter: @matthewjbrownLinkedIn: MatthewBrownPDX