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Guidelines and best practices for successful seo william slawski smxl milan 2018


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About How I started using Entities in Optimizing sites, and How Google has been adding Entities to Search Results and working on Updating its Knowledge Graph.

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Guidelines and best practices for successful seo william slawski smxl milan 2018

  1. 1. 6-7-8, NOVEMBER 2018 Guidelines and Best Practices for Successful SEO William Slawski Director of SEO Research Go Fish Digital
  2. 2. #SMXL18 Say Goodbye to Keywords
  3. 3. Instead Answer Questions About People & Places Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
  4. 4. What is Baltimore’s Black History?
  5. 5. Keyword- Based Black History Page
  6. 6. We Decided to Make a Walking Tour of People and Places
  7. 7. Billie Holiday in Baltimore
  8. 8. Cab Calloway
  9. 9. Frederick Douglass
  10. 10. Harriet Tubman
  11. 11. In 2005, We had tried to Optimize a Page for the phrase “Black History” And Instead Decided to Make it About Black History.
  12. 12. And Baltimore.Org Since Updated it, too By Creating Pages Featuring People from Baltimore
  13. 13. Making the Site about the People
  14. 14. All of the People whom built that history
  15. 15. Many Of the People & Places on Our Walking Tour have Returned.
  16. 16. Google is now paying attention to what people ask, too Biperpedia: An Ontology for Search Applications
  17. 17. Google May Build Knowledge Graphs upon Context Clouds Computerized systems and methods for building knowledge bases using context clouds
  18. 18. Updating Knowledge Graphs by Question Answering Who is the Governor? Question answering to populate knowledge base
  19. 19. The Value of a Bigger Knowledge Graph? Means Searching for Real World things instead of Random Strings of Characters
  20. 20. Google Queries Attributes Of those Things to find SERPs
  21. 21. Google May Create Augmentation Queries from Structured Data Query augmentation
  22. 22. Google May Search Schema First Storing semi-structured data