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Smxl milan 2019 keyword school

Keyword Research requires knowing your audiences and tasks for each of them. It can include taxonomies, Ontologies, context terms and disambiguation and optimizing for a knowledge graph and finding related entities.

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Smxl milan 2019 keyword school

  1. 1. 6-7, NOVEMBER 2019 Keyword School Bill Slawski Director of SEO Research (GoFishDigital)
  2. 2. #SMXL19 Keyword School Photo by Nicole Honeywill / Sincerely Media on Unsplash
  3. 3. #SMXL19 Keywords Were A Guessing Game As a searcher, you never know which Magic Words will fulfill your informational And situational needs
  4. 4. #SMXL19 Google Handles Longer, More Conversational Queries Now Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash Synonym identification based on co-occurring terms US Patent 8,538,984
  5. 5. #SMXL19 Google Interprets & Completes Longer Queries Now Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash Using concepts as contexts for query term substitutions US 9104750 B1
  6. 6. #SMXL19 Imagine You are optimizing the Longest Pier in California
  7. 7. #SMXL19 Google Can Augment Queries with Structured Data & Query Logs Query augmentation US Patent: 9,916,366 Granted: March 13, 2018
  8. 8. #SMXL19 Include Table Data and Schema on your Pages
  9. 9. #SMXL19 Google Can Augment Queries with Knowledge Graph Information Providing search results using augmented search queries US Patent: 10,055,462 Granted: August 21, 2018 F
  10. 10. #SMXL19 Make Sure a Knowledge Panel Shows for your Entity
  11. 11. #SMXL19 Keywords are about Audiences Students Student’s Parents Alumni Teachers Staff Prospective Teachers School Vendors Other Schools The Public
  12. 12. #SMXL19 Keywords are about Tasks Students: Choose Classes Learn About the School Learn About Teachers Learn School Rules Learn School Policies Learn School History Prepare for College Teachers: See Classes Communicate w/Administrators Communicate w/Students & Parents Learn About the School Learn About Other Teachers Learn School Rules Learn School Policies Learn School History See Employment Opportunities Parents: See Classes See Homework Communicate w/Teachers Learn About the School Learn About Teachers Learn School Rules Learn School Policies Learn School History Photo by Kenny Luo on Unsplash
  13. 13. #SMXL19 Build An Information Architecture College Acceptance Extra Curricular Activities Sick Time Policy Honors Program Student Affairs Newsletter Athletics School Calendar Staff Photo by Philip Strong on Unsplash Based on Those Audiences and Tasks!
  14. 14. #SMXL19 Create a Content Inventory from Site Import a Screaming Frog Crawl Into Excel and annotate & Evaluate titles, headings, meta-descriptions
  15. 15. #SMXL19 Review Competitors Students Student’s Parents Alumni Teachers Staff Prospective Teachers School Vendors Other Schools The Public Not to Imitate, but to Be Inspired By
  16. 16. #SMXL19 Ask Yourself What Topics Do Competitors Cover? What do they include that you should? What tasks do they provide? Do they include any audiences that you should too?
  17. 17. #SMXL19 Interview Subject Matter Experts Teachers Administrators Coaches Counselors Staff Parents Students Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash This Brings Acceptance from the Siteowners
  18. 18. #SMXL19 Product Feed Taxonomies nomy-with-ids.en-US.txt h/t to @terryvanhorne
  19. 19. Ranking Based Upon Product Feeds • Distinguishing accessories from products for ranking search results Assignee: GOOGLE LLC US Patent: 10,354,308 Granted: July 16, 2019 Filed: July 2, 2015
  20. 20. #SMXL19 Honda Civic Results Try Searches for different products
  21. 21. #SMXL19 Honda Civic Accessories Results Try Searches for different product Accessories
  22. 22. #SMXL19 Google Image Harry Potter Search Categories Categories in Image Search are in an Ontology, and include many related Entities System and method for associating images with semantic entities US Patent: 10,268,703 Granted: April 23, 2019 Filed: December 8, 2016
  23. 23. #SMXL19 Milan Italy Categories
  24. 24. #SMXL19 Rome Italy Categories
  25. 25. #SMXL19 Carlsbad, California Categories
  26. 26. #SMXL19 Leonardo da Vinci Categories
  27. 27. #SMXL19 Check Related Questions 1. Find Questions Related to Your Topic 2. Check The Answers 3. Write Better Answers Generating related questions for search queries US Patent: 9,679,027
  28. 28. #SMXL19 Find Questions Your Audience Want Answered Find Good Questions -
  29. 29. #SMXL19 Ask Questions about SERP Spaces 1. Who Are Your Competitors? 2. What Kind of Content Ranks? 3. What Kind of Intent Does it Have? 4. Is the 1st Result Navigational? 5. Does it Have a Knowledge Panel? 6. Is it Worth Competing for here?
  30. 30. #SMXL19 Supplement Keywords with Context Terms User-context-based search engine Inventors: David C. Taylor Application Date: 09/04/2012 Grant Number: 09449105 Grant Date: 09/20/2016 For example, a horse to a rancher is an animal. A horse to a carpenter is an implement of work. A horse to a gymnast is an implement on which to perform certain exercises.
  31. 31. #SMXL19 A Horse .
  32. 32. #SMXL19 Horse to a Rancher Horses require routine hoof care from a farrier, as well as vaccinations to protect against various diseases, and dental examinations from a veterinarian or a specialized equine dentist.[231] If horses are kept inside in a barn, they require regular daily exercise for their physical health and mental well-being.[232] When turned outside, they require well-maintained, sturdy fences to be safely contained.[233] Regular grooming is also helpful to help the horse maintain good health of the hair coat and underlying skin.[234]
  33. 33. #SMXL19 Another Horse CC BY-SA 3.0
  34. 34. #SMXL19 Horse to a Carpenter A saw-horse or sawhorse (saw-buck, trestle, buck)[1] is a beam with four legs used to support a board or plank for sawing. A pair of sawhorses can support a plank, forming a scaffold.[2] In certain circles, it is also known as a mule and a short sawhorse is known as a pony.[3] A sawhorse may also be a rack for supporting logs for sawing, known in the US as a sawbuck. The sawhorse may be designed to fold for storage. A sawhorse with a wide top is particularly useful to support a board for sawing or as a field workbench, and is more useful as a single, but also more difficult to store.
  35. 35. #SMXL19 Another Horse By brokenchopstick - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,
  36. 36. #SMXL19 Horse to a Gymnast The gymnast swings both legs in a circular motion (clockwise or counterclockwise depending on preference) and performs such skills on all parts of the apparatus. To make the exercise more challenging, gymnasts will often include variations on a typical circling skill by turning (moores and spindles), by straddling their legs (Flairs), placing one or both hands on the pommel or the leather, or moving up and down the horse placing their hands on the pommel and/or the leather (travelling). Routines end when the gymnast performs a dismount, either by swinging his body over the horse or going through a handstand to land on the mat.
  37. 37. #SMXL19 Supplement People to Disambiguate Disambiguation of named entities Invented by: Razvan Constantin Bunescu, and Alexandru Marius Pasca Assigned to: Google US Patent 9,135,238 Granted September 15, 2015 Filed: June 29, 2006
  38. 38. #SMXL19 Michael Jackson King of Pop
  39. 39. #SMXL19 Michael Jackson – Director Homeland Security
  40. 40. #SMXL19 Check Search Interest w/Trends Check Searcher Interest & Interest by Subregion to see potential impact of keyword selection
  41. 41. #SMXL19 Keyword Identification! Include the Keywords on your pages Include the context of your Keywords (Use Context Terms & Disambiguate) Include Meaningful Entities Show Off Those Entities/Concepts in knowledge results (knowledge panels, Related Questions, Featured Snippets) Include Keywords for everyone whom the site is for See If there is Searcher Interest in your Keywords
  42. 42. #SMXL19 Thank you! Bill Slawski Author at Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital LinkedIn: