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Enterprise Knowledge Graph


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The Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a disruptive platform that combines emerging Big Data and Graph technologies to reinvent knowledge management inside organizations. This platform aims to organize and distribute the organization’s knowledge, and making it centralized and universally accessible to every employee. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a central place to structure, simplify and connect the knowledge of an organization. By removing complexity, the knowledge graph brings more transparency, openness and simplicity into organizations. That leads to democratized communications and empowers individuals to share knowledge and to make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge. This platform can change the way we work, challenge the traditional hierarchical approach to get work done and help to unleash human potential!

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Enterprise Knowledge Graph

  1. 1. Enterprise Knowledge Graph Next-gen Knowledge Management
  2. 2. Knowledge in companies is hoarded in various datasilos. It is hard to find the right information.
  3. 3. Inspired by Google’s Knowledge Graph
  4. 4. Enterprise Knowledge Graph Employee Events Product CustomerProjectContent Location
  5. 5. managed by creator of modified by shared in member of member of expertise in participates in located in used by located in located in focus area in Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  6. 6. Addressbook Corporate Wiki Social Networks Geonames HR Info Document Share Project Repositories Connects Data Sources
  7. 7. Natural Language Understanding to extract implicit knowledge from text
  8. 8. Neural Embeddings to understand semantics between entities
  9. 9. From Big Data to Big Knowledge 1. Define graph schema and aggregate knowledge graph from structured data 2. Concept mining and ranking
  10. 10. From Big Data to Big Knowledge 3. Textual data preprocessing (data cleaning, frequent phrases removal, stop word removal, tokenization... ) 4. Train Language Models doc2vec word2vec ngrams TF-IDF LDA LSI
  11. 11. From Big Data to Big Knowledge 5. Concept linking (variants, hierarchical, semantic relations) 6. Concept detection and inference from text content
  12. 12. Graph Reasoning + NLU Entity Recognition Semantic Comparisons Relation Extraction Graph Recommendations Graph Mining Graph Search Document Classification Relevance Ranking Search Query Understanding Keyword Detection Graph Clustering Entity Disambiguation Entity Resolution
  13. 13. Enables next-gen Applications Enterprise Search Conversational Assistants Smart Q&A Systems Recommendation Systems Context-aware Applications Automatic Tagging Duplicated Work Detection Expert Finder Domain-specific Language Understanding
  14. 14. Wrap Up Connected Silos and Context are key to enable innovative use cases EKG is a next-gen technology to shift from Big Data to Big Knowledge Machine Intelligence enables a deeper understanding and new insights
  15. 15. Thanks Lukas Masuch | Benjamin Räthlein ?