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Road To Responsibility


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Road To Responsibility

  1. 1. Road to responsibility Corporate Responsibility Service Copyri ght 2009 Ti etoEnator Corporati on 8
  2. 2. Corporate responsibility service in a nutshell • Responsibility intelligence service creates competitive advantage by offering a decision making and communication tools for all corporate levels, value-chain and network. • Service is based on business domain standards, customer specific processes, value-chain analysis and business model. • From reporting and analysing perspective it means a responsibility intelligence in form of: • Reports • Analysing tools • KPI’s Economical Economics Value Environmental Social transformation 1990 - 2000’s 2010’s © 2009 Tieto Corporation 2
  3. 3. 3 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  4. 4. 4 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  5. 5. Corporate responsibility – Our services • Corporate Responsibility • Web based User • Outsourced Reporting as a service Continues service Ramp-up strategy work interface for reporting environmental officer and analysing services • Responsibility analysis, • Compliance and data collection and certificated service • Source system process flows • LCA integration • GRI Model creation • LCI ”Bank” • LCA Package analysis • Sustainability Reports • Reporting service • CO 2 Footprint support • Product and service life reports cycle inventory • Climate footprint reports • Health checks • Certication • Process visibility and • Service configuration analysis service • Product traceability © 2009 Tieto Corporation 5
  6. 6. Integration with base data Sustainability Services Social values Electricity Hardware Travels Waste Paper Water HR TERP, Other source systems and manual input. 6 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  7. 7. <<Back Supply chain traceability with our service Tieto responsibility service Query Query Query Query Query 111-111 TS 111-111 TS 111-111 TS 111-111 TS TS Capture Capture Capture Capture Capture 111-111 Page: 7 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  8. 8. Infrastructure <<Back Delivery and Presentation Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Process chain modeller Environmental reporting management and calculation PerformancePoint Server Excel services Tieto environmental reporting and analysis engine, reference data, calculation rules Integration engines Data warehousing SQL Server SQL Server SQL Server BizTalk Reporting SSIS WCF adapters RDBMS Analysis Services 2006 R2 Services Reference data, calculation rules Tracebility infrastructure Oracle TERP MES …. (RFID, Barcodes etc) 8 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  9. 9. Core elements of our service TS Process Chain Modeller is a software where the user can model the process chain with master data, resource and product flows associated with the processes. Technical master data TS Process (measurement devices, readers etc) are also maintained in TS Process Chain Modeller. Chain Modeller TS Reports is a software offering KPI visualization and different reporting possibilities, including export of the reported data for local use by the researcher. TS Reports is implemented on TS Reports Performance Point Server and MOSS(Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007). Export functionality is provided, TS Analytics provides a user interface through Pro Clarity tool to enable detailed analysis of the collected data, for advanced users using the data from TS Repository database and TS Analytics datawarehouses. ProClarity Analytics provides a powerful yet simpleto-use analysis tools to cover everything ranging from ad-hoc querying to sophisticated analytic modelling. Export functionality is provided TS Repository is a set of databases and datawarehouses designed for storing traceability and master data. Datawarehouses enable detailed analysis of data and economic and TS Repository environmental KPI calculations. The selected parts of the EPCIS Interfaces are implemented on top of TS Repository. The interfaces are used by the research partners in the project to build their own temporary databases based on traceability data. TS KPI Calculations is a software for calculating economical, environmental and quality KPIs. TS KPI Different kind of formulas for KPI calculations can be fed to the calculation engine. and Calculations presented in TS Reports and TS Analytics. 9 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  10. 10. Data security • Data is stored in TS Repository by using row/cell level security according to MS guideline • Each user’s data is isolated in a SaaS application • Users Access their TS Application by using a browser (HTTPS) • Data is available programmatically for authenticated and authorized users (Role level security) • Data transfer between enterprises is implemented with Public Key Encryption (PKI-X.509) us/library/aa480610.aspx © 2009 Tieto Corporation 10
  11. 11. GRI* measurements for a service corporation Environmental Economical Quality Social Traveling and Compliance Utilization rate premises Security of legistation and standards Purchases Profit Production Cultural standards and diversity and Waste methods respect Investments management Wellfair of Certifications Heating Sales funnel employees * Global reporting initiative 11 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  12. 12. <<Back GRI* measurements for Food industry Environmental Economical Quality Social Waste management Product Product safety Work wellfair profitability Water usage Production Investments standards and Animal wellfair methods Recycling of deliverables Data center Channel sales Certifications Localness electricity usage * Global reporting initiative 12 © 2009 Tieto Corporation
  13. 13. Traceability Services Team. Contact: © 2009 Tieto Corporation 13