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Oracle SOA Suite Overview - Integration in a Service-Oriented World


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Oracle SOA Suite Overview - Integration in a Service-Oriented World

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle SOA Suite Integration in a Service-Oriented World Nikolay Manchev
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Agenda Web services, BPEL and 100% standard integration approaches <Insert Picture Here> extend the reach of the application server platform to enable mainstream developers to build service-oriented, process- centric applications in a highly productive, declarative fashion. • Key SOA Standards • Oracle Integration / SOA Platform • Spotlight on: • Adapters, ESB, BPEL • SOA Credit Request Demo • ESB, BPEL, Rules, BAM • Q&A
  4. 4. Oracle Fusion Middleware
  5. 5. Key SOA Standards Fusion Effect Richer Experience More Adaptable More Interoperable ERP/ Legacy Apps Portal Security Custom Apps Reliability Web Application & Services Logging Failover PKI Process Flow Dynamic Routing Dashboards Logic WS API Web services MONITORING USER INTERFACE PROCESS ORCHESTRATION SERVICE BUS BUSINESS SERVICES XML/XML Schema BAM PORTAL JSR-168 BPEL WS-Security WSDL/WSIF JMX Struts/JSF WS-Policy, SAML XSLT/XQuery Web Services Mgmt SOAP JCA JMS
  6. 6. The Oracle SOA Platform Enterprise BPA Suite BAM BI Manager MANAGEMENT & Analyst System Business ROUTING & ORCHESTRATION GOVERNANCE Events Analytics MONITORING Tools Monitoring Monitoring BPEL Process Manager JDeveloper Web Services Manager Human Business Native Workflow Rules BPEL Policies Enterprise ServiceCONNECTIVITY EVENTS & Bus App Dev Framework Multi XSLT Routing Security Protocol Transform Adapters B2B SES Registry Apps DB Legacy Partners RFID UDDI J2EE Application Server Messaging Oracle AS, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere
  7. 7. Example: DSL Provisioning at Belgacom Application for the provisioning and activation of DSL lines. Belgacom is processing up to 15,000 DSL provisions / day through SOA and BPEL processes which link their customer interfaces and OSS layer, managing activation and repair. Telco Activation Services DSL Activation Manager 6000+ network equipment endpoints (SLEE gateway) SDSL Activation Manager Application Sales/Customer Service Interfaces Server and Order Review Register for New Service Self-service web app Call Center Exception Management Struts BPEL Billing Services Reporting Services Account Management Services
  8. 8. Broad Adoption… Financial Services Order/Payment Processing New Account Provisioning Process Trade Exception Management High Tech Order Management Trading Partner Integration Telecom Cell Phone Activation VoIP Provisioning DSL Provisioning Government Medicare Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Satellite Data Exchange Publish and Process Forms Employee On-boarding Transportation Fleet and Asset Management Travel Reservations Retail Sales Data Integration
  9. 9. A Consistent Set Of Requirements Databases Connectivity Mainframes Heterogenous Back Ends Packaged Apps Silos of API and mechanisms Portal Opaque/heterogeneous data definitions Synchronizing multiple data stores Java Platform User Tasks Orchestration ? Asynchrony, Flow Coordination, Data Transformation, Compensation, Version Control, Auditing Scalability Orchestration Unpredictable loads Java Services JSF Asymmetric performance capabilities .NET Services Management and Security Message Queues Access control, Authentication, Encryption, Logging, Identity Management Governance Directory, Audit trails, Business Rules
  10. 10. Oracle SOA Platform Drill-down • JDeveloper • Complete IDE, J2EE, Web services, Supports WSIF Bindings • Adapters • Connectivity to 300+ back-end systems, visual design, JCA • Oracle ESB • Messaging, connectivity and data distribution • Oracle Web Services Manager • Service intermediation, security and policy management • Oracle BPEL PM • Standards based orchestration, workflow management • Oracle BAM • Application Monitoring, SLA, KPI management • Oracle Business Rules • Engine, repository, rules editor • Oracle App Server • Full featured J2EE deployment, scalability, reliability, HA
  11. 11. Some of the Adapters Available for Oracle SOA Suite… Technology Applications Databases SOAP Oracle Applications Oracle 8i and above HTTP, HTTP-S SAP R/3 IBM DB/2 UDB Email – POP3, SMTP, IMAP Peoplesoft Informix FTP, FTP-S JD Edwards Clarion Flat File Siebel Clipper LDAP Clarify Cloudscape JMS Lotus Notes DBASE Oracle AQ Ariba Dialog IBM MQSeries AXIOM mx/open Essbase TIBCO Rendezvous Baan FOCUS Data Access Socket BroadVision Great Plains Legacy Clarify Microsoft SQL Server Commerce One MUMPS (Digital Standard MUMPS) CICS Hogan Financials Navision Financials (ODBC 3.x) IMS/DB i2 Technologies Nucleus IMS/TM Lawson Paradox VSAM Livelink Pointbase ADABAS Manugistics PROGRESS Natural Microsoft CRM Red Brick Tuxedo Vantive RMS CA-Datacom Walker Interactive SAS Transport Format Screen Scraping Remedy Sybase CA-IDMS Teradata C-ISAM,D-ISAM,K-SAM, Unisys DMS 1100/2200 QSAM UniVerse
  12. 12. Oracle ESB: An ESB Moves Data Model, Monitor and Configure Connect Enrich Distribute Adapters Transformation Protocol Bus Metadata Value Mappings Messaging WS Manager Business Rules Routing Security Workflow Interoperability Apps Events System Xref HA, Scalability
  13. 13. Oracle ESB: Component Architecture • Components • Integrated Designer Composite Applications, Portals, BI and BAM • Rich Monitoring Console • JCA Adapters • Routing Service fx • XPATH Filter Expressions ESB • XSL Transformation Portlets Web UI BPEL BAM Console • Metadata Repository/Server • Features Enterprise Service Bus • Content Based Routing UDDI • Enterprise Messaging - OEMS • Native XML and Web Services • Multi Transport Fabric MDS • Usage Patterns Security • Point to Point Policies JCA SOAP B2B In Memory JMS • Canonical Modeling • Store and Forward Trading SAP JAX Java Mainframe • Request/Response Partner • Externalized Services
  14. 14. Oracle BPEL Process Manager Enterprise-strength infrastructure for designing, deploying and managing BPEL business processes. JDeveloper, Eclipse • Comprehensive and native BPEL Designer BPEL implementation BPEL • Easy-to-use modeling tool • Scalable and reliable engine BPEL Process Manager WSDL Binding Built-in Integration Services • Flexible binding framework Web services Dehydration Store • Rich management and (Oracle Database) Java, JMS JAVA XSLT Rich Sensors Workflow monitoring File, FTP • Support for Oracle AS, JBoss, Database Core BPEL Engine WebLogic and WebSphere BPEL Console Apps MANAGE • Get up and running in less J2EE Application Server than 15 minutes! (Oracle AS, WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere)
  15. 15. A Typical SOA Application start Credit Rating Handle Negative Credit Exception Request Offer Request Offer Receive Offer Receive Offer Select Lowest Offer ? end
  16. 16. What Are the Security Requirements? 1. Limit who can initiate processes 2. Encrypt SSN start Credit Rating <SSN> 011-22-4488 </SSN> Handle Negative Credit Exception Request Offer Request Offer Receive Offer Receive Offer Select Lowest Offer ? 3. Callback has to go 4. Make sure no other through firewall sensitive data is end unprotected
  17. 17. Designed for Performance BPEL-Optimized Write-through SOAP Stack Cache BPEL Server App. Server LOAD BALANCER Binary DOM • Lazy Loading • Smart Partitioning BPEL Server • W3C DOM Interface • Support for Large Documents App. Server Dehydration Store (Oracle Database) BPEL Server Support for large BPEL Processes (20,000+ activities) App. Server Stateless Architecture • Clustering • Fail Over
  18. 18. Oracle Adapters Enterprise-strength infrastructure for connectivity to enterprise information systems (EIS). • Comprehensive and pervasive Adapter connectivity Design-time (JDeveloper) • Support for SOA OracleAS Adapters BAM /EDA Technology PORTAL • Open Standards WSDL Support Native Legacy ESB Interfaces Applications • Hot Pluggable Packaged BPEL PM Applications JCA • Rapid development J2EE Oracle Applications • Robust & highly Applications scalable. J2EE Application Server • Managed through (Oracle Application Server & 3rd party Oracle Application Application Servers) Server 10g
  19. 19. Web Service Management Decouples Security and Management Policies from Service Logic • Without WSM, policy is hard-coded into each Web Service • Result is siloed, inconsistent security and management • A change in enterprise standards = rework of every service • Higher cost, more fragile, harder to change • No unified insight into operations across services
  20. 20. Oracle WSM Components ENFORCE BUILD MONITOR Policies Policies Policies Deployment as Gateway Process or as Embedded Agents Policy Gateway Policy Oracle Enterprise Agents Policy Manager Manager Web Services
  21. 21. Oracle BAM Business Activity Monitoring Real-Time Dashboards, Analytics & Alerting
  22. 22. Challenge #1 – Capture Real-Time Data Business Apps Business Processes (BPEL) Business Events, state transitions Monitoring activities, states RFID and Sensors System Management Performance metrics, alerts, logs Active and Passive Location, Temperature, Moisture, Motion, etc. Security Messaging Systems Authentication, authorization, audit trail JMS, TIBCO, MQSeries Database Streams
  23. 23. Challenge #2 – Analyze Processes, Trends, and Context Monitor a Single Process Track each process step Identify failures Process Aggregations Averages, KPIs, SLAs Identify bottlenecks Complex Event Processing Correlate independent events Identify threats & opportunities Context Historical performance Rolling average Past Past 15 Today Week Minutes
  24. 24. Challenge #3 – Deliver Information to Business Users • Real-Time KPIs • Thin Browser GUI • Role-Based Access • Live Display Technology • Portal Compatible • Embedded Actions
  25. 25. Oracle Web Services Manager Securing Processes and Services in a Policy-Oriented Fashion
  26. 26. Oracle’s BPM Approach • Complete Service Oriented Architecture platform for full BPM innovation cycle • 100% standard process models • Shared model between analysis, execution and monitoring • Provide choice of modeling tools to customers • OEM leading BPA tool • Enhance the logical view of BPEL PM Designer for analysts • Provide integration with leading BPA tools so that customers can select BPA tool of their choice
  27. 27. Business Rules • Are declarative not procedural • Best practice for SOA applications • Agility • Transparency • Can be generated from GUIs • Applications requiring agility • Frequently changing (legal) regulations • Frequent policy changes to reflect market changes • Requirements for high levels of customization Rules de-couple decision services from SOA applications
  28. 28. Oracle Business Rules Rule Author Rules enabled applications facts Rules Engine Rules results repository Rules customizing Application RuleSession application run-time logic Class Rules SDK Facts can be Java objects or XML facts
  29. 29. QUESTIONS ANSWERS Nikolay Manchev