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Element Blue IOC Express Program


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Element Blue IOC Express Program

  2. 2. Who is Element Blue?• Experienced former IBM engineers and consultants with Intelligent Operations offices in Houston TX, San Jose CR and Hyderabad India Actionable web dashboards that present instrumented and• Twelve years of successful history as IBM Premier Software operational data across the partner with focus on three primary service lines enterprise • Business Optimization with Integrated Analytics • Web Applications and Portals Business Process Management • Business Processes Management Creating solutions with Lombardi, TeamWorks, and FileNet integrated• Premier partner delivering the Smarter Cities Solution with with web portals. Intelligent Operations Center and Water Information Hub• Today Element Blue is the leading services integration Web Experiences / Portal partner on IBM Smart Cloud delivery Providing mobile and web portal• Over 100 customer engagements and 30 active customers applications for over 10 years with annually IBM WebSphere products.
  3. 3. Smarter means… Instrumented + Interconnected + Intelligent Event capture End to End Deep discovery, and filtering for linkage of people, analysis and timely response process, and forecasting systems = Smart4 4
  4. 4. IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy: Deploying intelligent systems that gather, synthesize and apply information will change the way entire industries operate.Smart Water Smart traffic Use real-time traffic prediction and Smart energy Analyze customer usage and provideApply monitoring and dynamic tolling to reduce customized products and servicesmanagement technologies to help congestion and its byproducts while that help to boost efficiency from theoptimize the availability, delivery, positively influencing related source through the grid to the enduse, and quality of water as well as systems. user.related systems including energyand chemical treatment. Congestion Water Energy grid Chemicals Energy Carbon Carbon emissions emissions Noise Energy Energy pollution sources Public transportation Smart home
  5. 5. Challenges with Water ManagementChallenges & Drivers • Over-watering: wastes energy, causes run-off, regulatory penalties, plant disease • Aging infrastructure-Significant loss due to leaks • Water usage can not be planned in accordance with energy costs and other consumables • 65% of water goes to landscapes: 30-300% water waste is occurring • Watering restrictions cannot be monitored and lead to overwateringSolutions • Monitoring and Managing essential variables on one operating platform • Controls and remediation through sensors and instrumentation • Key operational inputs managed in real time, historically and with predictive analytics
  6. 6. Integration and Analysis Provides Smarter Water ManagementIntegration of data provides a 50% reductionbetter outcome: 10% reduction in Hands-on time engaged to direct water planning operations raw water usage• Watering matches plans, need and key interests Desert Mountain• Reducing electrical costs and other energy consumption Drive collaboration Annual savings across fragmented• Water is planned in accordance with energy costs across 23,000 systems and and other consumables households to be multiple 64.9M gallons, or stakeholders in the• Landscape, turf, and crop needs are matched to $190,000+ network maximize growth and yield City of Dubuque Sonoma County Water Agency• Enables the operators to make better decisions, faster Utilities minimize account revenue loss Crews have a targeted list of metered accounts to check Smarter Results – saving time and cost DC Water
  7. 7. Creating A Platform for Managing Operations
  8. 8. Introducing: Intelligent Operations Center Express for Smarter Water● Proof of Value within 60 days from an operational system, combined with affordable pricing options leading to a demonstrated ROI● Software as a Service (SaaS), customized with proven data model and key performance indicators for each property● Ready to use assets providing immediate cost saving analytical value from instrumented systems● Configurable to fit customer use cases for a Phase 1 solution● Evaluation period allows for time to establish new use cases and long term integration strategy● A proven, predictable deployment methodology for our customers to have a tailored production site up and running in 45 days 9
  9. 9. Smarter Water Benefits “…applying a more analytic approach to the management of their combined sewer overflow could probably save them about $15 million ” (Dr. Peter Williams, CTO IBM Green Innovations)Lower Water,Power, and Allows real-time and historical views of everyAgronomic measurement.inputs Displays and alerts on exceeded thresholds.Improve Business insight leads to evolution of strategies.DecisionMaking and Identify patterns for preventative maintenance.Effectiveness Platform designed for future growth.Increase Simplifies management of existing infrastructure.Operational Increases responsiveness to unexpected readings.Productivityand Efficiency Supports Collaboration between users/roles. 10
  10. 10. The Element Blue IOC Express ValueIBM and Element Blue is a Water Solution partner team that brings leadership andvisible global recognition for optimizing water management leading to real financialsavings in water and energy for large water consumersDemonstrating a valuable operating solution AND proving the values within a shorttime periodWater conservation and energy analytics provided on one platform with easy to usesoftware for the entire organizationCollaboration within IBM’s Smarter Planet group, with a team focusing on water andenergy in the initial project phasesCo-Marketing with IBM, the number two brand in the world-”Let’s Build a SmarterPlanet”Environmental stewardship in the community and industry 11
  11. 11. Golf Industry Magazine July 2012 Water IssueInnovative Irrigation:Desert Mountain Club turns to technology to haltcosts and conserve water.Shawn Emerson, Director of Grounds, DMC“It’s okay to have problems but it’s even better to ask forhelp. The agronomy department utilizes four separate Challenge Metsoftwares: Rainbird, Microcom, Arizona Public Service andUgMo. But together they’re incompatible and we needed “… instead of taking 30 daysthem to communicate in real time so that if our weather to gather and verify data,station tells us the courses received rain the night before, we can gather informationwe could adjust the irrigation to water less that day, amongother situations that require fine tuning on a daily basis. The up to six times per hour, 24agronomy budget could not withstand the purchase of all hours per day, allowing usnew software so once again I turned to experts in the to make decisions within 15business.” minutes”
  12. 12. Desert Mountain – Phase 1 project 10% savings goal - reduce water usage, cut electrical and operating costs Challenge Manage multiple siloes of systems and data to make decisions Historical data provides little relevance to running operation. Over 26. million gallons managed daily "Water is one of our most precious natural Energy consumption for irrigation pumping not monitored to resources. Because its uses are so extensive, match water demand water is very difficult to manage," said Bob Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Desert Mountain. Solution Customer Profile IBM Intelligent Operations Center - provides integrated snapshot of course conditions Desert Mountain is largest reclaimed Water Information Hub - Real time events and alerts based water with 4,500 residents and 6 golf on preset thresholds. courses. Water consumption: $1 IOC Mobile - analytics and alerts to field operations. billion gallons per year. 400,000 Results pounds of seed. 600,000 pounds of fertilizer. 11 on-site pump stations. 9 Ability to reduce water and electric consumption Better align usage with turf management retention lakes. 550 acres of turf. Platform for managing entire property and future uses 150,000 rounds of golf …
  13. 13. Element Blue Key Team MembersSteven D. Gerhardt, CEO of Element Blue Steven Gerhardt leads the companys strategic direction, business development and vision. He is an IBM solutions architect with 17 years of experience in developing, selling and managing software product delivery. Prior to Element Blue, Steven served as the co-founder and prinicipal of Ixion for eleven years. During this time, Ixion became a leading provider of IBM portal and web application solutions. Prior to 2000, Stevens background also includes work in product marketing, biotechnology, and ISO standards accreditation. Steven received his Bachelors degree from Baylor University and a Biotechnology Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University.Anthony (Joey) Bernal, CTO of Element Blue Joey joined Element Blue as a leader and veteran of IBM software and solutions. He is the former Chief Programmer of IBMs Intelligent Operations Center (IOC). His extensive background in Enterprise Application architecture was applied to leading the IOC design and development. He is the author of many popular books and articles covering Application Architecture, Portal Development, Social Networking, and Web 2.0. Joey joined IBM in 2001 and helped lead the WebSphere Portal Software Services team for ISSL. He has assisted in many technical areas, especially IBM cross-brand opportunities with WebSphere and WebSphere Portal solutions. Joey has a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences from Montana University and is completing his Masters at Regis University.
  14. 14. Element Blue Key Team MembersMichael Patton, Element Blue Advisory Board Member and Founder of Longwood Ventures Mr. Patton has a corporate management background with substantial information technology, financial communications, and operations experience in large and small publicly-held companies. During 2000 and 2001, he was initially the Chief Operating Officer of Trilog Group, Inc., an enterprise software vendor, and then became its CEO/CFO. From 1997 until 1999, Mike was VP and Chief Information Officer of Waste Management, Inc. in Houston, TX. During this time, Waste Management averaged approximately one acquisition per business day, including the acquisition of six publicly traded companies. Between 1987 and 1997, he was VP and CIO, as well as the VP of Investor Relations for Mid-American Waste Systems, headquartered in Columbus, OH.Walter N. Norley, Element Blue Advisory Board Member and Founder of UgMO Technologies Walt is the Founder, and former CEO of UgMO Technologies, an environmental technology company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless soil sensor systems and software that conserve water in commercial, residential and sports turf applications. In addition to his leadership of UgMO, Walt is a member of IBM’s Smart Cities Advisory Board with a focus on IBM’s Smarter Water segments providing community and enterprise water optimization solutions. Prior to his current roles, Walt ran several environmental technology companies including Global Fuel Systems, a developer of Natural Gas Vehicle fuel tanks, and IVG Composites the manufacturer of Vertex HSG an advanced composite materials company based in Russia, which he founded. Walt’s initial experience in the environmental world was in the late 1980’s with Pennswood Development and its efforts to build an advanced technology facility for safely disposing industrial waste. Walt attended the University of Georgia majoring in Business Administration on a full athletic scholarship.