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Presented to the city council on March 14, 2011. Status is currently in the budget and finance committee.

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  • Presented to the Newburyport City Council on March 14, 2011. Proposal is currently in the budget and finance committee.
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Retrofit slide deck

  1. 1. RetroFit Technologies City of NewburyportComprehensive Business Solutions
  2. 2. AgendaWelcome/Overview of RetroFit – Gary Whear, Vice PresidentSolutions Presentation– Walter Gallagher, Sr. Account ExecutiveGreen Technology – Gary Whear, Vice PresidentClearway Discussion- Colm Whelan, Sr. Project ManagerVoice Systems- Karen Schneider, Executive Vice President Larry Murphy , Senior Account ExecutiveQ&A – All 2
  3. 3. GARY WHEAR, RetroFit TechnologiesOVERVIEW OF RETROFIT 3
  4. 4. Overview of RetroFit Technologies 28+ year history of demonstrated IT expertise Centralized logistics depot in Milford, MA and Meriden, CT 35 professional technicians and engineers covering New England 7 x 24-hour Call Management Center State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center (NOC) Over 1,200 client locations in New England (Government, Educational, Commercial, and Non-Profit markets) Well-established partnerships with industry-leading service providers Active vendor on Massachusetts statewide technology contracts: ITC16, ITC16A, OFF16, OFF27, and ITS33 Experienced in-house logistics specialists 4
  5. 5. RetroFit’s Core Competencies Backup & OnsiteManaged IT Professional Hardware Disaster Support & Block Time Services Services Procurement Recovery Maintenance 5
  6. 6. RetroFit and Clearway Clearway Technologies has been a strategic business partner with RetroFit since 2008 providing management consulting and business solutions to our client base. RetroFit has found Clearway to be an invaluable partner because of their reputation for delivering major new strategic technologies to our clients to drive top and bottom line growth, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate time to market. Clearway was selected by Microsoft as the first SharePoint partner in New England in 2000. Clearway is a Microsoft Gold Certified and Managed Partner. 6
  7. 7. Why RetroFit? Solutions – Partnered with industry leading OEMs Critical Support Needs – Various response times Efficiency & Productivity – Technology options Quality – Product selection & service delivery Service Options – Complete range of services Cost Savings – Low overhead/cost structure Relationships – We know our customers Ease of doing business – Flat organization 7
  9. 9. Technical Agenda Key upgrades to the environment include: – Server – Domain/AD structure – Security Enhancements – Communication Enhancements – Reduction of bottlenecks for Network Operation System (NOS) – Microsoft SharePoint 9
  10. 10. Technical Solutions Breakdown Change internal IP addressing scheme to a private range Replace the NT 4.0 Domain with Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory Domain Replace Exchange Server 5.5 with Exchange Server 2010 Replace current servers running Windows 2000 Server Virtualize current server environment Replace select PCs Replace current backup system 10
  11. 11. Hardware Upgrade Requirements Replace and virtualize current server environment Replace select/antiquated PCs Maximize carbon footprint with current “green” strategies Integrate voice and data documents and communication silo’s Replace/enhance backup system methodologies Position operating environment for immediate disaster recovery. 11
  12. 12. GARY WHEAR, RetroFit TechnologiesGREEN TECHNOLOGY 12
  13. 13. Server Consolidation – Go Green! Through consolidation and virtualization of servers using VMware, City of Newburyport will drastically reduce their carbon footprint: Reduce energy costs by 80% Power down servers without affecting applications or users Green your datacenter while decreasing costs and improving service levels 13
  14. 14. Reduce Energy Costs Consolidate Servers - Consolidation of servers eliminates server sprawl and cuts maintenance costs Reduce Energy Consumption - Every server virtualized saves 7000kWh of electricity annually or about $700 in energy costs Increase IT Capacity - Improve server utilization rates from 5-15% to 60-80%. Running fewer, highly utilized servers frees up space and power. Reduce CO2 Emissions – 4 tons of CO2 are eliminated for every server virtualized; the equivalent to taking 1.5 cars off the highway! 14
  15. 15. GREEN CALCULATORReduce Energy Cost & Environmental Impact with VirtualizationNumber of servers* to virtualize 18*Calculations are based on the power consumption of a standard 2 CPU server Physical Virtualized SavingsEnergy Savings:Annual Server & Cooling Energy Usage (kWh) 145,263 26,121 119,142Cost Reduction:Physical Hardware1 $117,000.00 $22,500.00 $94,500.00Annual Energy Cost2 $14,526.27 $2,612.09 $11,914.18 Annual CO2 Cars off theEnvironmental Impact: Planting Trees Emission Highway3 (lbs/kg)4These savings are equivalent to: 360 13 159,769 lbs. 72,470 kg1Assumes $6,500 per 2 CPU server2Assumes $0.10/kWh and 550 Watts per 2 CPU server3Assumes 12,000 miles per year and 20 mpg4Assumes 1.341 lbs CO2 emission per kWh 15
  16. 16. COLM WHELAN, Clearway TechnologiesSHAREPOINT SOLUTION 16
  17. 17. Clearway’s SharePoint Solution Solution Definition  Business/Technical Requirements  SharePoint Education  Architecture for SharePoint Solution  Server Hardware Specifications  Software Requirements  Roadmap  Design of City of Newburyport’s intranet portal site:  Includes user interface, basic branding, site hierarchy, taxonomy, navigation, site templates, and security  Basic Department Sub Sites – 3 Departments  Basic Document Management Functionality  Document migration Proof of Concept from current network file shares.  Detailed project plan 17
  18. 18. Clearway’s SharePoint Solution (Cont.) Implementation  SharePoint Server Farm Installation and Configuration  Implementation of City of Newburyport’s portal site  Navigation  Basic Department Sub Sites (3 departments)  Basic Document Management  Document migration Proof of Concept  Basic Branding (based on City of Newburyport’s provided graphic design) Knowledge Transfer  End User Training  Administrator Training 18
  19. 19. Clearway’s SharePoint Solution (Cont.) Governance  Review governance objectives with City of Newburyport staff  Provide draft governance document that can evolve along with the use of SharePoint Support 19
  20. 20. Why Clearway? Clearway is a leading provider of management consulting and business solutions: – Unified Communication and Collaboration – Enterprise Content Management – Business Intelligence – Business Process Management – Office and .NET Application Development Clearway delivers the following Microsoft applications and technologies: – Exchange Server 2010 – Lync Server – Office SharePoint Server 2010 – SQL Server – Microsoft Online Services – Active Directory – Office and .NET Application Development 20
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? 21
  22. 22. Thank you for your time! Complete Business Solution!