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Outsourcing – case study of Connectis company, Manfred Meier, S&T

21. April 2010, Slovenia



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Outsourcing – case study of Connectis company, Manfred Meier, S&T

  2. 2. Agenda g1 Company presentation: connectis AG2. History for SAP project2 Hi t f SAP j t3. Situation with S&T 
  3. 3. Customer Profile: connectis AG UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS BIS IP Telefonie, Video, mobile Kollaboration  IP Telefonie Video mobile Kollaboration CONTACT CENTER Bundesamt für Informatik Psychiatrische Dienste GR Mehrwert‐ Applikationen h lk IP Netzwerke LAN, WAN, WLAN, Security, Data Center  Service Operation ITIL FTTH Mobile Outsource 24h Center SLA Layer 2 Mgmt
  4. 4. Company structure p y 220 employees with long time experience and certified know‐how 220 employees with long time experience and certified know how
  5. 5. Locations
  6. 6. Services & Solutions
  7. 7. Company History p y y • 2009 Cisco “Service Partner of the Year” • 2009 «Gold partner» of Microsoft Gold partner of Microsoft • 2009 Strengthen Security area by take over of Telindus customers • 2008 Name change to connectis AG • 2008 Aurelius takes over sunrise business communication • 2007  Nortel EMEA award «Der höchst angesehene Kundengewinner 2007» • 2007  2007 Cisco European „security partner of the year“ Cisco European security partner of the year“ • 2005  Sunrise takes over Ascom Network Integration • 2003  2003 «Best international Partner» of Nortel Networks Best international Partner of Nortel Networks • 2001  More than 1’000’000 Ports of Meridian / ISO 9001 Certification • 2000 «Gold partner» of Cisco System  • 1983 Introduction of Nortel Meridian into the Swiss Market
  8. 8. Agenda g1 Company presentation: connectis AG2. History for SAP project2 Hi t f SAP j t3. Situation with S&T / IMG
  9. 9. SAP Outsourcing History g y• Take over by German „Aurelius Group“ as carve out, deadline: January 1st 2009 • Need to setup all F&A IT etc operations in very short time (deadline: 01 01 2009) Need to setup all F&A, IT, etc. operations in very short time (deadline: 01.01.2009)=> Decision for outsourcing of IT easy• Today several tasks outsourced: • PC /local IT to local provider • Internal ticket tool (Remedy) • SAP (hosting + license maintenance + AMS)• SAP Implementation project started in September 2008 with 2 options: • Migrate existing SAP solution (carve out) • Setup new system from scratch (was chosen)
  10. 10. Decision matrix for outsourcing g Criteria for outsourcing: • 33 % Speed • 33 % Q li 33 % Quality • 33 % Price Project wrap up had to be fulfilled (due to short project time) What business demands had to be fulfilled? • Stable solution • Short realization time Short realization time • Flexible for changes • No big growth expected HR Payroll => high security requirements
  11. 11. SAP Infrastructure  3 System Landscape: PRD QAS DEV In total about 250 named user In total about 250 named user Modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, CS, PS, HR, WF, CATS Modules: FI CO MM SD CS PS HR WF CATS Add‐On: ProTime (Project management for Service Provider) Add‐On: ProCRM from ITML OS:  • HP‐Unix Database: 150 GB • O l 10 0 Oracle 10.0 • Unicode
  12. 12. SLA Hosting g Service Level mySAP ERP Service times 7*24 Hrs.  99 %  Availability P (Quarter of year) Max. Downtime P 24 Hours (Recovery time) (Recovery time) Ø Dialog‐Response time ≤ 1000 ms Operated Service Time 07.00 – 18.00 Maintenance Window Saturday 16.00 – 24.00 Modules SD/MM/CS/CO/PS/FI/CATS/HR/WF 
  13. 13. Data Center WAN I WAN Router*RZ I WAN Router** „Handover point  “ RZ II  RZIII RZ RZ I II T‐System  P System P‐System (ERP) WAN II (ECC 6.0) CI+DB+Appl CI+DB+Appl *   Will be provided by provider RZ ** Installation in DC of procider III Bandrobot
  14. 14. Service Times All mentioned times are valid except the public holidays in the canton Bern.  December 24th and 26th are also excluded.  December 24th and 26th are also excluded Activity Days Time window (CET) Remark Service Desk MO – FR 7:00  – 18:00 1st und 2nd level MO – FR 7:00  – 18:00 Cont.  MO – FR 7:00  – 18:00 Maintenance and M i t d Cont.  Improvement
  15. 15. Definition PrioritiesLevel Priority Consequence 1 Very high The system is unavailable; there occurred an interrupt of an important  component or a critical business process for one or more business units  component or a critical business process for one or more business units that cannot be repaired with manual workaround.  p y y y ; y p Company’s activity is directly hindered; definitely immediate impact on  company’s financial performance shall be expected. 2 High Incorrect performance of a critical business process or a critical function  (e.g. printing or connector) may significantly hinder work at the company;  ( i ti t ) i ifi tl hi d k t th immediate impact on company’s performance shall be expected; manual  workaround is available. 3 Medium Incorrect performance of a business process or a function may slightly  hinder work at the company; immediate impact on company’s  performance shall not be expected; manual workaround is available. 4 Low General system improvement is necessary; there is no immediate  influence on company’s performance.
  16. 16. Agreed Reaction Times gProblem  Agreed Reaction TimePriority 1 Up to 30 minutes In case of priority 1 tickets, the problem resolution process will  In case of priority 1 tickets, the problem resolution process will not be stopped until the problem is solved, even at the end of  the service window.Priority 2P i it 2 Within 4 hours Withi 4 hPriority 3 Within 1 working dayPriority 4 Within 5 working days
  17. 17. The S&T Support Organization for Managed Services connectis S&T MS Team Hosting Provider End User Service Desk Dispatching Key User Helpdesk Reporting Eskalations‐Management Support Team Process Owner 2nd Level Support SAP Operations  IT Continuous Maintenance Continuous Maintenance / Hosting / H ti Continuous Improvement SAP Manager g Customer Service Manager Backoffice es Service S&T Consulting S&T Development Center SAP AG Support Together we are your SAP Competence Center
  18. 18. S&T result after 15 months # of Incidents80604020 0 # of hours support pp impr. p maint. 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40Hosting status: 20 0• No unplanned downtimes = 100% availability• Average response time: about 350 ms g p• System is very stable support CR onsite 17
  19. 19. Benefits What is the result after half of the contract duration is over (1½ of 3 years)?  Connectis satisfied with: • S ti f ti Satisfaction within the business units? ithi th b i it ? • System stability? • System performance? System performance? • Solution stability? • Partner understands business processes? • Partner‘s flexibility? • S&T solution / performance over all? Satisfaction of employees with outsourcing model?  focus on core business, not SAP Yes! Would you choose S&T once again? Would you choose S&T once again? Yes!
  20. 20. Outlook
  21. 21. Contact Matthias Täubl Chief Operating Officer Phone: +41 (58) 301 17 36 Mail: connectis AG Freiburgstrasse 251 CH-3018 CH 3018 Bern 20