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Study Tourism in BC Marketing Plan (Tourism Educators Conference)

An update on the LinkBC-driven collaborative marketing plan designed to attract more students to study tourism in BC, as presented at the 2013 Tourism Educators Conference by Morgan Westcott.

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Study Tourism in BC Marketing Plan (Tourism Educators Conference)

  1. 1. Marketing PlanMorgan WestcottJoint Articulation Mtg, 2013
  2. 2. Today:• Why a collaborative marketing plan?• Background research• Key elements of plan• Q & A
  3. 3. Why collaborate?• Schools all have marketing challenges• Big schools = tourism can get lost• Small schools = small budget and reach• We’re collegiate and collaborative in otherways, why not market together?• It’s what the consumer wants!
  4. 4. Market Research: Motivations1. Love of travel2. Desire for applied, practical education3. Affinity for working with people/desire tomeet to new people4. Already in the industry5. BC has a lot to offer/want to showcase BC6. Ability to work abroad and/or at home7. Only option available
  5. 5. Market Research: Why THIS Program?1. Friends and family (word of mouth)2. Need to fill gaps in knowledge3. Perception of increased career opportunities4. Program’s proximity to home or affordability5. Hands-on learning model6. Perception of program as “laid-back”, fun7. Short program length8. Ability to transfer
  6. 6. The Plan
  7. 7. Steering Committee• Ted Wykes, RRU• Jonathan Rouse, OC• Donna Hooker, Cap U• Grant Unger, COTR• Stephanie Wells, Cap U• Gilles Valade, TRU• Dave Twynam, VIU• Richard Haire, BCIT• Carl Everitt, Camosun• Mark Herringer, NIC• Paola Ceroni, UVic• Kimberly Johnstone,TRU• Mark Elliott, DouglasCollege• Mike Tittel, VCC• Kim Hood, TourismWhistler
  8. 8. Marketing ObjectiveLinkBC will entice provincial, national, andinternational post-secondary students tochoose BC tourism, culinary, hospitality, andadventure programs – and raise generalawareness of BC tourism education and careerpath options. This will be measured as atargeted 5% increase in enrolments (intourism-related FTEs) from 2010 (baselinedata) to 2014.
  9. 9. From Students: How to Market1. Increase awareness of career options & benefits ofworking in tourism2. Promotion/advertising3. In-class presentations at high schools and colleges4. Highlight program reviews, success stories,testimonials5. Social media6. Help with funding7. Info nights8. Advertising in tourism businesses
  10. 10. From Committee: Important!• Not just international students• Raise the profile of all programs• Complement existing marketing• Compete with the best
  11. 11. Key Components• Price• Place• Product• Promotion
  12. 12. Awareness• One brand• Understand the product (inventory, profile)and tell the right stories• Rich online environment – experiential ANDinformational
  13. 13. Awareness, continued …• Partner with DMOs• Get to know new marketingofficers for AVED• Work with HostellingInternational, Girl Guides,MEC and Atmosphere …• FAQ and resources forparents and teachers• PR and media• Trade shows (ed fairs)
  14. 14. Engagement• Tell awesome stories online all the time (blogfeature on website and targeted newsletter)• Launch provincial alumni association(Nanaimo are just waiting for “go”!)• Leverage events like Rendezvous (student-to-student – including secondary)• Work with DMOs on welcoming• Social media (WEIBO and Orkut are next!)
  15. 15. Action• Encourage registration in programs (link toApply BC or correct forms)• Refer-a-friend program• Put students to work through uniqueinternships (blogging, social media, etc.)• Need your help – measure referrals and yourROI on this program
  16. 16. Budget?$40,000 for websiteStaff time!Cheap socialmedia!Member fees!
  17. 17. Bottom line …• It makes sense• We’re the one discipline where we can selltravel, lifestyle• It’s a cycle – potential, current, past students• Let’s keep it strong
  18. 18. Questions?