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Career help app marketing plan

  1. Marketing Plan For App - CareerHelp “TIME TO PUT A DENT IN THE UNIVERSE. NO MORE REGRETS!!”
  3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Students are always worried about their career and often fail to take the right career path due to lack of guidance and exposure. Parents also follow the same set tradition without taking care of changing trends. CareerHelp aims to provide one to one career counseling to students through an interactive app. The app CareerHelp will also provide real time updates on exams and resources for learning.
  4. COMPANY/APP OVERVIEW Provide personalized career counseling to students at affordable costs from industry leaders, senior students and experienced career counselors. Other Features – 1. Option to read/write reviews of colleges/universities. 2. Option to head to 'Career Wikipedia' to learn about resources on various fields. 3. Option to stay updated about upcoming exams.
  5. MARKET OVERVIEW In foreign countries, each student is given personalized career planning in schools in 10th and 12th standard. This is not the case in India which leads students to take wrong career decisions and hence they spoil a lot of their time. This is one of the major reasons for huge unemployment is our country as well. There are not many services or apps available for this in the Indian market. Hence this needs to be resolved.
  7. GOAL •Provide 100% assistance to students in taking the right career path. •Provide real-time updates on upcoming exams so that students do not miss out the most important days of their academic life. •Provide relevant studying resources and guides so that students can always stay at par with global standards and do not stay limited to bookish knowledge. •Help parents understand their childrens position better.
  9. CUSTOMERS •Students •Parents •Teachers
  10. COLLABORATORS •Senior Students •Career Counselors •Industry Leaders •Mentors •Various websites on guides, resources •MOOCs websites
  12. CUSTOMER VALUE PROPOSITION “TIME TO PUT A DENT IN THE UNIVERSE. NO MORE REGRETS!!” Career guidance directly from industry leaders and senior students at your fingertips. Access to career Wikipedia with new updates everyday. “Just keep expanding your knowledge.” Parents get to know about their childs progress real-time!
  13. COLLABORATOR VALUE PROPOSITION •Approach senior professors to act as mentors. •Approach senior students from various colleges or universities to be mentors and provide relevant and unbiased information about that particular college. •Approach career counselors to be a part of the program. •Collaborate with various websites and blogs to share their contents on resources.
  15. PRODUCT FREE FEATURES •Option to choose an expert and set a meeting over Skype/call. •Option to choose a senior student from a particular •university. •Option to read reviews of colleges/universities. •Option to write reviews of colleges/universities •Option to head to 'Career Wikipedia' to learn about •resources on various fields. •Option to stay updated about upcoming exams.
  16. PRODUCT PREMIUM FEATURES 1. Only a few counseling sessions will be free per student after which they will be charged an amount for each mentor session. 2. If a parent wants to keep a track record of his/her child to understand his/her growth with our help, they need to pay yearly fees for availing this feature.
  17. PLACE Google store - Android app Website - A landing page describing the app, advantages, and containing the blog to 'Career Wikipedia', link to download the app, subscription option to receive daily updates and newsletters.
  18. PROMOTION • Pitch the app in various schools. •Will make Digital banners and circulate among school /college/university groups on social media. •Conduct free workshops to spread awareness of the cons of taking wrong career decisions and simultaneously marketing our app. •Lay out social media campaigns, competitions to increase prominence. • Approach media sites for free PR. • Try influencer marketing by approaching professors who will agree to share about the app over social media.
  19. PRICE Yearly basis - Rs 1000 for getting expert advice after free sessions are over. Yearly basis - Rs 6000 initially and Rs. 12000 later after parents can stay updated on their childs performance.
  20. WHY SUCH PRICE? Price has to be kept low because career guidance should be provided to each and every student. Low price will attract our target audience successfully towards the app and they will slowly adopt the premium features once they understand the importance of the app. The price can be increased afterwards once parents get habituated with this feature and enjoy it. Maintaining track record is quite cumbersome and will require direct help from schools.
  22. INFRASTRUCTURE •Founders •Developers – Managing App •Marketing Team •Operations Team •Renowned and Qualified Mentors •Career Counselors •Students from various universities •UX Designer and Graphic Designer •Content Writers
  23. SCHEDULE •Students can log in to the app anytime to ask questions on career. •Students can log in to the app and schedule meetings over Skype/voice call all round the year with experts (mentors/counselors/senior students) •Students can access the app/website anytime to know about learning resources or getting exam updates. •Parents can log in anytime to see their childs progress, real time.
  24. PROCESS •Sign Up to the app •Choose an expert or a senior student to seek advice from them or post questions. •Schedule Skype/Voice Call to get advice. •Give information about class and interests to get real time updates about upcoming exams.