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future leaders_brand_architecture_english_guideline


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future leaders_brand_architecture_english_guideline

  1. 1. Brand architecture
  2. 2. FUTURE LEADERS Value preposition Young people develop their entrepreneurial approach and attitude through team work. We shape future leaders who have positive impact on their environment. Program description Program is dedicated to students interested in self-development (personal and professional) and as well teamwork. It is run in all of our local entities, enables young people to join our activities working with us. Future Leaders empower youth to gain diversed experience, develop entrepreneurship so much needed nowadays..
  3. 3. FUTURE LEADERS TARGET GROUP WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS AIM FOR? • students 1-3 year • 19-21 years old •Active, ambitous and passionate • people looking for challenges but responsible, • interested in teamwork, • interested in self-development (skills development) • Get to know new people, •Have fun, • Practical experience, •Experence out of university, • Resume building, •Build position on job market • Language skills development, • Get to know new cultures, • Get self-confidence, •Development in HR, Marketing, ER,
  4. 4. FUTURE LEADERS Benefits How program Future Leaders helps to gain benefits? • Soft skills development, •New friends, •Adaptability and flexibility, •Time management, • Awareness of other cultures and global issues • Cooperation with different stakeholders (presentation skills, networking), • Basics of project management, • Language skills improvements (specially English) • Conferences- local and national ones, • Contact with young people from all over the world, •Different background of projects, •Learning by doing, • Posibility to engage in more activities (many projects, trainings etc.) • Participation in trainings and education cycle, • Possibility to work in global organization based on volunteering,
  5. 5. FUTURE LEADERS Possible pains for customer Pain relievers • Complicated to understand atfirst moment vision, mission and values, •Possible troubles with cooperation or leadership skills of project manager (that works for organization only a bit longer) • Low deciviness, • Personal time and financial investements, • Possible negative influence at at university performance, • Possible issues with identifying with organizational culture • Clear presentation of organization (regular trainings), • Well-prepared recruitment and education for leadership positions, •Education regarding skills like time-management, •Clear motivation system (R&R), •Showcasing stories of Alumni, •Increasing possibility of makng decisions for members (about allocation), • Financial support for members
  6. 6. FUTURE LEADERS MAIN MESSAGE • Leadership development •teamwork, • Entrepreneurship, • Internationalism, • Self- Development, •elastyczność wobec wymagań pracodawców, • Active, ambitous students looking for challenges, • Foreign languages skills improvement, • Get to know other cultures, • Trainings and conferences, •AIESEC value preposition and mission, • Fun and networking, • Practical experience,
  7. 7. FUTURE LEADERS Graphics: • COLORS: Always use green. Aditionally you are allowed to use blue, dark-blue, purple and orange (look below). FONTS: novecento wide, lobster 1.3, comfortaa • Logo must be present on every material!
  9. 9. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM DESCRIPTION TARGET GROUP Program enables development in area of HR, it allows young people to work in diverse environment building their intercultural understanding. Idea is to organize different social responsibility or international projects and work with interns going wth AIESEC abroad or coming to Poland. • students interested in global issues and social issues, •People looking for international experience, •Social responsible people that want to make impact for local community with their work, Main faculties: psychology, pedagogy, HR, culture sciences and language studies
  10. 10. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR What our customers aim for? Benefits • foreign languages, • HR basics (in Polish or English depending on project), • self-confidence, •Direct impact to the society • foreign languages improvement, • constant learning about other countries and cultures, • Cooperation with local educational and governmental institutions, • Get to know HR basics, •Satisfaction out of helping others,
  11. 11. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR Main JD Requirements • Events with AIESEC interns, • Introduction of interns to Polish culture and country realities, •Interviewing candidates for AIESEC internships (in Polish or English- depending on the project) • Fomalities and documentation for AIESEC exchange program, • Cooperation with NGO’s and GO’s • Communicativeness, • Intermediate English, •Empathy, tolerance, patience, •Social Responsibilty, • Active listening, • Flexibility, • Openess for other cultures
  12. 12. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR What you can learn in this program? • Interviewing skills, • Understanding of NGO and GO’s and social enterprises, • Negotiatons skills, •Presentation skills, •Languages, • Social responsibility and entrepreneurship
  13. 13. SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR MAIN MESSAGE • human resources • Cultural sensivity and social awareness, •International social and educational projects, •Positive impact on the society, •People’s development, •Global, international • Psychology, pedagogt, cultural sciences, languages, •Educational institution and NGOs cooperation,
  14. 14. MARKETING
  15. 15. MARKETING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION TARGET GROUP Program enables gaining experience and development n marketing and PR area. Participants have constant touch with local and students media. • Creative thinking and communicative people, •Interested in preparation marketing materials and campaigns, •Result-oriented profile •Graphic design skills if posible! • Main faculties: marketing, PR, graphic design, journalism
  16. 16. MARKETING What our customers aim for? Benefits • Career planning and building, •Development in specific area (PR, marketing), •Building own market value, • self-confidence • Presentation skills, creative thinking, •Written communication skills, •Execution of marketing campaigns, •Basics of marketing, PR and media relations, •Promotion planning and execution
  17. 17. MARKETING Main JD Requirements • Basics graphic design tools, •Cooperation with local and students media, • Creation of news and media-realted materials, •Execution of promotion campaigns of the LC and projects, • Social media, • Direct promotion, • Media patronage management, •Basic graphics skills (if possible) • Creativity, •Communicativeness, • Copywriting skills
  18. 18. MARKETING What you can learn in this program? • Creatvity, •Cooperation and contact with media, •Social media management and knowledge, •Abilty to build message to target group, •Promotion and marketing planning, • Basics of marketing online and offline
  19. 19. MARKETING MAIN MESSAGE • Experience and development in PR, marketing area, •Local and students media, •Creativity, •Copywriting, journalism, • graphic design, social media •Promotion campaigns, •Marketing in practice, •Marketing online and offline
  21. 21. BUSINESS SALES PROGRAM DESCRIPTION TARGET GROUP Program enables gaining knowledge and practical experience in sales area. Program participants have constant touchpints with local business. . •Students interested in sales and business, •Experienced in business or sales already (if possible) •Main faculties: Management, public administration, economic sciences, international business
  22. 22. BUSINESS SALES What our customer aims for? Benefits • Career planning and building, •Building own market value, •Self-confidence, • Sales and negotiations skills, •Presentation skills and effective communication skills, •Constan contact with local business, •Networking,
  23. 23. BUSINESS SALES Maind JD Requirements • Market research, •Cold calling, •Business meetings, •Account management of local companies, •Formalities and documentation of customer service, •Evaluation of cooperation with companies, •Working on Customer Relations Management tools •Communicativeness, •Good-looking, • Acceptable verbal communication skills umiejętność, •Motivation
  24. 24. BUSINESS SALES What you can learn? • Market research skills, •Selling point building, •Sales techniques, •Self-confidence, • Business understanding and knowledge, •Stress tolerance, •Working under the pressure,
  25. 25. BUSINESS SALES MAIN MESSAGE • Sales, negotiations, •External Relations, •Business environment, •Networking, •Account Management, •Presentation and effective communications skills, •Business understanding
  26. 26. POWODZENIA! 