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Summary of Internship Experience

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Career Center Internship Experience

  1. 1. Welcome!Career Center Internship ExperiencePresented by:Travis King &John Diener
  2. 2. Introduction: Goals
  3. 3. • Create and implement a marketing plan for Career Center utilizing the following: ▫ Benchmark/Research other Career Centers ▫ Increase social media presence ▫ Assist in marketing specific events ▫ Create campus/employer resume books to market MC students to employers
  4. 4. Timeline for Marketing Plan
  5. 5. Create a Business Mission Statement & Career Center Vision Create a SWOT analysis relative to Career Center incorporating ideas of students Set Marketing Plan Objectives that are Realistic, Measurable, Timely, & SpecificConstruct a Marketing Strategy that incorporates a Target Market Strategy & Uses the marketing mix Implement our Marketing Plan Evaluate and Control the Marketing Plan
  6. 6. Mission & Vision Statements
  7. 7. • Mission: ▫ The Moravian College Career Center is committed to assisting students explore, discover, experience, and succeed in their chosen career path. By providing appropriate resources and programs, we will guide and assist students with hands-on learning opportunities as they strive to enter graduate school and the world of work.• Vision: ▫ A community consisting of students that are able to explore their passions and discover their own success.
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis
  9. 9. Strengths• Books available in the Career Center• Bridges between employers, alumni, and students• Knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff• Online Resources ▫ Interview stream ▫ Career Hound• Unique service on campus• Personable staff and service (individual attention)• Offer an abundance of events ▫ Resume Marathons ▫ Mock Interviews ▫ Backpack to Briefcase ▫ Etiquette Dinner ▫ Networking Events
  10. 10. Weaknesess• Size of staff• Location• No sense of branding• Promotion• Market Research• Lack of social media presence• $$$ Funding $$$• Diversity (mostly business oriented events)• Technology ▫ Difficult website• No marketing plan ▫ Need restructuring of mission/vision ▫ No SWOT analysis ▫ Lack a well defined target market ▫ No well defined objectives
  11. 11. Opportunities• Direct/personal marketing (HUB time)• Resume books• Social media marketing• Focus group(s) for qualitative analysis• Statistical survey(s) for quantitative analysis• Knowledge of potential jobs, internships, and graduate school experience
  12. 12. Threats• The mentality of Moravian students• Volume of students• “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink”• Students home locations• Tough job market• Sports, clubs, school, jobs, internships, etc.
  13. 13. Marketing Mix
  14. 14. Career Center Marketing Strategy• Undifferentiated target strategy ▫ One market with no individual segments  Students• Distribution ▫ Students , alumni, and employers• Price ▫ Tuition and deposit• Product ▫ Events, Career Hound, counseling sessions, and literature• Promotion ▫ Relationship oriented marketing of events and services
  15. 15. Marketing Specific Events
  16. 16. Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo(LVCCE)• Distribution ▫ Students (juniors and seniors) in search of careers• Price ▫ Free to the LVAIC (more specifically Moravian Students)• Product ▫ Job Fair (jobs, internships, networking opportunities)• Promotion ▫ PR Marketing (HUB Time) ▫ Social Media Marketing ▫ Advertising Marketing
  17. 17. LVCCE Reflection• Personal Relation Marketing ▫ Felt that it was the best effort• Had one of the largest turnouts of Moravian Students in history of attendance• Continue to market on the personal level to gain interest of students
  18. 18. Networking Your Character• Distribution ▫ Students and alumni• Price ▫ $10 refundable deposit• Product ▫ Networking reception• Promotion ▫ PR Marketing (Sign-Ups) ▫ Social Media Marketing ▫ Direct Mail Marketing ▫ Outbound Marketing
  19. 19. Networking Your Character Reflection• 1st time event• Amazing turnout ▫ Spots filled up in the first day ▫ Good amount of alumni in attendance ▫ Alumni impressed with students presentation and dress• Students received a great experience ▫ Traveling to NYC ▫ Talking with alumni and establishing connections ▫ Tips, hints, and advice for networking
  20. 20. Benchmarking
  21. 21. • De Sales University• Kutztown University• Muhlenberg College• Overall Analysis: Moravian College Career Center offers many of the same resources other schools do.
  22. 22. Social Media Efforts
  23. 23. Social Media• Facebook ▫ High population of students ▫ More recognizable ▫ Gained likes ▫ Posted pictures from events• Twitter ▫ Gained Followers ▫ Updated Twitcon and background images ▫ Followed like-minded organizations  PPL  Addicted2Success  InternQueen ▫ Hashtag to generate more of a buzz  #YourFutureStartsNow
  24. 24. Resume Books
  25. 25. • Created as another effort in student’s job search ▫ Has been in existence, but experienced a transformation this semester• Personal Relation Marketing ▫ PowerPoint Presentation to 4 Business Clubs ▫ Reasoning: By beginning on a small level, we hoped for a multiplier effect ▫ Business students seem to be “job searching oriented• Future ▫ Continue to present other clubs ▫ Add PowerPoint Presentation to CC website
  26. 26. Focus Group
  27. 27. Purpose• To gather information about the satisfaction of the students with the events the Career Center provides.• To understand how the students see the Career Center and why they may or may not have utilized the resources the Career Center provides
  28. 28. Participants• Freshman Nursing major and non-athlete• Sophomore Business Management and varsity athlete• Junior Photography major and varsity athlete• Senior Psychology major, involved in clubs, and non-athlete
  29. 29. Questions• Services• Website• Career Center• Information
  30. 30. Future for the Career Center
  31. 31. Future• Advisor relations• Expanding needs for various majors• Expanding networks outside the Lehigh Valley• Social media/ promotion
  32. 32. Job Description• Generated a formal description of duties and responsibilities for Career Center Marketing Intern• In hope of continuing the internship and following through on the opportunities of past interns
  33. 33. Job Description• Position Title: Marketing Intern• Organization: Moravian College Career Center• Mission: The Moravian College Career Center is committed to assisting students explore, discover, experience, and succeed in their chose career path. By providing appropriate resources and programs as well as assisting with hands-on learning opportunities, we will guide and support students as they strive to enter graduate school and the world of work.• Location: 1305 Main Street, Bethlehem PA, 18018• Job Description: The Moravian College Career Center is a service provided to help the students find their passions and guide them to discover their own success. As the Career Center intern, you will help continue forming the foundation that the previous interns started. You will create interest among the Moravian College community for attendance at sponsored events, guidance with resumes and alumni connections, and create plans that will help with the success for the Career Center for years to come. This will allow our campus community to expand and provide the necessary hands-on- learning for all young professionals to succeed.• Responsibilities:• Create and implement ideas that would be beneficial for the Career Center through the minds of the students as well as a Marketing Plan.• Oversee and assist in the marketing efforts of all sponsored events that the Career Center provides.• Create strategies to encourage students to attend sponsored events, visit the Career Center, and connect with their chosen career paths.• Maintain the social media marketing initiative the Career Center has created through Facebook and Twitter.• Conduct a SWOT analysis, determining the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats the Career Center faces.• Benchmark the Career Center in relation to other colleges of similarity. (Population, conference, etc.)• Assist in the creation of Career Center Branding (Logo)• Preferred Qualifications:• Must be a Management-Marketing major or minor.• Must be taking the internship for academic credit.• Must have a 2.7 GPA overall.• Must be available 10-12 hours per week during the semester.•• Approximate Duration: August 27, 2012 – December 7, 2012• Number of Hours Per Week: 10-12 hours per week• Special Opportunities: First hand access to all of the Career Center Services as well as career development information.• Application Deadline: April, 28, 2012 (2 possible positions)• Apply: Link to application