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Desree - jukebox

  1. 1. THE I have come up with 1 logo that is bright, memorable and completely unique. The name is……LOGO JUKE BOX The reason why I chose this name is because it is catchy and easy to remember. The channel will be a music channel (one of the reasons why I had chosen the name) the reason for this is because a wide range of the audience you want to target watch music channels and listen to music most.
  3. 3. IDENTSI have created 4 idents that could be your future..... This ident is quick and simple well. it transforms into different colours ends with a dramatic finish I made this because I want to show case the brands logo so the audience will instantly recognise it when is they turn on the tv. In my questionnaire the feedback was positive most people said that they liked this ident most because it is entertaining. Because this is a music channel I wanted the ident to include something to do with that topic by adding music notes. I also included some comedy as well to attract viewers. The feedback I got from the viewers was that this ident was funny and very entertaining I added pixies into the ident. I wanted to make this ident a Christmas theme. Viewers said they didn’t really like this ident because it doesn’t appeal to both genders I came up with this ident so I can showcase the brands logo. Most people said that this ident was simple and not boring to watch
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE:DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE: The channel will beaimed at 16-30 year olds as you asked in yourbrief because the age difference is so big weneed to create a balance by including showsand idents that all ages will like. It is aimed atboth genders, aiming at both genders opensthe channel up to a wide range of viewersand can be watched from all over the world.The channel will be also be viewed on bothfree view and cable, this means that any typeof person can watch the channel.PSYCHOGRAPHIC PROFILE: we are aimingat mainstreamers. People who likefollowing the current trends in popculture and who like to go with the crowd
  5. 5. RESEARCH: QUESTIONNAIRE Using a questionnaire helped me understand what people want in a channelI asked 10 people ofdifferent ages. This is theresults.
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITIESThe identity of this company is very important. Whilst creating the logo I had to consider how theident was going to reach out to the audience in a unique way. In The idents I have produced theydon’t display texts however I can develop them and make sure it tells the viewers what programmeor music video is coming on next it will also have a voice over so the audience can see and hearwhat is coming on next. Furthermore whilst creating this brand I had to consider how we canencourage brand loyalty. We can do this by making the ident recognizable and highly entertaining,this means the audience will instantly recognise the brand making the channel popular.LIMITATIONSThe typography big, bold and stands out from the background I didn’t add to much of itbecause people will get bored of tying to read a big paragraph of words on the screen.The colours in the idents I have created it is very colourful and bright which makes theident visually stimulating and not boring to watch.CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONTo enhance my ident ideas I have to communicate visual ideas to a non-visualaudience. We can do this by creating sound effects and inform the viewer thatthere is movement in the ident. A voice over to inform the viewer what programme iscoming on next.
  7. 7. COMPETITIONKISS TV: kiss TV (in case you don’t know) is a musictelevision channel from Box television. The music thatthey usually play is hip-pop, dance and R&B. They aimat around 16-30 year olds. Kiss said that younger side ofthere target audience is called progressive youth andthat for their audience every part of their day revolvesaround music. They also said that kiss helps them to feelfree and relaxed whilst having fun. For the older side oftheir audience, kiss calls them modern mainstreamerswho feel in their prime and they plan to enjoy everymoment of it as they can.4MUSIC: 4 music is a music and entertainment channelin the united kingdom. Their target audience the same16-30 year olds . They believe they showcase the best inmainstream music for street addicts. They give fansceleb exclusives and gossip.The reason why I have chosen these two brands is because they have both got similar qualitiesthat I am looking for my brand and ident. They both use entertaining music and special effectsto keep the viewer watching and they meet their target market group’s needs by includingpopular shows. This helps the channel to receive more viewers because the channel isn’t just formusic lovers.
  8. 8. UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP)Our brand “jukebox” will give viewers a unique feel and it will give adifferent approach to music. The channel will host the latest music foreven holiday season e.g. Christmas. It will be themed for that occasion.The channel will give viewers the chance to meet their favorite celebrity.And the channel will include a number of competitions to make viewersfeel like they are a part of the channel.It will include programmmes that will attract more viewers like our ownchannel programme which is called celebwatch. The viewers would stepinto the shoes of their biggest fans. They will get to go behind the scenes ofaward shows, concert tours, movies productions and premieres this issomething that no other music channel has.
  9. 9. THE CHOSEN ONE Because it is simple and goes straight to the point. It showcases the logo which means The ident I have chosen is…. the logo will be recognizable to the viewers. Most viewers said that this is theirIt is easy to adapt favourite identand change to which is a key partwhat colour scheme of why I hador seasonal theme chosen this ident