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  1. 1. Questionnaire 1• We asked thestudents ageneralquestionnaireabout theirfavourite types ofdocumentariesand why, we alsoasked them abouttheir gender andtheir age.
  2. 2. Results• 30% female 70% male• 95% aged between 16-255% aged between 11-15
  3. 3. Questionnaire 2• Our group couldnot think ofwhat to call ourdocumentary,so we decidedto do anotherquestionnaireabout the nameof ourprogramme.
  4. 4. Results
  5. 5. Questionnaire 3• We asked the people who done thequestionnaire a product specific questionnaire.
  6. 6. Results
  7. 7. Radio ResultsandQuestionnaire
  8. 8. Target Audience• Our target audience are students in year 11 .• The reason for this is because they are thestudents who will be thinking about the transitionfrom year 11, to sixth form or college.• Some students do not know whether it is betterfor them to stay at school or go to college(everybody is different)• Our aim is to try and help students, in a non-biasway, on making their decision for sixth form orcollege, BTEC or A Levels.Lauren
  9. 9. Allocated Roles• Presenters – Emmanuel and Lauren• Interviewers – Emmanuel and Lauren• Director – Tacia• Cameraman/ woman – Tacia• Sound Director – Emmanuel• Producers – Emmanuel, Lauren andTaciaEmmanuel
  10. 10. Documentaries that inspire us• Educating Essex• Too Poor For Posh School• Race To Nowhere
  11. 11. What channel our documentary willfeature on• Our documentary will feature on channel 4.• This is because two of the three programmesthat inspired us are on this programme.• Therefore channel 4 is the channel most likelyto want to air this show.Tacia
  12. 12. Marketing – Radio Advert• We will make a radio advert to advertise ourprogramme.• The radio ad will feature on Choice FM andCapital FM, as we asked students of our targetgroup what radio station they listen tooften, and those were the top two answers.• Airing the advert on these stations willhopefully encourage students to watch ourdocumentary.Tacia
  13. 13. Marketing – Print Advert• We will make a print advert to advertise our programme.• We will put the print ad up in shopping centers and inmagazines. We chose shopping centers as they can bevery busy places, where students, and parents, are mostlikely to see the ad. We also chose magazines as studentslike to read magazines, and they are more likely to seethe ad in a magazine rather than on a billboard on aroad.• Putting the advert up, will hopefully encourage studentsto watch the programme, and will hopefully encourageparents to get their child to watch the programme.Lauren
  14. 14. Questions to ask interviewees• Questions for students• 1) What is your name?• 2) What are you studying at sixth form?• 3) Do you enjoy sixth form? Why?• 4) Why did you choose to stay on at sixth form rather than go college?• 5) Do you feel any kind of pressure as a result of sixth form? Such as exam pressure or peer pressure.• Questions for teachers• 1) What is your name?• 2) What subject/s do you teach?• 3) How important do you think the choices students have to make in sixth form?• 4) Do you think sixth formers are happier staying on, rather than going to college?• 5) Do you think that students at sixth form are more pressured to pass than those students at college?• 

We have decided to ask these questions to the students and teachers as we feel they are appropriate to whatwe are trying to explain to our target audience (year 11 students who are looking at going to sixth form orcollege).
  15. 15. PresentersEmmanuel Adewumi/Lauren Cole
  16. 16. Camera-woman/DirectorTacia Victor
  17. 17. Thank-you for listening