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Ppt evaluation (ancillary text)


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Ppt evaluation (ancillary text)

  1. 1. + How effective is the combination of our main product and ancillary texts? By Tacia, Lauren and Emmanuel
  2. 2. + The Media Texts we looked at to research our ancillary text… Educating Essex is a more similar documentary to our choices, we thought of using teachers and students in our poster but as the audience is mainly for students in 6th form and year 11 we decided to use our 6th formers overshadowing our year 11’s.Too poor for school is also relevant toour poster choice as Its based around Race to nowhere is a film documentarythe students and their abilities but that focuses on the pressure of schoolwhen it comes to Choices, Too Poor and how it affects students and whatFor School is different because our teachers do to help and what they thinkdocumentary focuses and targets of school themselves. This relates tostudents who want to gain more about Choices because the poster is about6th form life. Too Poor For School was overcoming and facing a long journeyan example of diversity and struggle ahead of school this is what year 11’sthrough the lower years in which we have to cope with whether they go 6ththen mixed with 6th form. form or college.
  3. 3. + The Media Texts we looked at to research our ancillary text… (Part2) Radioville was one of our most helpful source in radio advert examples, it showed us what we could do for our own radio advert for choices. Its conventions for one of their examples is where the advert lasted 45 seconds and it mentions the channel, the voice over in the advert explains what the show is about, they tell the audience about the scheduling and also have upbeat music in the background to attract the audience byRadio Ville is the biggest radio agency that using cheesy catch phrases too.does adverts for channel 4, Carphonewarehouse, nationwide and other knownorganizations etc. All the ads are written andproduced by Radio Ville.
  4. 4. + How our ancillary text appeals to our audience… The picture we photo shopped into a poster took 5 viable options, we took our favorite 3 which appealed to us as a group and showed each 3 posters in the audience screening and the one they liked the most was the poster to the left. For our radio advert it had to use various sound effects and uncopyrighted music chosen by Emmanuel through We felt it appealed to our audience as it caught their attention and made them laugh but we made sure they remembered the details of our documentary.
  5. 5. + Where will the text appear?  Our Ancillary text will appear in Secondary School/6th form and college Newsletters across the country  It will also appear in the school and local libraries  We’ve also decided it will appear in magazines and billboards
  6. 6. + Why are these formats appropriate?  Most of our target audience attend secondary school, 6th form or college which means putting it in a school newsletter would be addressing the right audience.  We also put the text in school and local libraries because we find these are locations that our target audience visit a lot due to school work.  We will also put it on billboards and magazines to appeal to audiences that outside the target audiences.
  7. 7. + What did you learn from audience feedback?