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E valuation


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E valuation

  1. 1. 1.IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCTUSE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONSOF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS?My media products challenge the typical conventions of demonized youth and theGeneral aspects of hip hop music videos. The music video puts an emphasis onyoung people having fun rather than how the media portray them. In the musicvideo, there is a variety of young people dancing, free running, singing or doingathletics which hints at their productivity rather than being seen as scum (such asin the London Riots of 2011) Also in a typical hip hop music video, the audiencewould expect to see expensive cars and strong sexual references fromfemales, however in this music video none of this is present to empower youngpeople and send out the message that you don’t need expensive high profileitems to have fun or be successful.
  2. 2. 2.HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOURMAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?The main product and ancillary texts have very subtle links. First the headphonesused in the ancillary texts. A pair of headphones are also used in the music video.The overhead headphones are a recent trend amongst young people thus, theaudience can gain some sort of relation to the music video. Secondly the use of themain artist is limited in the main product and on the poster he is wearing a mask.This is to strengthen the idea of young people having fun as a collective rather thana singular artist receiving all the publicity (which tends to happen in the news; ayoung person being misrepresented and thus the whole of young people arethrown into the same bracket) Lastly the use of colour. The music video is just ascolourful as the ancillary texts which gives off a positive “vibe” for the audience. Thebright colours in the main product and ancillary texts also grabs the audience’sattention.
  3. 3. 3.WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR AUDIENCEFEEDBACK?I’ve learnt from my audience feedback that some of the colours used in themain product and the ancillary texts don’t match. The aim was forconsistency and I missed a couple minor points. However, the audienceI asked (from sound cloud and physically showing them on YouTube)thought the music video sent out a positive message that representedthe lyrics well. Also, the audience believed that the package portrayedyoung people very well and enjoyed the message the music video sentout. Finally the audience enjoyed the music video and were convincedthat they would buy the track after seeing the music video (which is themain goal for most music videos)
  5. 5. THE CDFor the CD I used four simple images taken with a CANON D700 (one of a hat ,headphones , Graffiti from awall in central London and a CD that I own) I imported them into Photoshop. After adding all images intothe disc image I set the layer property to “Screen” to give the illusion that the three images were actuallyon the disc. Also a bit of colour correction such as the “Curves” adjustment and the “Hue and Saturation”properties. It is important that the theme of the Cap and the headphones is kept to build a sense offamiliarity and consistency throughout all the ancillary tasks and the music video.After the main images were dealt with, I added the artists’ name and the name of the album on the upper halfOf the CD using the “Text” tool, using this CD imageas a structure. I lowered the “opacity” of the text tomake it blend in
  6. 6. INLAYThe inlay needed to be simple while still representing youth in a positive manner. For this I used a colourful eye catchingbackground with virtually no negative signs to show a positive representation of “happy” youth and stray away from the constantdemonization of them in the media and even by other youth artists (Most young Hip Hop/ Rap artists adhere to the typicalstereotypes in their music, strengthening the representation of “vile” youth due to the lack of colour)I added an image that would soon be on the magazineposter for continuity. However, both shots would bedifferent. First I used a graffiti image for thebackground and added the “Cutout” effect in the“Filters” tab and increased all the sliders to theirmaximum. Then in a separate file, I used the “text”tool to create the word “Power” (to empoweryouth), put the cutout background on top and set theblending mode to “Screen”. Finally I brought thatelement into the main publication, duplicatedit, changed the “overlay” to white and place it justabove the main text. Then the main image. I enlargedthe main image to create a medium shot as this typeof shot was more fit for purpose. I then added the“Cutout” and “Colour Pencil” filters to it.12cm12cm
  7. 7. BACKIt was important to have either the cap or headphones in the image because one couldn’t be forgotten for theelement of consistency. The back need to be a complete colour contrast to the saturated front cover theimply the idea that there are two sides to young people, The front being the typical “Grey” demonized versionof youth and the back which is colourful, fun and vivid. The font is also consistent throughout all the texts.I added the song names and name of the artist usingthe “text” tool and faded the artist’s name as it wastoo intruding on the overall product. For thebarcode, I downloaded an extra font called“Barcode” from which gives outfree copyright free fonts if they’re not used to makeprofit. The image of the cap had the background cutout using the “Pen” tool to eliminate the greenbackground but keep the surface. I then flipped theimage and lowered the “Opacity” to give the illusionof the cap of a reflective surface. I then used somecolour correction (boosted the saturation levels in the“Hue And Saturation” tab in the colour correctionmenu and darkened the image with the “curves”adjustment to boost the contrast with the othercolours. Finally I added some brush images using the“Brush” tool of leafs, stars and grass to keep theconsistency (also the image of the record logo whichI took from my old Usb as it was an image I made inGCSE ICT)11.8cm15cm3cm
  8. 8. FRONTThe front cover was the basis for all the other ancillary texts. Everything in the others needed to include somefront the front cover to bring a sense of familiarity and genuine continuity that make people feel more enticedto buy. The mostly saturated front cover is supposed to contrast with the back giving a “genuine”representation of young people through a colourless front cover, however the hat and headphones are incolour to exemplify a “signal of hope” and that stereotypes are one dimensional and every young person isdifferent.The paint type effect is a variant of the “Brush” toolI used set to the colour black. I then put the imageof the cap and headphones under the brush layerand boosted their saturation levels in the “Hue andSaturation” adjustment. I then added a “Curves”adjustment boosting the “Blue” colour channel inthe “RGB” drop down menu. To finish off the mainelement, I set the brush layer to “Screen” to givethe illusion of the two other images being paintedon the cover. I then added the album name andartist name on the bottom right of the canvas androtated them slightly (I took the name of the font asthis would be a consistent font throughout all theancillary texts which was “TW Cen MT CondensedExtra Bold”) For the album title to stand out more, Ichanged the colour to white and added a black“Stroke” in the layer properties and set thethickness to 3. Finally I chose some other variantsof the “Brush” tool like the grass, stars and leafsand put them around the canvas and then added a“Bevel” to the entire canvas to create the spine.12cm12cm
  9. 9. MAGAZINE ADVERTI chose not to use my initial poster as the saturated colours weren’t very attractive to my target audience (Given to 10 people) Sothe theme needed to be changed drastically. I then decided to take a photo of some graffiti near central London to exemplify theView of creative young people making outstanding pieces of art that represent them.Initial PosterTo start off with, I placed the model in aposition on the canvas and resized it. Ithen added the image of the CD cover tothe right of the canvas to let the audienceknow that this is an advertisement for analbum. I then added some text at the topright using the “Text” tool to add someinformation about the album title andartist name. I also added text at thebottom of the canvas includinginformation such as, release date, othersingles included and the record website. Iadded the graffiti background behind theimage of the model and boosted thesaturation level using the “Hue AndSaturation” tool. I then added a slight“Tint” effect to make the image of themodel blend with the background.Finally, I used the “Brush” tool to createthe grass and stars around the image tokeep some consistency with the otherancillary texts (the main model is alsowearing a pair of headphones) Finally forthe grass above the release dateinformation, I added a 5 colour “GradientMap” to match the colours of the graffitibackground.
  10. 10. MUSIC VIDEO
  11. 11. For the music video, I primarily used “Adobe After Effects” I ordered the clips in “Adobe Premier Pro” and syncedThe music in “Sony Vegas” and imported the projects into after effects. After adding the clips, I added the “curves” eTo give the video contrast and then the “video co-pilots twitch” for the blur and lighting. After this, I rendered the vand uploaded to YouTube. I was familiar with all the editing software used as well as the uploading process on YouTSony Vegas
  12. 12. SHARING TECHNOLOGIES USEDUsed to easily order all the information andpresent them online. This is the easiest toolfor this and allows users to use a variety ofsources to post media products such asembedding videos, power point docs orimporting Photoshop documents. Also veryintuitive to use.Used tocommunicate withpeople for the musicvideo (such asgathering them andupdating them on thedates of shootingUsed to upload power pointpresentations to the web tothen embed them into theblog. Fast and easy andallows flexible options forchanging the documents.Used to upload the musicvideo and initial vox pops. Amainstream video sharingsite that works very welland also allows theembedding optionTo get the audienceFeedback for the thirdQuestion as it is an efficientWay to get feedback withoutWriting anything down
  13. 13. SOFTWARE USEDUsed to stabilize trackmotion and also addingspecific effects and lightingto the video.Ordering Clips in cohesive order.Adobe is the market leader forCreating special types of media soI felt this was appropriate forOrdering clips rather than Sony VegasEditing software withAdvanced lip syncingCapabilities (greaterUse for the waveformAudio)Creating ancillary textsSuch as front cover or poster.Top end industry software.Adobe After effects cs5.5Adobe premier pro cs5.5Adobe Photoshop cs5.1Sony Vegas Pro 12