purposes of an ident


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purposes of an ident

  1. 1. All about IdentsAN IDENT IS - Movingimage or logo torepresent a brandthat is shown before ashow.It is Usually 30 secondslong
  2. 2. PURPOSE OFIDENTS The reason why we have television Idents is because they are designed to give some kind of announcement as to what channel you are on. Re-branding so the channel can keep up to date They can also represent a form of branding. This means the company will have their own logo and this will give their brand a unique image Also so you know what program is going to come on next. Furthermore an ident is a moving image. This makes the ident visual stimulating so you can identify what the narrator is talking about.
  3. 3. IDENT DESIGNBBC 3 -The channel BBC three was launched on 9 February2003. BBCs ident is the towering three dimensional figure“THREE”. The conventions to most of BBC threes idents appealto young adults around the age of 16-25. Their idents usuallyinvolve comedy and cartoons. The ident starts of with nomusic just the cartoon talking, then cartoons sing “three is amagic number” the ident does interact with the audience IDENT HISTORYbecause they made it look like the cartoons was singing to theaudience this attracts the viewers because it makes them feellike they are part of this new experience. This ident forentertainment. The screen is almost empty with just the three BBC 3 – In the late 2001, the BBC to rebrandin the middle and the cartoon blobs this is because the density their own BBC channels so they renamedof information is low. BBC choice to BBC three. The channel wasMTV- Phil Mulloys created many iconic idents along with many eventually given the go ahead, elevenother designers for Mtv during 1980s and 90s. Mtv logo was months after the original launch date, anddesigned in 1981 by Manhattan design. Throughout Mtvs early was launched on the 9th of February 2003.years the channels „M‟ was yellow with red letters „TV‟. Mtv the channel was launched by Stuartlogo has changed and adapted, everything was dynamic. murphy who previously ran BBC Choice.The conventions of this particular ident is based on music, it isaimed at young people around the age of 16-25 years. Also for the duration of the 2012 summerFurthermore Mtvs idents sometimes includes celebrities and Olympic games, BBC three increasedalso cartoons. The ident set as a billboard the background is broadcasting hours to 24 hours to providedark and the „M‟ changes each time into different colours extra coverage of the Olympic events.and themes. The tempo is quick which went along with themusic which is rock. This didn‟t give much information. The Mtv – Is short for music television. It is anscreen was kind off empty with just the „M‟ in the middle. American cable television channel based inChannel 4 - Channel 4‟s iconic multicolored 4 that the new york city that launched on Augustchannel first launched and kept for 13 years. The background 1,1981. the original purpose of the channelbehind the 4 was black making the choice of colours bright was to play music videos guided by on-airand eye catching the four then moves around the screen and host known as V.Js. Today MTV primarilyforms into a four again this attracts the viewers attention. The broadcasts a variety of reality and scriptedconventions is all-around because in other idents they havedone similar. It has shown me that they are very versatile in television programs targeted adolescentstheir choice target audience. The idents tempo was fast and and young adults.straight to the point because the density of this ident is low thisis because it doesnt‟t hold much information. Channel 4 – The broadcasting act in 1980 began the process of adding a fourth channel. Channel 4 was formally created by a act of parliament in 1982. channel 4 was the launched in 1982
  4. 4. IDENT DESIGNBBC 1 - The first ident for bbc 1 was called Thebat wings (1953-1960). This was made by AbramGames which featured a tiny little globespinning in the center. The tempo was very slowand had no music. This was the first ever ident tobe made in Britain. And the density of theinformation is very little.Toon disney - In 2003, Toon Disney adopted anew logo, with new idents and graphics createdby CA Square. The logo was also adopted byToon Disney US in 2005. the symbol is a wellknown character called mickey mouse. Thelogo of toon disney is in a bright red airship withfast sounds that make the tempo go faster. The IDENT HISTORYdensity of This ident is very little informationhowever it does say Toondisney.co.uk. This identattracts the viewer because it is bright andunique BBC 1- The bbc began its own regular television programming in theNickelodeon - One of the many variants of the basement of broadcasting house, in London on the 22nd august 1932.orange logo, commonly known for the splatdesign, used from October 8, 1984 to September Toon Disney - Toon disney launched28, 2009; this particular version was used as the on Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 2pm asmain logo from April 2003 to September 28, a spin off of Disney channel. The very2009, and was still used on the Arabian version first program ever broadcasted wasof Nickelodeon until its closure in 2011, and is still the famous mickey mouse segmentused on newer products in tandem with the from fantasia titled „the sorcererscurrent logo. The conventions of this ident is apprentice.‟bright, fun and childish. In the ident a young girlwalks up to the screen and throws a yellow goo Nickelodeon – nickelodeons historyat the screen, the screen then has a massive began on December 1, 1970 it wassplat on it. The density of information is very low. known as pinwheel. PinwheelThe tempo is quick and it has a man introducing launched as nickelodeon on April 1,a program that is coming on next 1976.
  5. 5. SPOT THE IDENT!!!!DISNEY CHANNEL E4 Cartoon network T4E! entertainment ITV1 CHANNEL 5 SKY SPORTS
  6. 6. Quiz time!!!1) Who created many of mtvs iconic idents? Phil Mulloys2) What is the five colours on the 1st channel 4 logo? RED, ORANGE, BLUE, GREEN AND PURPLE3) What sort of people does bbc3 idents appeal to? 16-25 year olds4) Where did bbc1 first begin its own regular televisionprogramming? In the basement of broadcasting house5) What was the first ever program shown of Toon Disney? The sorcerers apprentice
  7. 7. HERE ARE SOME IDENTS NICKELODEONhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpHLdoQ0W-4 T4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdgR6zKkgsY THREEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z34XUDTz0GQ
  8. 8. ANNOTATIONS This ident has been made for itv 2. This ident is 30 seconds long. The design of this ident is bold and colourful with a lot of dancing involved. As soon as the ident starts the music starts with a close- up of peoples feet. It shows different styles of dancing which shows us what program is going to come on next. e.g.: a girl wearing doctor martins and stripy tights this tells me a teen movie is coming on next. The dancing will attract the audience because it is bright and bold. The purpose of this is to entertain the viewers and to make them want to watch on because it is an eye catching ident and very different to what you see on other channels This ident reflects itv2s personality because it is fun, bright and entertaining which made the density of the information low which reflects on the programs that they show. The ident can also mean that the channel is aimed at all ages and gender. The tempo of this ident is fast and always moving. There is quick shots of all the types of themes they show in this ident.
  9. 9. ANNOTATIONS This ident has been made for Disney channel. The ident is around 30 seconds long. The design of the ident is very loud and colourful with lots of visual effects. As soon as the ident starts the music starts playing. The music is the theme song to the program they are going to show next. They Also get the characters from the show to introduce the the show. E.g. wizards of Waverly place is a children program. They make Selena Gomez who is the star of the show to introduce it. The celebrities will attract the viewers because thats who the viewers aspire to be or love watching the show. Throughout the ident the it is long shot. Making Selena Gomez write “wizards of Waverly place” with a wand. Making stars and bright lights fly across the screen. The audience for this channel is from 5-16 years. The density of the screen is a lot it has a lot going on the screen The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and to keep the young kids watching as it is interactive and makes them believe the characters are real. It tells the viewers what program is coming on next. It also shows that the channel is fun and it reflects that though its programs as well. Tempo of the ident is fast and it is always moving.
  10. 10. ANNOTATIONS The is ident has been made for E! Entertainment. The ident is around 40 seconds long. The design is very simple and classy. Doesn‟t have much visual effects just a black bold patterned background and celebrities who have their own so on the channel. The ident comes on with a song that is fast and catchy. The celebrities introduce their program that is coming up next. E.g. Kim Kardashian and her sisters introduce their program that is coming up next. The density is low is only has a few people on the screen. Thought-out the ident the shot is long shot of the celebrities dancing to the song. The audience is around 16+. The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them watching the channel because it is eye-catching. This shows that the show is fun and making the celebrities be in the ident makes the programs look fun and enjoyable to watch. This makes the tempo quick.