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Chloe question 3 digipak


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Chloe question 3 digipak

  1. 1. What did you learn from the audience feedback?.When it came to the digipak finding audience feedback wasn’t as important as itwas for the actual music video. However I did carry some out just to ensure thatit would be successful in marketing the album and the artist.I first wrote up some questions which I thought would help find this out and helpmake any design errors apparent and see what might have to be adjusted orchanged. They were: 1. Do you think it relates to the genre Indie-Pop and if so why? 2. What kind of character do you think the artist is? 3. Does it remind you of any films through intertextuality? 4. Can you clearly see who the artist is and who album it is? 5. Would it attract your interest in a shop? 6. Would you buy the album?The feedback was more reassurance than finding faults. However saying this wehad made a crucial error that was only picked up in the feedback and that wasthat there was no name of the artist on the front of the digipack, this meant thatalthough they knew what the artist looked like if they ever wanted to look themup on the internet then this would be impossible, or if they had heard therefriends talking about this new indie-pop artist and had not seen their face theywould therefore not be able to find the album on sale in a shop.The thing that came up consistently throughout the feedback was the portrayalof the artist. This enabled us to confirm own thoughts and ideas of the artist,portraying her as a ‘laid-back’, ‘fun’ teenager that acts her age. From this we areable to secure the link between the music video and the digipak creating abelievable and consistent character for the fan base to relate to.One thing that we had to, in a sense, ignore was peoples personally opinion of thegenre of music. This is because if we were to try and fit the album to everyone’spersonal preference of music then our artist would just be a mess with no styleof specific character. It would also be hard to gain a solid fan base. For examplein our feedback James said ‘ If I were alone in the shop this album wouldn’t beone that I picked up as its not my style and it looks as though its aimed at girls,but if I was with my girlfriend she would probably pick it up.’ This shows us thatthe digipack is successful in attracting the target audience we aimed at but notthe wider market, which is the same case with a lot of the other artist market.If I were to re do the audience feedback and was aloud a larger time scale Iwould have found a lot more people actually from within our chosen targetmarket as these are the people that will be drawn to the music and thereforelooking for artists in the genre indie-pop.Overall the feedback was a real help as it gave us a pretty solid guarantee thatour digipak would be successful, for example if we had not carried it out then wewould be putting it into production blind without an idea whether it would workas a promotion for the artist and the digipak itself. It also helped with the finetuning of small details that we either missed or needed to tweak.