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Elena evaluation question 3


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Elena evaluation question 3

  1. 1. 2) Feedback on the rough cut from your class members and numerous other people youshould have askedWe received a lot of constructive criticism in terms of how to improve our rough cut to achievea more successful final product. We got a lot from other members of our class to answerquestions about the rough cut.A lot of the feedback was positive and recommending that as a group we maintained thequality of certain aspects when completing the music video, such as using appropriate footagefor the song, paying close attention to the mise en scene through things such as the use ofsetting and backgrounds, which we did.We were told that our camera control was very good however we didn’t use any hand heldshots, which could have made the visuals seem slightly more personal and intimate. It wasalso advised to use a wider variety of shots, as in the rough-cut we had only mainly used midand long shots. We found this very helpful as we became more aware of what we needed tolook for when selecting shots. It also benefited the group during the reshoot as we planned formore diverse and varied shots to add to the selection we were using. This meant that in thefinal product, we had a wide variety of shots and angles.According to the feedback our editing was effective in constructing a linear meaning to themusic video. Our shot with the punting on the river was ‘really effective’. However, we werecriticized on the fact that we had added no appropriate transitions or effects to the visuals ofthe video. We worked on this flaw immediately as we knew this would improve our video’squality and also develop the amount that it conformed to conventions and common features ofvideos from the indie pop genre.The rough cut received praise on the fact that the pace of our editing fitted really well with thepace of the song, with the shots changing quickly to maintain the viewer’ attention and interest.However some of the feedback suggested that we would possibly need to organize a reshootand gain more footage for editing. This helped us to work quicker during editing and prepareand organize what shots or scenes we could potentially need more of.We also asked for feedback on how effectively we had communicated a star persona. All ofour feedback for this point was positive, even emphasizing that Scarlett had presence as acharacter and artist. This highlighted that we had succeeded in creating and portraying a starpersona through Scarlett’s character. Everyone we asked also agreed that the lip-synchingwas very good in the rough cut and to make sure that we maintained this level of qualitythroughout the rest of the video.So the majority of our feedback was very positive and if not it contained constructive criticismthat we could use to develop and improve the quality of aspects of our product, which wasincredibly useful.