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James unit 30

  1. 1. 10 pages design By James & Lee jamestaylorwow@gmail.com 07837583645 The game Beloria is going to be aimed for PC borwers along with touch based devices, our target audience ranging from 10 pages design
  2. 2. Story and Gameplay The game starts with you receiving a vision from the god Beloria, he tells you to change your ways to redeem your self in the afterlife. The god tells you to travel east to Mort Hazgad and rid it of evil. Before then you must travel to the elven city north. You wake up from your vision, planning to do just that. Soon after you bump into a bard playing a tune just out side of the woods. The bard comes with you after you have a multiple choice conversation, after that you go to sleep for the night. You wake up to the first fight, you take a damage with regards with how you picked your answer, now at the other edge of the woods you can go to the caves were you find the boss, but you are prompted to cross the desert to get to the elves. You go to the you have troubles crossing the desert, but the elves come and save you, you converse with the elves and tell them of your vision, the elf princess offers to come with you as she is a mage, you make the choice if she comes or not. After that you get to the caves, this is were you find TrollGar the first boss. This is were the games ends just before the fight.
  3. 3. Game flow We are going to make the game flow by letter the player make decisions from the very start of the game, these choices effect the latter parts of the game. Another of the key mechanics that we have used is the loss and increase of heath and strength after a fight. This puts some numbers down and you start a emotional connection with your character, then also you will gain gear from killing monsters and bosses. This will help with the feeling of progression. We are also adding in collectables in to the game, these will be things like, new weapons, books and others, these will be found in hidden areas, we shall do this by making the text clickable but not light up at all.
  4. 4. Characters and controls So when playing the game you will be playing as the hero of the story, set out to kill the main villain, then on the y way you shall meet other the player picks the name of the character close to the start of the game, we did this to engage the player more. This is how he looks at the start of the story, then as it develops there will be new pictures when you get new weapons or armor. At the start of the game he is a vagabond, a crook and a murder and had no plans of changing that, he loved they ways of killing for money, but after his vision that as to strong to ignore, he excepted the challenge to kill Tal Devar.
  5. 5. Main gameplay concepts Our overall concept was to create a fantasy world were you must complete the objectives to get on to the next section, these sections are not set levels in anyway but run as one story with no brake points and Platform specific features The way that you control the game is all mostly mouse driven, clicking on the options to pick to progress to the next passage, or to click on links to open a image in a new tab in its full resolution. Also to click on will be the fixed button under the map to open the map up in your browsers to see which paths to take. The only time you need to use the keyboard is to right you name at the start, and in the event you do not put one you shall be know as hero
  6. 6. Game world The game world has some aspect taken from The Lord of the Rings and Morning Star worlds, then also ideas taken from World of Warcraft, we have a verity of different locations in the story - and here they are: •Great Woods (normal wood starting setting and were you meet the bard) •Dark Woods (an evil place were you will die if you do not take the warning) •Waymore Town (character birth place, although you never directly go there) •The lost planes (the large desert in the middle of the map, were you are found by the elves) •Runevail (the Elven city a magic enchanted place, also a place of peace) •Caves (were you will encounter Toll Gar, this place is known to be dangerous and rarely gets used. •Mount Beloria (The home of the dwarf race, locked inside there mountain to scared of the mountain beast)
  7. 7. Interface The game interface will use a few things the button to open the main map will be key as they will get used to navigate your way around the world. Then to build the players knowledge of the world and how to get around it there will be pictures of all the character and places you go so a strong understanding of the world will develop quickly
  8. 8. Mechanics and power-ups There main mechanics to our game are going to be found in the fights, use of the timer and stat system are the most important ones, then along side the stats system there are rare times when you could find a secret chest, inside could be a scroll that gives you +15 strength
  9. 9. Enemies and Bosses The enemies that are going to be in our game are going to range from wolfs, bats, trolls and more. These fights in a text based game are going to be done using s timer, giving you a short time to read and pick how you want to attack. The boss in our game is going to be a troll who is going to be guarding the cave in the middle of the map. The second boss the is mountain beast who has been terrorising the dwarfs for so long they never leave there mountain any longer. Then the last boss is going to be Tal Devour who will be found at his keep of Mort Hazgad.
  10. 10. Cut scenes and Bonus material We are going to incorporate cutscenes into our game, they are going to be separate pages of a single picture and a little piece of text to accompany it. These pictures are going to be hand drawn images, scanned in to photoshop then reworked in there.