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Prince2 project brief


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Pilot Program defined in Prince2 Project Brief

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Prince2 project brief

  1. 1. Prince2 Project BriefPurposeTo provide a full and firm foundation for the initiation of the project.The contents are extended and refined into the Project Initiation Document (PID), which isthe working document for managing and directing the Project.The Project Brief is a key document in its own right. It is the basis for the Project InitiationDocument. Any significant change to the material contained in the Project Brief will thusneed to be referred to program management.CompositionThe following is a suggested list of contents, which should be tailored to the requirementsand environment of each project.  Background  Project Definition o Project objectives o Project scope and exclusions o Outline project deliverables and/or desired outcomes o Constraints o Interfaces  Outline Business Case o Description of how this project supports business strategy, plans or programmers o Reasons why the project is needed  Project tolerances  Customer’s quality expectations  Acceptance Criteria  Any known risksIf earlier work has been done, the Project Brief may refer to the document(s) containinguseful information, rather than include copies of them.
  2. 2. DerivationThe Project Brief is developed from Project Mandate supplied at the start (SUprocess) of the project produced by Preparing a Project Brief (SU4) and accepted viaAuthorizing Initiation (DP1 = Directing a Project).If the project is part of a program, the program should provide the Project Brief. Insuch circumstances it will not have to be derived from a Project Mandate.If no Project Mandate is provided, the Project Manager has to generate the ProjectBrief “from scratch” in discussions with the customer and users.Quality criteria  The Project Brief accurately reflects the Project Mandate  It forms a firm basis on which to initiate a project, Initiating a Project (IP)  It indicates how the customer will assess the acceptability of the finished product(s).