accounting finance balacesheet advertising agency cost management capital budgeting irr arr irr arr capital budgeting marginal costing break-even_analysis cost management for mba cost benefit financial accounting business economics introduction to accounting microeconomics monopolistic competition monopoly oligopoly profit and loss account repo reverse-repo-crr-slr-inflation-and-deflation simple monopoly trading profit and loss account break even-point bitcoin break even analysis breakeven problems accounting mechanics accounts business profit and loss business and economy economy economics principles of economics project management information system project evaluation reporting and project closure project termination ms project pert cpm resource management project risk management wbs gant charts project control techniques periodic preventive project cost control mathematical indicators savings investments types of investment secondary market new issue market listing technical analysis project management system project management structures project development cycle people issues in project management ethnic diversity project team culture project management leadership motivation communication project management concepts introduction to project management environmental scanning different project management methodologies roles of project managers in oe project management tqm intro tqm kaizen tqm implementation tqm awards iso-benchmarking quality management iso9000&14000 building of an advertisement advertasing appeals of advertisement consumer behavior vs_marketing_communication public relation officer promotional mix display ads advertising budgeting integrated marketing communication capital structure soft skill development time value concepts capital budgeting decisions companies having founders name purchase management facebook
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