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Consumers today are more sophisticated than ever, and expect coordinated, two-way communications and unprecedented responsiveness from organizations. Public relations has evolved to meet these demands, with modern PR pros combining digital and social media with traditional public relations efforts in an effective and cohesive way.

This presentation looks at how advertisers can work with PR to make the most of emerging opportunities and develop programs that are greater than the sum of its parts.

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  • In the past five years people have said PR is dead, advertising is dead… but no one is dead. We’re just evolving.
  • But it’s true that there are a lot of changes going on in advertising, as you all know. Permission vs. interruption
  • The media has fragmented at the same time a confluence of events is giving us less of the consumer’s attention.
  • Interesting that text ads on mobile phones is at the bottom, since studies have shown people find these the most intrusive form of interruptive advertising.
  • Consumers are very sophisticated, and their attention is divided.Two- and even three-screen viewing is becoming more commonplace.But it’s not all bad news – you see much of what they’re looking at is related to what they’re watching (including ads)Some experts say it’s much easier to drive viewers to Facebook than to your own URL, which makes sense given that many of them are there already
  • PR is not just media relations.
  • Still a seat for everyone at the table
  • You’re not alone.
  • [Kellye]Why Unified? The whole is greater than the sum of its partsDon’t look at PR, Advertising and Social as Separate Areas - Social doesn’t replace advertising or PR, it extends itNow have new opportunities - it’s a positive change. You’re able to get compounding resultsTo be effective, cross-functional planning now a necessity - better communication across departments -- Put an end to silos in your organizationThis is similar to the principles of integrated marketing communications – the coordination and integration of all marketing communications tools, avenues, functions and sourcesYou don’t have to bite off the whole thing all at once. There are ways to think creatively about how to re-use things you’re already doing.
  • With Nike's "Write the Future" campaign, video for the World Cup went right to YouTube (no media ad buy)Received 7.8 million views in its first week on the site. Included a Facebook page and PR support.
  • Before we talk about this campaign, did anyone see the news in the past 48 hours about GM? WSJ reports they’re pulling their $10 Million in paid advertisements from Facebook (which required an additional $30M in creative), because “they didn’t work.” But paid advertising on Facebook isn’t the only way to use the FB platform.Budweiser ran this promotion on their Facebook page -- supported by PR – where fans could vote on their favorite ad, and the winning ad would run during the super bowl. Fun, interactive use of creative content.
  • Direct users to your rich media information. You can put codes to the newsroom on your business cards, other printed materials
  • Regular cross-functional meetings/calls are criticalEditorial/conversation calendarIdentify content library – share “info snacks”
  • [Kellye]A Conversation Calendar can be an indispensible tool for communicating within a team, as well as across functions. These can be done in good old Excel. A Google Docs spreadsheet is also excellent – it can be easily shared and updated in real time.This is an example of a conversation calendar for an agency.
  • [Kellye]This example spotlights the focus for the week in the right-hand column – you could also do that on a monthly basis. Make it work for you.
  • Try not to chase every new technology that comes along.As with anything, define your goals and objectives first .
  • PR and involvement in social media can be important if you face a crisis (especially one where the public objects to your advertising creative).
  • Sarcastic tone of this campaign rubbed some moms the wrong way, creating a social media backlash (that may have been controllable, had the company been listening over the weekend).
  • Always be open and transparent – unethical practices are almost always uncovered by today’s sophisticated public.
  • The granddaddy of all integrated campaigns. According to Nielsen for the week ending July 13, 2010 versus one year ago – Old Spice body wash sales increased 27 percent after February campaign launch, 55 percent after the second spot and 107 percent after the response videos.
  • Campaign included direct mail, media relations, social media and community outreach (including policy makers, non-profits, etc.)The team built an integrated marketing campaign.Small retailers that accept American Express cards saw an estimated 28 percent increase in sales on American Express cards onNovember 27, 2010 compared to the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2009.
  • Philips Norelco: “Deforest Yourself, Reforest the World.”By vowing to plant a tree for every Bodygroom sold, Norelco donated $75,000 – 75,000 trees – tothe Arbor Day Foundation.The campaign began on Arbor Day in New York City’s Madison Square Park with a call for hairy men to be groomed by Carmen Electra. The idea motivated men to buy the BG 2040 as product sales grew by 18% at launch.
  • Look how participation varies bydemographicsFree Forrester tool:
  • Used with permission from Beth Harte.
  • SampleEngagement Strategy for One Platform
  • Tools of the Trade for Measurement, MonitoringThere are a lot of free tools out there for monitoring and tracking online communications – some of the most popular include:Google AnalyticsTwitter Search – search in real-time or setup search queries you can get in your RSS readerGoogle AlertsKloutSocial MentionFacebook Search – did you know you can search status updates now?Facebook Insights – on your Facebook Page
  • Integrating Advertising + PR + Social Media

    1. 1. IntegratingAdvertising + PR + Social Media Kellye Crane Crane Communications, LLC & Solo PR Pro
    2. 2. First, the good news…. Here Lies… No One
    3. 3. It’s Not Your Father’s Advertising
    4. 4. Source: Wikibrands, by Sean Moffitt
    5. 5. @KellyeCrane - #solopr
    6. 6. Sophisticated consumers are more demanding…
    7. 7. And if that’s not bad enough……you’re going to have to work with PR
    8. 8. Public Relations has changed, too
    9. 9. Source:
    10. 10. Source:
    11. 11. New to Social Media?
    12. 12. The Whole is Greater
    13. 13. Strategy
    14. 14. Hub and Outposts• Create a collection of Outposts, with one serving as Home Base• Outposts build on each other
    15. 15. Social Media Newsroom
    16. 16. Synchronize!
    17. 17. Conversation CalendarSource: GigaOm -
    18. 18. Source: Bob Hazlett via GigaOm-
    19. 19. Avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome”
    20. 20. Hedge against a crisis
    21. 21. A Word About Ethics• Astroturfing• Misrepresentation• Intellectual Property• Pay-per-Post• Sponsored posts
    22. 22. Questions?
    23. 23. Thank You Kellye Crane E-mail: Twitter: @KellyeCrane Blog: Solo PR Pro
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    25. 25. The Social Technographics ™ Ladder Groups include people participating in at least © Forrester Research Inc. of the activities monthly. one
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