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Researchers in the digital age


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A short introduction for a staff development workshoip at Leeds

Published in: Technology
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Researchers in the digital age

  1. 1. Researchers in the digital age Lawrie Phipps
  2. 2. Every interaction we have on the internet leaves a digital impression. In some way, shape or form your activity is having an effect on the whole of the web. And in many cases the impression it leaves is visible.
  3. 3. Two extremes
  4. 4. “This will change the way we build cities forever” Dean Kamen
  5. 5. mrkathika / Michael Gray
  6. 6. Reputation Management • A survey of HR and business managers reported that 32% search the internet and check social networking websites to gather background Good online identities stand out!
  7. 7. Multimedia Broadcast anything • Podcasts • Images • Video • Documents (presentations)
  8. 8. ?
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  10. 10. Web2.0 technology video HowTo twitter Web2.0 video twitter Web2.0 Web2.0 video | twitter Web2.0 Photos | flickr All media tagged: Web2.0
  11. 11. Great resource. A excellent lecture! Where are the references?
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  13. 13. BLOG WEBSITE SHARE <embed> </embed>
  14. 14. Why? • Social Networks • Blogs • Twitter
  15. 15. Three key steps to building an online academic reputation One: Develop a good solid ‘home base’ Two: Join appropriate communities, Blog Link back Three: Actively manage & manage activity Twitter MySpace FlickrSkypeForums geflakes Youtube Netvibes Podcasting
  16. 16. Today Blogs Microblogs Multimedia Aggregation
  17. 17. And finally • IPR • Audiences • Security • Building ‘other’ high traffic online content