Skillteam workshop social media final v1.0 05.10.2011


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General social media introduction for IT. Internal presentation @ Skillteam.

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  • \n
  • Purpose is to give a general introduction on social media in a broad context.\nI don’t have the intetion (& time) to go in depth on the matter.\nMain target is to warm you up for further investigation.\nPleased to give a next session if necessary.\n\nThis presentation will be uploaded to slideshare & internanet\n
  • To start...\nNice counter indicating how fast it goes.\nI would “deal with it or flee” (cfr. “fit or flee”)\n\nEen Zettabyte (afgekort ZB) is (1021) bytes. Zetta is de SI-prefix voor een triljard.\n
  • Belgian Social Media Monitor Sept 2010\n\n\n(growth compared to 1 month ago / growth compared to 1 year ago)\n\n\n\n---\nLinkedin: hit the 1 million barrier\nFacebook: hit recently the 750 million barrier\nNetlog: still growing, albeit slowly\n
  • \n\nAnd why => next slide\n
  • Why should we start ourselves?\n\n\nAs a starter - to get “into it” - and because we find them interesting, we want to start with some trends. \n\nthis slide:\nConsumption of social media, which includes user-generated content from sources like Wikipedia, Twitter, and Facebook, continues to increase among the IT professionals\nProfessionals reported significant increases in consumption of social media, which continues to outpace that of editorial and vendor content\nNo longer are professionals limited to researching content produced by editors or solutions providers, but can now also turn to peers who have firsthand experience with the products and solutions being evaluated. \nSocial media is now a trusted resource that is relied on by professionals to make workplace decisions. \nMarketing dollars have been following this trend, with analysts like Forrester predicting an increase in social media marketing spend to $3.1 billion in 2014\n\n\nSOURCE:\nEngaging the New IT Buyer: 4 Social Media Trends and How Marketers Should Adjust\n\nDate of the research: April 2011\n(Conclusions based on document of 2010)\n\n\n\n\n
  • What’s important here: “experience-based advice”\n> advice from our peers\n\nSome statistics\n64.4% of respondents cited “solving problems”.\nThis response was followed closely by the need to “stay current and learn what my peers know” at 64.3% of survey participants. \n55,5% “making better decisions based on insights from like-minded professionals” \n\n\nBottom-line: LEARN FROM YOUR PEERS\n\n\nTips for marketeers:\n• Listening to relevant conversations among customers and prospects\n• Filtering those conversations to determine where they can contribute\n• Identifying company employees with the expertise to respond \n• Linking back to the company site when appropriate to add value to the conversation\n
  • Among the survey respondents, 54.8% use their company e-mail addresses in best practice communities. \nIn comparison, 33.2% of respondents use their company e-mail addresses in professional networks like LinkedIn, \nand only 7.8% use it in social networks like Facebook and MySpace.\n\nMeaning\nUsing a company e-mail address is an indication that professionals themselves recognize these communities as part of their job.\nFor marketers, this trend is confirmation that best practice communities, more than any other channel surveyed, give them a greater chance of reaching their target audiences while they are on the job or in the workplace\n\n\n\nMore on this (with figures of April 2011):\n
  • To block or not to block - that’s an important question\n\nMany companies block the use of social networks like > Facebook and MySpace (45.6%), > mediasharing networks like YouTube and SlideShare (39.4%), and> microblogs like Twitter (32.7%). \nHowever, a smaller percentage of professional networks (11.4%) and best practice communities (4.9%) are blocked by these same companies.\n\nFor the marketeer:\nGreater social media success can be achieved when employees across the organization engage with customers and prospects as well\n
  • \n
  • 1. PIPL\n\n\n2. Quarkbase\n\n\n3. Yahoo inlinks (backlinks):\n\n=> 28 sites point to us (75 inlinks for\n\n\n\n
  • Source:\n\nExample search on IBM:!/search/ibm (screenshot)\nExample search on Skillteam:!/search/realtime/skillteam\n\nThese are realtime searches\n\n(Do a live search, ex on lotus notes)\n\n> Why twitter more interesting then Google?\n=> realtime results\n=> information from peers\n=> and most of all : filtered information (read and approved by somenone else, possiby someone you trust)\n\n\n
  • * Interesting source for news around cloud computing\n* Check the list of followers and follow them\n\n\n--\n\nCheck also\nand do example with “cloud computing”\n
  • 1)\nen van hieruit klikken we door naar \n2)!/YvesVS\nPR for IBM BeLux, lucky husband, proud father, passionate fencer.\nvan waaruit we dan weer doorklikken naar de persoonlijke blog\n3)\n\n=> Centraal staat hier Yves Van Seters\nPR man bij IBM en voor ons een interessante\na) peer (informatiebron)\nb) ambassador (verspreiding van informatie)\n\nToon ook andere thema’s\nDoe ook twitter search\n\n(neem ook van presenatie Gent BC: name scanning, backlinks, people search)\n
  • \n\n
  • Skillteam itself has also a group\n\n\n \n
  • Follow companies and get informed even before news spread within the company.\n
  • Source:\nTop 5 Ways to Market Your Business With LinkedIn (Feb‘2010)\n\n
  • Source:\n\n
  • Source:\n\n\n\nMore on the subject:\n\n
  • Social media is more than chatting around.\nOther example is\n
  • Source: \nAggregating the old and rewarding the new at Disruptathon\n\n\n1 >\n2 >\n3 >\n4 >\n
  • Source:\nA Social News App That Exposes Everything You Read\n\n\nQuick Pitch: \nHearsay is a social news reader where you share everything you read with anyone who follows you.\n\nGenius Idea: \nAn unfiltered, social reading exchange.\n\n
  • More interesting information (with video of IT speakers)\n\n\n\nIncluding tips on:\n> how to start\n> how to create content\n> how to build your network\n> how to monitor\n
  • Don’t look to far.\nUse simple tools\n\n\n
  • There are a lot of tools out there. Use them!\nA lot are easy to integrate in your daily environment.\n
  • The nice thing about it all - and that is the possible feature - is that it can all be integrated in one environment.\nThat’s what I would call unified messaging.\n\n (video)\n\n\nLooking for integration of social crm functionalities with lotus notes we didn’t found much.\nNearest was Plugin of Gist for Lotus Notes for which support was ended February of this year.\n\n\\n\n\n
  • Follow your colleagues and competitors\n\n\n1)\n2)\n3)\n\n\nWat trackt bijvoorbeeld Buzz Capture:\nBuzzcapture monitort en analyseert uitingen over bedrijven, producten, merken, onderwerpen, mensen.\nTracken en analyseren van de buzz rondom campagnes en evenementen, waarbij het volume de buzz, de aard van de buzz en sentimenten in kaart worden gebracht.\nHet monitoren van conversaties die online gevoerd worden over uw concurrenten, waarbij vergelijkingen gemaakt worden tussen verschillende marktspelers en hun merken.\nEr kan onderzoek verricht worden naar het bereik van voor u relevante websites en de activiteiten van mensen die over uw bedrijf, product of belangrijke issues schrijven.\n\n
  • Social CRM: a reality check part 3 (28/4/2011)\n\n\n\nLooking\n
  • A good example of what the (IT) world is heading for is Salesforce:\n> all in the cloud\n> full social media integration (crm)\n> an extensive market place with tousands of extension\n> fully mobile\n\nResult 94% op Salesforce clients recommend sales force.\nGreat result! \n\nWhat would be the result with SKT customers.\n
  •\n\n\nOf the 38% of respondents who say their company performs ahead of its peers, 74% say that data are “extremely valuable” in achieving competitive advantage. \nAccuracy and timeliness are the most important attributes of data, ahead of the amount of detail the data offer\n77% of respondents say data make an important contribution to their customer support/customer relations efforts, and 71% say it helps them support their sales processes.\nIn fact, only 27% of respondents say their firms do a better job of using information than most of their competitors. A large amount of data sitting on a company’s servers, unused, is not uncommon and can be a sign of a sub-optimal data strategy. \nCompanies sometimes end up unintentionally approaching data from a management perspective and ignoring its value to others lower down the hierarchy. The companies that fi nd ways to “democratise” their data often gain an advantage. Indeed, 77% of the companies that aim their data initiatives at all employees, regardless of level, say they’ve found ways to make data extremely valuable to their business.\n
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  • Skillteam workshop social media final v1.0 05.10.2011

    1. 1. Workshop Social MediaSocial Media in a professional context 05.10.2011
    2. 2. What will we discuss today1. Overview relevant social media2. Social media as information channel3. Social media as promotion channel4. Which tools to use5. Some interesting cases
    3. 3. Social media are creating zettabytes of information• Social media is about user-generated content.• Social media spread loads of information every second in very different forms: tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Facebook updates, Linkedin updates, ...
    4. 4. Everybody is using social media• Linkedin • 933.082 profiles (+2%/+40%)• Facebook • 4,3 million accounts (+2% / +19%)• Twitter • 105.000 accounts• Google+ • 11.000 users (+34% / na)• Flickr • 4558 members (+2%, +22%)• Netlog NL • 3,4 million accounts (+1% / + 7%)
    5. 5. Time has come to get social too• Social media is about user-generated content.• Social media spread loads of information every second in very different forms: tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Facebook updates, Linkedin updates, ...• Let’s start using social media and creating content ourselves
    6. 6. Trend #1: Social media consumption among professionals continues to increase Social media consumption represents 45% of total media consumption among IT professionals.
    7. 7. Trend #2: Solving problems, staying current,and making better decisions are the top uses of social media in the workplace IT professionals find “solving problems in the workplace through experience-based advice” as the top goal of their use of social media on the job.
    8. 8. Trend #3: The Majority of professionals use their company e-mail addresses when participating in best practice communities The majority of IT professionals see communities of practice as an extension of their daily workflow.
    9. 9. Trend #4: Companies are generallysupportive of social media for professionaluse, but there is still progress to be madeDespite the lack of clear social media policies and theexistence of corporate policies blocking some socialchannels, IT professionals report that their companymakes it “easy” or “very easy” to use social media togather the information they need to do their jobs.
    10. 10. Don’t hurry (worry), it takes time• We have to climb up the “social technographics ladder”• Forrester typology 1. Makers 2. Criticasters 3. Collectors 4. Joiners 5. Spectators 6. Inactives
    11. 11. Before you start get to know your ecosystem• You want to know more about a person: • (!) •• You want to know more about a website: • • •• You want to know more about a name or topic: • • alerts.
    12. 12. Twitter as an information source Top resultsPromoted tweets Twitter accountsbased on key (people)search terms Top images related to searchSearch results Top images related to search
    13. 13. An example “stumbled upon” preparing the workshop
    14. 14. More interesting people to follow
    15. 15. Best practices: Build your following, reputation, and customers trust• Share. • Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them!• Listen. • Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.• Ask. • Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.• Respond. • Respond to compliments and feedback in real time• Reward. • Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.• Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. • Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.• Champion your stakeholders. • Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.• Establish the right voice. • Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?
    16. 16. Skillteam on LinkedIn
    17. 17. Linkedin as information source
    18. 18. Use the information to position yourself on other social media1. Use LinkedIn Groups & Receive Tons of New Leads Daily2. Ask Questions & Build Your Credibility3. Create Powerful Events4. Run an Advanced Search in Your Target Market5. Send Personal Messages
    19. 19. What about Facebook?1. Get found by people who are searching for your products or services2. Connect and engage with current and potential customers3. Create a community around your business4. Promote other content you create, including Company Page webinars, blog articles, or other resource
    20. 20. Profiles, Pages and GroupsProfile:“An online person who has an identity”Page:“Think of a page as a website or blog, an online resource”Group:“Think of an online gathering spot for discussions”
    21. 21. Use social media in your daily job: communities of practice
    22. 22. Use social software to cope with the information overflow
    23. 23. And start spreading news yourself
    24. 24. Hence our main competitors and partners are already social!/cegeka!/microsoftbe!/RealDolmenTweet!/cisco_be
    25. 25. Some tools are within reach
    26. 26. Link tools to your daily software
    27. 27. And finally let’s integrate it all in one central dashboard
    28. 28. Keep the maths:measure and predict
    29. 29. Now we are talking social CRM• So what’s a next step in social media? • Social conversations are not useless chatter, but can be used to improve marketing ROI. • The information gathered from these platforms can be used to: • Better target an offering to a specific consumer group • Improve products or services based on the customer preferences • Enhance the customer’s overall experience with the brand • Generate greater interest via word-of-mouth
    30. 30. People who get it right: Salesforce
    31. 31. Go further: “social intelligence”• Use social data as competitive advantage • “If you have bad data, people won’t come back [to use them].” Patrick Kern, P&G’s director of business intelligence • Major findings a) Leading companies are keenly focused on data b) Accuracy trumps detail c) Information supports competition in myriad ways d) Yet most companies remain awash in unused data e) A top-down approach may stifle competitiveness
    32. 32. Should we be afraid of something?• No • Many reasons to not start with social media but all of them can be countered. • Just start with and take into account that you need 6 to 12 months before you get return
    33. 33. In the future websites will become obsolete Wie zijn we | Wat bieden we | Wat hebben we gedaan | Talent | Contact Completely impact multifunctional processes and wireless supply chains. Dynamically engage business meta-services for market-driven data. Collaboratively restore cross-platform users before client-centered manufactured products. Nieuw bij ThinkTalent • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectateur nonummy lorenzino. • Interdum volgus videt, est ubi peccat. • Si veteres ita miratur laudatque poetas • Ut nihil anteferat, nihil illis comparet, errat. • Si quaedam nimis antique (c) 2010 ThinkTalent - Wie zijn we? | Wat bieden we? | Wat hebben we gedaan? | Talent | Contact• We don’t build websites anymore, we build open platforms in the cloud• No vendor lock-ins anymore, different services from different providers• RSS as open webstandard to bring it all together
    34. 34. More reading•••••••••
    35. 35. Contact• Remi Maddens • • • • +32 477 99 99 81