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How to Coach for Creativity & Service Excellence

Webinar by Karyn Ross

Hosted by KaiNexus and Mark Graban

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How to Coach for Creativity & Service Excellence

  1. 1. How to Coach for Creativity & Service Excellence Mark Graban (Host) VP of Improvement & Innovation Services @MarkGraban Karyn Ross (Presenter) Co-Author, The Toyota Way to Service Excellence @KRCLean4Service
  2. 2. Agenda & Logistics • Presentation (45 minutes) • Q&A (10 minutes) – Use the GoToWebinar Meeting Panel to submit a question at any time • Recording link & slides will be sent via email – Also – see the “Handouts” feature and Chat box
  3. 3. About Karyn Ross An experienced lean consultant, coach and practitioner, Karyn is the coauthor, with Jeff Liker, of the Shingo Award-winning The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations. Focused specifically on services, Karyn has worked with small, medium and large organizations in sectors as diverse as insurance, financial services, HR, transportation and retail. Using her unique approach, Karyn teaches people how to combine creativity with lean practices to ensure that every customer receives exactly what they want, when they want it, right the first time with a personal, human touch. A practicing artist, with an MFA in Sculpture, Karyn lives with her family in Naperville, Illinois.
  4. 4. • Service Excellence: What it is…and...isn’t • What creativity is...and isn’t • Why we need to change ‘what we do’ in order to ‘change our minds’ • 15 minutes a develop creative-problem solving and critical thinking ability • How to use creativity and The Toyota Way to Service Excellence to deliver peak services for customers
  5. 5. üLean processes üWhat they want, when they want it, right the first time with no hassle! üLuxury experiences at coach prices! üSame or lower price than competitor üCaring, human, personal, real connections ü I’m not a machine, I’m a human being They want it all – and they want it their way - NOW! “Peak Service Experiences”
  6. 6. They never want to hear the words… “I can’t…”
  7. 7. Creativity is combining previous knowledge and/or experiences in new ways to generate ideas about how to do things differently. And…YOU are creative! (Oh yes, YOU are!) • What creativity is not… • Flashes of ‘inspiration’ that come out of nowhere… • Lightning bolts that come down from the sky… • Something that ‘happens to’ other people but not me... The Karyn Ross definition of creativity:
  8. 8. Solving Problems & Continuous Improvement Creating Peak Services for Customers “Necessity is the mother of invention” “Invention is the mother of necessity” • Internally & short-term focused • Asks questions like: How can we increase customer satisfaction scores? How can we reduce number of complaints? • Customer & long-term focused • Asks questions like: How can we make sure that no customer ever leaves? How can we make sure customers are always satisfied?
  9. 9. Training • Theory first…change people’s minds by ‘convincing’ them of benefits... • Batching: All theory up front at once! • Convergent Thinking: • Same response each time • ‘Either/Or’ Thinking • Can’t Do…Thinking • Learning by ‘doing with support’: coachee changes their own mind! • Just-in-time: Theory at time needed • Divergent Thinking: • Multiple possibilities • ‘And’ Thinking • Can Do…Thinking! Coaching
  10. 10. Daily 15 minute sessions • Coach ‘challenges’ learner to try new things • Learner feels supported and ‘nurtured’ as they try! Coaching for Creativity: Generate ideas & develop “And” & “Can Do” thinking • Coaching question examples: • How could we accomplish that? • What other possibilities are there? • How could we combine these ideas? Coaching for Service Excellence: Use Toyota Way/Lean Principles to turn ideas into reality • Coaching question examples: • How does that idea help create flow? • How can we make it visual?
  11. 11. The story of how the guys at National Taxi Limo used creativity and Toyota Way Principles to create and deliver what their driver partners needed!
  12. 12. ü Peak services are what today’s customers want…’s organizations need to deliver! • Service Excellence is focused on creating and delivering the services our customers want now and for the long-term • Creativity is about combining previous knowledge and understanding in new and unusual ways • In order to ‘change our thinking’ we need to ‘change our behavior’ first! • 15 minutes of coaching a day develops people’s creativity and ability to use Toyota Way/lean principles to strive towards Service Excellence!
  13. 13. 630-881-3068 Reach out with questions at any time! I’m always here to help!
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