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Increasing Business Agility & Customer Value through Lean Transformation - Fiona Phillips (ThoughtWorks Live)


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Fiona shares her experiences (the good and the bad) in strategy, transformation, operational and culture change, with a focus on maximising customer and business value through innovation.

Fiona is a business transformation executive with extensive experience and a track record of delivering large-scale change and results through business transformation.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Increasing Business Agility & Customer Value through Lean Transformation - Fiona Phillips (ThoughtWorks Live)

  1. 1. Increasing Business Agility & Customer Value Through Fiona Phillips Executive General Manager, 
 Customer Delivery, IAG Lean Transformation
  2. 2. Increasing Business agility and customer value through lean governance Fiona Phillips Executive General Manager, 
 Customer Delivery iag
  3. 3. Who is iag? iag is the name behind some of the most trusted and respected insurance brands in Australia • Our brands are in over 5.4M Australian households • We employ over 14,000 people • We’ve been around for over 160 years • Mutual based heritage; only a corporate structure for 16 yrs Who is iag? 3
  4. 4. • Threat of disruption is ever present • Customer’s are demanding more and we are no longer measured against other insurers on service and value • Changing nature of work demands we are more agile and flexible in how we adapt and deliver • Higher expense base due to disparate legacy systems Case for change 4
  5. 5. Two strategic themes, supported with data driven, customer led approach How did we respond? PeopleAgility OrganisationalAgility Leading Fuelling • Kicked up our digital capability & focus • Lean Governance • Incubation and labs • Operational effectiveness • Product and technology simplification • Customer journey mapping and insights 5
  6. 6. Ingredients
 ✓ 1 Evangelist, seasoned well ✓ 1 Burning platform ✓ 1 Review of internal capability ✓ Bunch of high performing, easily influenced individuals ✓ 1 Methodology, endorsed & understood at senior levels ✓ 1 Designer ✓ 1 Customer journey map ✓ 1 Wall ✓ Small dash of partners to help bind capability and method The Recipe 6
  7. 7. • We have enough PDA walls to hold back the white walkers • Parts of our business have totally embraced it • It has genuinely streamlined and simplified the way we progress an idea to implementation • Our cycle time from idea to implementation is weeks not months • CX improvements having daily, not quarterly • We are still grappling with how continuous delivery works in large technology programs How’d we go? And what lessons did we learn? 8
  8. 8. Your evangelist needs the right blend of political savvy, kindness and tenacity to move the organisation through this Holy wars will erupt 9
  9. 9. Move the organisation from technology owning technology to technology being a core asset of the business The business of business is technology 10
  10. 10. Change needs to be both evolutionary and revolutionary, solving for your people, your customers and your bottom line all at the same time Calling something “transformation” scares the horses 11
  11. 11. Start small, incubate, test and learn and use your team of influencers to spread the good word You need a pied piper not a 
 cat herder 12
  12. 12. Invest heavily in selecting the “right” leaders who are awesome networkers, influencers and story tellers Senior management are the lock and 
 the key 13
  13. 13. “Most organisations know what they do, some organisations know how they do it, but few organisations know why” Simon Sinek Invest Heavily in the ‘why’ 14 why? how? what? Start with ‘Why?’ Think, act and communicate “Inside Out”
  14. 14. Thank you