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Eleytherios Kosmas


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Published in: Technology
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Eleytherios Kosmas

  1. 1. WebFWDMozillas Open InnovationIncubatorby E.Kosmas WebFWD scout
  2. 2. Whats WebFWD?Mozillas incubator turning open innovations toviable businesses.
  3. 3. Why WebFWD?WebFWD is designed to address thedemands and advantages of open innovation.It shares Mozillas experience and skill inopen innovation.
  4. 4. Who should join WebFWD?World-changing, mobile-focused webinnovators. that support our mission topromote openness, innovation andopportunity on the Web.
  5. 5. Whats your mission again?• openness• innovation• the web
  6. 6. Ok, so how long it takes?WebFWD is a 3-month cirriculum that aims toturn your project into a sustainable business
  7. 7. How its done?• Weekly training sessions and exercises• Office hours with industry experts• Ongoing coaching• Guidance from the worlds best technologists
  8. 8. Where?EverywhereIt doesnt matter where your team is based.Our teams span the globe. (examplesUK,France,India,Germany,Greece).
  9. 9. Funding?Upon successful completion of the programteams have the chance to be funded myMozilla.
  10. 10. When?Next class starts in October 2012Future classes will start in February, May andOctober.
  11. 11. Team leadersA team of professionals, helping the nextgeneration of entrepreneurs disrupt closedmarkets and successfully extend the openweb.• Pascal Finette• Diane Bisgeier• Didem Esroz• Havi Hoffman
  12. 12. Experts50+ industry leaders in• web technology, design,• marketing,• community development,• finance and law for startups,• team-building• and more...
  13. 13. ScoutsOur eyes and ears on the ground, theyidentify and connect with entrepreneurs anddevelopers who have the skills and initiative tomake the world a better place.25+ WebFWD scouts in 14 countries includingGreece.
  14. 14. PartnersCompanies and organizations aligned with ourmission to accelerate the future of the Web forthe public goodexamples:• Amazon web services• balsamiq• The Awesome Foundation• Media Temple• much more
  15. 15. Learning ModulersVideos, exercises and resources available foreverybody, feel free to browse, learn, and giveus feedback
  16. 16. Teams• BigBlueBotton• BuddyCloud• CASHmusic• Diffbot• Entropy Wave• IHeartCode• OpenPhoto• Synbiota• Tomahawk
  17. 17. Alumni• Bubbls• Codulous();• Meemo• MySchoolHelp• Propelly• Verese
  18. 18. We want you!!!Interested in open web innovation? Apply!Want to share the love? Follow us and jointthe conversation in building an open web.
  19. 19. Hit the accelerator! @MozWebFWD