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Fanis Koutouvelis


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Published in: Technology
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Fanis Koutouvelis

  1. 1. HelloFanis Koutouvelis @fanisKout
  2. 2. en·tre·pre·neurA person who organizes and operates abusiness, taking on greater than normalfinancial risks in order to do so
  3. 3. en·tre·pre·neurA person who undertakes finance andbusiness acumen in an effort to transforminnovation into extraordinary products orservices
  4. 4. ?What’s the greek word for en·tre·pre·neur
  6. 6. Google “Entrepreneur”
  7. 7. Google “Επιχειρηματίας”
  8. 8. Seriously…
  9. 9. Real entrepreneurs create
  10. 10. What we do We redefine the POS Software for small retail shopsand combine it with our smart digital signage network
  11. 11. 25M
  12. 12. 100M €
  13. 13. Awards: 1st Place 1st Place
  14. 14. Biggest accomplishment so farCreated 7 new jobs with zero funding
  15. 15. IngredientsSome money Three crazy guys and a plan x8
  16. 16. Recipe•Mix well•Believe in what you do•GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!