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Lida Tsene

  1. 1. School kills creativity -Sir Ken Robinson
  2. 2. replace the "tired" and enthusiasm-less University graduates with creative minds
  3. 3. in the digital era of connectivity and collaboration we are producers and consumers
  4. 4. self directed knowledge education outside of institutions apply theory to practice solve problems
  5. 5. universities adopt start up culture pivot the curriculum become creative hubs
  6. 6. Startup Weekend is a global organization, performing events that bring together people from different backgrounds to share ideas, form teams, build products, launch startups.
  7. 7. Startup Weekend is not about how many startups are launched.
  8. 8. It’s about learning through the act of creation, developing deeper relationships than a typical networking event
  9. 9. matching potential cofounders, validating ideas and experimenting in a risk free environment
  10. 10. ...and for many, it’s about taking the first step into entrepreneurship.
  11. 11. ASWuni main idea is to reach out to university students and invite them to parIcipate.
  12. 12. The knowledge that they will gain and the people that they will meet is a quite strong motive
  13. 13. our goal is not only to explain how entrepreneurship works but also offer students the chance to practically get the experience that they need in order to enter the start up culture!
  14. 14. no fear for failure experiment pivot collaborate innovate
  15. 15. Promote creative minds & doers!
  16. 16. Not talk, all action!
  17. 17. @aswuni
  18. 18. Thank u!