JtC Partners in Learning May 2012 04-26


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JtC Partners in Learning May 2012 04-26

  1. 1. Microsoft Partners in Education JTC event May 3, 2012 Edna.dach@gov.ab.ca
  2. 2. History Lesson • PML • OS/Ecal • Emerge
  3. 3. BackgroundPartners in Learning began in 2003• a five year $250 million global initiative• Increase access to technology• Improve technology’s use in teaching and learning• In 2008 the program was renewed for five years and $235 million
  4. 4. Partners in Education Program• Introduces and fosters innovative approaches to pedagogy.• Actively supports teacher professional development.• Provides education leaders with the tools to envision, implement and manage change
  5. 5. Partners in LearningTo deliver:• professional development, curricula, tools and resources designed to advance 21st century• teaching learning and digital inclusion that improve learning outcomes for every student.
  6. 6. “The Partners in Learning program gives us the“The Partners in Learning programresources we need to provide the best educationgives us the resources we need toavailable. We look forward to working with Microsoftto identify the ways in which we can equip ourprovide the best educationstudents with knowledge, a drive for innovation, and apassion for technological discovery.”available. We look forward toworking with MicrosoftMaher, principal of Tommy to identify Scoil Naomh Fiachra, Irelandthe ways in which we can equip ourstudents with knowledge, a drivefor innovation, and a passion fortechnological discovery.” Tommy Maher, principal of Scoil Naomh Fiachra, Ireland
  7. 7. Partners in Learning program focus• Building Capacity• Growing Learning Communities• Expanding Teaching and Learning
  8. 8. Partners in Learning ExpandingDeeper understanding Challenges
  9. 9. 21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems
  10. 10. Alberta Education
  11. 11. Partners In Learning URL Partners In Learning Canadianwww.pil-network.comPartners in Learning Global Site SiteP
  12. 12. Getting Started• Go to this site: www.pil-network.com.• Sign up for an account with PIL if you havent already. We now enable visitors to choose multiple means of authentication when signing into the new Partners in Learning Network, including: Windows Live ID, Facebook, Yahoo, or Gmail.Once you have joined and log in, go to this site:
  13. 13. Free Tools
  14. 14. Accessibility in WindowsPersonalization Personalization• Display • Display• Change colors • Change colors• Sounds • Sounds• Mouse pointers • Mouse pointersEase of Access Center• Get recommendations Ease of Access Center• Narrator • Get recommendations• Magnifier • Narrator• Zoom in Internet Explorer • Magnifier• On-Screen Keyboard • Zoom in Internet Explorer• Speech Recognition • On-Screen Keyboard• Windows Touch • Speech Recognition
  15. 15. Control Panel
  16. 16. Magnifier in Windows 7Magnifier enlarges portions ofthe screen making it easier toview text and images and seethe whole screen more easily.Magnifier in Windows 7 nowincludes full-screen mode, lensmode, and docked mode. »
  17. 17. Free Tools
  18. 18. Tutorials
  19. 19. Time to Play• www.pil-network.com
  20. 20. Social Media – Partners in LearningFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Microsoft-Canada-Partners-in-Learning/129718803771418?sk=wallTwitter:http://twitter.com/#!/MSFTCanadaPiLYouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MSFTCanadaPiL-you will find the clips listed in the power point for Ian and the New Maryland schoolunder the “Videos” tab.
  21. 21. Contacts:Lia De Cicco – Director,Innovative Education Strategiesat Microsoft Canada
  22. 22. Microsoft - Education• http://www.microsoft.com/education/
  23. 23. Microsoft Home Use Program• HUP
  24. 24. What’s Next – Microsoft PerspectiveGoal:To reach the United Nations MillenniumDevelopment Goal of ensuring that everychild has access to a basic course ofprimary education by 2015
  25. 25. What’s Next for Alberta EducationContract regarding Microsoft OfficeContract regarding Microsoft OS/ecalContinue to work with Microsoft
  26. 26. Questions
  27. 27. edna.dach@gov.ab.ca