Haris Makryniotis

Breaking the myth,
breaking the news
Haris Makryniotis
‘Does growth mean
more entrepreneurs?’
‘Greece lacks
entrepreneurial spirit’
Desire to become
self-employed        47% 30%

People that have
actually started a
                     33% 23%
‘Actually we have less
women entrepreneurs
than our European
Share of women
entrepreneurs in   15% 7%
‘Now I have it; we
actually have too large
a share of SMEs’’
Share of SMEs in
total number of    99% 99%
‘It can’t be; I guess it is
because we need more
enterprises overall’
Number of
enterprises per   74   39
Too many
employed in 57% 30%
Ranking of key ‘pain

1. Skills
2. Internationalization
3. Financing
Haris Makryniotis
From small to large
Network &
=     Intro to    +
    smart capital
Endeavor Greece launched in
early September
Supported by the top international and
local business leaders

                                M. Chandris
                               M. Grabowski
                                  J. Coustas
                                M. Frangista
                           I. Papadopoulou
                        D. Papalexopoulos
                         Y. Stassinopoulos
                            T. Theocharakis
                        S. Theodoropoulos
                                  M. Travlou
Scale and scalability
     Proven growth
We are looking for the best
 in class; the future business
leaders, that are currently in
                   the making


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