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Mozilla Service Week - How to make an impact!


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Learn how to get involved with Mozilla Service Week (Sept. 14 - 21, 2009) by promoting and volunteering!

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Mozilla Service Week - How to make an impact!

  1. 1. How to make an impact!
  2. 2. What is Mozilla Service Week? • Between Sept 14-21, 2009, the Mozilla Community will take action to make a difference in our communities, our world, our Web! • Connecting tech-savvy volunteers with individuals and public-benefit organizations with technology needs • Global in scope; goal of 5,000 volunteers dedicating 25,000 hours of service
  3. 3. MozService09 Mission & Goals • “We believe the Internet should make everyone’s life better.” • MozService09 will incite technology-related action that will help people: – use the Web – have access to the Web – and, a better Web experience overall
  4. 4. Who can we help? • NGOs and NPOs • Schools, libraries, community centers • Local support groups • Individuals
  5. 5. Service Project Scope
  6. 6. How we can help? • Promote, promote, promote! • Volunteer: – Sign up for an opportunity – Create your own – Follow our lead – Participate in OneWebDay
  7. 7. First Things First • Register ( auth/create/en_US) • Pledge hours • Share your story, ideas or plans ( stories/en_US)
  8. 8. Promote: Social Media 8
  9. 9. • Change your profile pic • Donate your status • Like & comment on the Mozilla Firefox posts • Share your plans • Join our Facebook Event: +saunders&init=quick#/Firefox?ref=ts
  10. 10. Blog What you’re doing & why you care!
  11. 11. Badges! category=54&locale=41#getbuttons
  12. 12. Take it offline! • Attend events • Post flyers at school or your workplace • Pass out flyers in cyber cafes
  13. 13. Get Creative! • The Creative Collective is Live! • Create artwork to inspire participation • Fulfill organizations’ design needs
  14. 14. Volunteer! Find an opportunity
  15. 15. Create your own A little inspiration.... • Tim Hogan and The Royal Order design firm are helping the Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago rearchitect and redesign their current site. • William Reynolds of the University of Virginia is going to teach his student council how to use social media to better communicate with students. • William D. of the UK is creating a guide on how the Internet can benefit people of different age groups, different career paths and different levels of technical knowledge.
  16. 16. Other ideas • Teach senior citizens how to use the Web. • Show a non-profit how to use social networking to grow its base of supporters. • Install a wireless network at a school. • Create Web how-to materials for a library’s computer cluster. • Refurbish hardware for a local computer center. • Help a non-profit update its website or database. • Set up a help desk at cyber cafe or coffee shop.
  17. 17. Take our lead Service Week Action Templates • If you’re short on time or inspiration for how to help out during Service Week, Mozilla Foundation is creating easy-to-use templates • These are simple actions and activities that make the web better for everyone
  18. 18. Quick, easy, effective Internet Health Check Template • The Internet Health Check is the first of these templates and has already launched on internethealth/ • Why Internet Health? • You can do a check for a not-for-profit, school, community group, friends, family... anyone you know who may still be using the web in a way that’s dangerous to the health of their computer and the health of the web
  19. 19. Four steps 1. Get hip to the 21st century: Update to a modern browser and stop using IE6 2. Safe can be fun: Update plugins like Flash, Java and Quicktime 3. Set it on autopilot: Set up browsers and plugins for auto- updates where possible 4. Teach them to fish: Do some education around the importance of browser and plugin updates
  20. 20. Repeat as needed • There are templates and resources available for performing Internet Health Checks for Windows, Mac and Linux • If you’re performing an Internet Health Check for an organization, be sure to check with their IT department before starting. If you can’t upgrade, let us know when you’re reporting on your pledged hours.
  21. 21. Lots of ways to help Coming soon • A printable Internet Health checklist that volunteers can take with them to Service Week volunteering events will soon be added to the template • Further templates will be launching weekly. Topics include: digital marketing, digital marketing tools and data portability. If you have an idea or a template of your own, contact Chelsea to have it added to the collection (
  22. 22. Make it eventful • Contact an organization or NPO to see how you can help • Organize a group effort – an evening – lunch hour – weekend day • Promote on SFx and elsewhere 22
  23. 23. Earth Day for the Web • September 22, 2009 • Focus: Digital Inclusion • Tap into local service events...and parties!
  24. 24. Challenge your friends 24
  25. 25. Other ideas?
  26. 26. Remember... • The Web is a wonderful thing... • Have fun helping people and organizations use something you love! • The Moz Community is capable of incredible feats - let’s rock this!