distributed systems privacy internet parallel programming concurrent programming blockchain security mutual exclusion mapreduce cloud computing governance tcp/ip isa gpu instruction level parallelism ilp multithreading tomasulo algorithm cpu caching semaphores locks race condition software development ethereum smart contract overlay networks warehouse-scale computers paas iaas distributed transactions dns content delivery networks cdn mpi cap theorem consistency concurrency availability iot strategy it policy ict it aup acceptable use policy owasp top 10 vulnerability network security technical writing amdahl’s law ram rom memory hierarchy instruction set architecture research presentation what how why registers computer architecture academic writing zigbee bluetooth prediction unsupervised learning classification supervised learning machine learning holt-winters models sma forecasting time series recommendation systems dimension reduction pca data science basic statistics predictive analytics descriptive analytics compare-and-swap combining tree concurrent data structures hard to paralelize problems multiplication matrix-vector matrix-matrix hdfs hadoop k-means embarrassingly parallel proble wsc datacenters cache coherence smp dsm multi-processors mmx shared memory threads cash miss cache replacement data-level parallelism vector architectures simd branch prediction loop unrolling pipeline hazards pipeline energy power tcp reno tcp tahoe congestion control slow start flow control udp tcp akamai distributed hash table dht p2p streaming structured p2p unstructured p2p p2p mobile social networking location-based services mobile iptv mobile services adsl fttx xdsl atm x.25 wired broadband communication tunneling ipv6 location management handoff management mobile ip dsrc iot architectures internet of things lte wimax gprs wap 4g 3g 2g wman wireless metropolitan area net protocols standards wsn wireless sensor networks collective communication single-program multiple-data c++ distributed memory programming token-based distributed memory systems banker’s algorithm deadlock avoidance ostrich algorithm deadlocks producer-consumer asynchronous agents loop parallel fork/join load balancing solution patterns dinning philosophers producer & consumer readers & writers cigarette smokers problem concurrent programming pattern conditional variables mutex monitors message passing barriers mutexes busy waiting critical regions ipc interprocess communication bounded waiting peterson’s algorithm starvation-free deadlock-free xeon phi cuda gpus cpus accelerators posix threads openmp pthreads shared memory programming parallel computing moore’s law agriculture hyperledger decision model software architecture design patterns software testing tools solidity testing multi-cloud orchestration virtualization byzantine consensus latency-bandwidth tradeoff bulk transfer ndn ccn content-centric networking (ccn) end-to-end argument hourglass architecture saas map-reduce lost update problem inconsistent retrievals problem premature writes dirty read acid nested transactions flat transactions concurrency control lamport’s totally ordered multicast lamport’s time stamp logical clocks physical clocks naming based cdn application based cdn active cdn passive cdn http redirects p2p multicast pub/sub networks event queues persistent communication message riented communication transient communication stream oriented communication split brain syndrome partition-tolerance message oriented communication remote method invocation web services remote procedure calls rmi rpc socket programming network programming good research problem research problem formulating research problem structured unstructured peer-to-peer client-server event-based architectures data-centered architectures object-based architectures layered architectures bittorrent heterogeneity scalability fault tolerance transparency failures no global state single system view vehicle detection anpr anr toll collection mlff rfid etc weather sensors nb-iot information security data analytics big data insufficient logging & monitoring insecure deserialization xml external entities (xxe) broken access control web application security owasp top 10 2017 byod cope template research introduction conference abstract corss site scripting xss sdl sdlc sql injection secure software development secure development lifecycle worms firewalls security risk threats hacking dos ieee 802.15.4 obex nfc business writing tor consultants interrupts pooling dma programmed i/o i/o module hyperthreading many-core multi-core pipelining ssd cache dvd cd flash usb agp pic tri-state buffer unicode ascii ieee floating point representation unsigned & signed numbers cisc addressing modes harvard architecture risc von neumann architecture pic instruction set assembly x86 plan practice & present prepare state diagrams flip-flops counters encoder multiplexer demultiplexer ripple carry adder decoder full adder half adder kanaugh maps logic gates boolean algebra alu high-level design referencing styles writing style word knife literature sources & tools problem statement literature review wlan security 802.11 wifi personal area networks ultra-wideband radio waves wireless networks lms moodle
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