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For-Profit and Unconditionally Open


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Webinar participation for DuraSpace, December 12th 2018

Published in: Education
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For-Profit and Unconditionally Open

  1. 1. || @ubiquitypress For-Profit and Unconditionally Open Brian Hole, CEO DuraSpace Webinar, December 4th 2018
  2. 2. || @ubiquitypress To achieve a revolution in open scholarship, returning control of publishing to universities, libraries and researchers, by providing them with the infrastructure, skills and support to succeed. Background Mission  Researcher-led, born open  Spun out of University College London in 2012  590+ journals, 260+ books, 30+ partner presses  Comprehensive approach: journals, books, conferences, repositories, data, software, hardware, wetware… About Ubiquity Press
  3. 3. || @ubiquitypress For-profit … to be commercially viable and non-funding dependent … to be able to attract and build a top team … to be able to attract investment for growth … to be able to compete effectively with large publishers
  4. 4. || @ubiquitypress The Social Contract of Academia • Validation • Dissemination • Further development Scientific Malpractice • Data, software, hardware, wetware… • Results Source: Unconditionally Open
  5. 5. || @ubiquitypress
  6. 6. || @ubiquitypress 100% OPEN ACCESS 100% OPEN SOURCE Customer Charter NO EXCLUSIVE BUNDLING
  7. 7. || @ubiquitypress NO CONTRACTUAL LOCK IN 100% OPEN SOURCE & OA No lock in OPEN STANDARDS
  8. 8. || @ubiquitypress Transparent pricing, e.g. APC $500 (HSS) or $600 (STEM)
  9. 9. || @ubiquitypress Institutional customers Must demonstrate community values and provide guarantees Determine who we will integrate and work with PARTNER ADVISORY BOARD Verify that charter is upheld in significant investment or acquisition PARTNERSHIP RULES Community Driven