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Effective body language tips - ICTACT Youth Contests 2014


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Lesson 1 - Effective body language tips - ICTACT YouthTalk & ICTACT YouthPresent Contests 2014

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Effective body language tips - ICTACT Youth Contests 2014

  1. 1. Effective Body Language - Tips ICTACT Youth Talk & ICTACT Youth PRESENT Contest 2014
  2. 2. Your Impressive Appearance
  3. 3. Posture
  4. 4. Movement & Gestures  NODS:  Neutral: Begin in a neutral position with hands at your sides  Open: Stay open minded to influence audience freely  Defined: clean and limited hand movements  Strong: Make gestures limited but use them to establish you point strong.
  5. 5. Use of Space – Do not panic
  6. 6. Use of Space  A certain amount of space on the stage or floor is yours by right and you should claim it.  Project power by the way you stand and move; remember you a leader when you speak  Demonstrate confidence like a person who is at ease in their own skin and with their place in the world  Show your listeners they can have confidence in what you're telling them by commanding the space around you  Don't overdo moving around, but don't minimize the area through which you move.
  7. 7. Using Objects
  8. 8.  When you deal with objects in a presentation, from a remote clicker to a handout to the slide screen itself, find a way to help the object further your message and its impact.  That object is there for a reason; or there may be more than one reason. Find as many as you can. Using Objects
  9. 9. Facial expressiveness
  10. 10. Facial Expressiveness  Audience members depend upon your facial expressions to augment meaning  If you don't have an expressive face, go to the mirror and work on creating a link between what you are trying to express verbally, and how your facial expressions make your meaning as clear as possible  As part of your practice, give your entire talk without a sound coming out of your mouth, letting your face do all the communicating.
  11. 11. Voice
  12. 12. Voice  Voice is obviously a component of effective body language  Your voice is the most flexible communication instrument you own  You should learn how to use your voice to influence others  Many ways of vocal expressiveness indicates meaning and intentions  Listen to speakers good and bad, and listen some more
  13. 13. Eye Contact
  14. 14. Thank you & To be Continued … Follow