managetrainlearn slidetopics mtl infographics eric garner powerpix self-development personal development materials online training materials management training resources become a better learner become a better trainer become a better manager power pics management courses e-learning one-minute tips soft skills courses change management ksa training ltd management communications leadership customer service counselling skills delegation and empowerment negotiation skills skillboosters thinking skills recruitment and selection customer care delegating as a manager effective communications assertiveness training assertiveness modes of behaviour managetrainlean performance appraisal evaluating training the resourceful trainer learning styles groupwork and training models of learning managing training the need for training training skills creativity concentration the effective time manager time travellers time and others non-doing work time and projects time on progress work routine time models of time management working time the paradoxes of time time management avoid flawed assessments effective discipline customer complaints customer relationship management moments of truth customer feedback customer champions the customer promise kaizen to ichiban counselling solutions asking questions the art of listening the counselling interview personal growth the johari window body language the abc of writing communication barriers communication networks organisational change managing uncertainty the process of change managing paradox cores and peripheries responding to change assertiveness coaching resolving differences through assertiveness managing conflict assertive roles assertiveness at work the assertive manager why do i have to perform at work?managetrainlearn managing change professional development programme customers customer experience customer relations appraisal skills wise wisdom dedication integrity commitment to people working things out ideas hard thinking thrills joy excitement enthusiasm encouragement praise delegation and empowerments power at work the delegating style kinaesthetic auditory visual sensing the world building rapport the customer journey a customer strategy quality counselling outcomes questions for meaning questions for information leader conversations empathy counselling dispositions the counselling approach emotional intelligence the interpersonal dance note-taking smart reading communication styles games people play making contact the means of contact communicatins communication strategies why manage change a time of change managing change cycles from comfort to risk continuous learning assertiveness modes reclaim your assertive birthright thinking brain feeling brain instinctive brain origins of assertiveness false life-script programme being too nice the ok-not ok programme the false self programme the blame programme life programmes adaptive child little professor natural child adult persona critical parent controlling parent nurturing parent transactional analysis signs of assertiveness signs of passiveness signs of aggression assertive modes passive modes aggressive modes lassie problem-solving model state what you want managing relationships assertive bill of rights personal bill of rights your assertive rights being assertive with your time saying no is assertive polite ways to say no asking for time how to say no without giving offence why say no? saying no to others acting as a child making requests broken record fogging assertive techniques just and only words i messages being specific in communication negative thinking negative assertion negative enquiry positive thinking positive assertion positive enquiry honest communication soft skills like assertiveness devolved power managers are leaders motivation by how you feel community people first old models of managing vs new negative conflict positive conflict win-win accommodating aggression avoidance responding to conflict be supportive look for solutions have empathy don't make assumptions wait before replying listening with your head and heart checking understanding active listening play the game shaping the boss how to improve your relationship with your boss the kipper boss the juggler boss the mushroom boss the helicopter boss managing your boss i will i can i am change musts to wishes change your sense of self change your states change your self-talk change your beliefs how well am i doing? self-assessment manager assessment assessing value performance assessment how to assess someone's performance assessment staff feedback relate feedback to standards feed back on the good as well own your feedback why give feedback annual performance reviews reviewing performance how to construct an appraisal meeting running an appraisal preparing an appraisal the appraisal interview solutions to under-performance lack of skill vs lack of motivation the work ethic symptoms of under-performance why do people under-perform? managing underperformance internal vs external motivation maslow's theory of motivation staff engagement engagement at work lack of motivation motivation self-actualisation higher needs recognising good work recognition needs security needs social needs basic needs what needs do you have at work? abraham maslow maslow's hierarchy of needs maslow's needs how to keep your best staff talent management the high flyer strengths and weaknesses play to their strengths targets and goals achieving success at work performance plans management by objectives appraisal needs outcomes of appraisal performance review appraisal schemes performance management performance appraisal outcomes the process of training the 7 c's of training running a course designing a course key points series topics worksheets exercises videos quizzes presentations assignments face-to-face coaching online coaching training tips course instruction course design multiple intelligences pedrogogy androgogy problem-solving decision-taking brainstorming group thinking groupthink creative thinking critical thinking logic reasoned thinking assumptions blocks to thinking visualisation memory the thoughts in your head what are thinking skills dwight eisenhower stephen covey teams and groups teambuilders build and bond team meetings team roles team leadership threats to teamwork team cohesion teamwork team development what is a team? teambuilding meditation focused relaxation putting things into perspective managing emotions managing perceptions massage reflexology shiatsu acupressure t'ai chi yoga stress solutions physical responses to stress coping with stress stressors flight or fight what is stress stress management references appointment selection tests go and no go questions the selection interview filling the vacancy person specification job evaluation job description job analysis groundwork for hiring hiring policy and procedure diversity being fair approaches to recruitment audience questions mastering the presentation delivery overcoming your speaking nerves body language in presentations visual aids using your voice presentation techniques preparing a presentation the structure of presentations a business audience succeed in presentations presentation skills from mastery to mystery positivity the 3lb universe action and progress super-energy programming your goals goals and goal-setting know yourself the meaning of potential maximising your potential leaders of the future the credibility of leaders people builders master communicators leadership styles organisational culture mission vision and values leaders and their personalities the making of leaders management and leadership leadership skills agreement and after a successful negotiation stick to your guns in negotiations making your case in negotiations the options in conflict power and negotiations a negotiation game plan preparing for negotiations negotiating skills influencing skills influencing and negotiating skills group endings and separations group energy group dynamics the art of non-doing overcoming the blocks to growth the facilitator's toolkit empowering the group control and power in facilitation facilitating the start of groupwork groups vs teams working with groups people and groups what is facilitation? facilitation skills fair dismissal the disciplinary hearing the difficult employee conversation disciplinary policy and procedure alternatives to discipline fair and full investigation problem behaviour non-compliance laws and rules routes to discipline delegation slides the 21st century manager diy empowerment empowering leaders empowered organisations power and empowerment delegate to develop types of delegating models of management from directing to delegating service style customer focus what is customer care people problems moving on challenging and closing down chunking the dispositions of counselling awareness acceptance and change non-verbal communication the art of conversation interpersonal skills the means of communication communications strategies managing learning managing risk the change cycle what is change management? assertive communications assertiveness techniques the facets of assertiveness the origins of assertiveness what is assertiveness
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