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Grow with HubSpot - Sydney Event Deck


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Is revenue growth a top priority for HubSpot in 2015? Are you confident that your strategy is strong enough to deliver that growth? Grow With HubSpot was an exclusive workshop to teach Sydney marketers how to use inbound marketing to increase their businesses' market share and make this a year of remarkable growth.

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Grow with HubSpot - Sydney Event Deck

  1. HUG Melbourne #HUGMEL @HubSpot @RyanBonnici Grow with HubSpot Does textSYDNEY #GrowWithHubSpot
  2. RYAN BONNICI Marketing Director INSERT YOUR HEADSHOT @ryanbonnici
  3. Agenda Housekeeping International Update + Inbound 101 Inbound Marketing Deep Dive Customer Fireside Chat: YourTutor More Food & Networking
  4. #GrowWithHubSpot
  5. #GrowWithHubSpot
  6. #GrowWithHubSpot
  7. JEETU MAHTANI Managing Director @jmahtani
  8. Are you lovable?
  9. Marketing has a Lovability Problem marketers Less Lovable More Lovable
  10. Marketing has a Lovability Problem stockbrokers lawyers marketers Less Lovable More Lovable
  11. Marketing has a Lovability Problem stockbrokers lawyers car salespeople lobbyists marketers Less Lovable More Lovable

  14. how your customers
 buy today
  15. Have a Need
  16. Have a Need 90% Start on Google
  17. Research Options Research Options
  18. Research Options Research Options ORGANIC - 92% CLICK HERE
  19. Trust Networks
  21. They like to educate themselves rather than speak with a sales person 60% of the sales cycle is over – before a buyer talks to your salesperson. Corporate Executive Board:
  22. Your consumer has changed, 
 They are in control.
  24. The Inbound Funnel Persona Driven Content + Context
  25. Sydney Operation: Sales, Services, Support 20 SydSpotters
  26. Inbound marketing is showing solid adoption globally
  27. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 703030 80
  28. Proving ROI is a key priority and challenge for marketers
  29. Sales are prioritising leads from Inbound sources
  30. Marketers are shifting budgets and priorities from traditional marketing to Inbound
  32. NURAH MAHAMAD Snr. Inbound Strategist @localglobetrotr
  33. COR TI SOL
  34. Your outbound messaging strategy is LITERALLY making your leads sick.
  36. The old marketing playbook is 86% skip TV ads 91% unsubscribe
 from email 10M on the 
 Do Not Call list 44% of direct mail is never opened BROKEN. #GrowWithHubSpot
  37. The buyer is in control.
  38. #INBOUND14 (source: Conference Executive Board: Marketing Leadership Council Research, Sales Leadership Council Research) 57% of a prospect’s buying decision is complete before that prospect’s first contact with a supplier. #GrowWithHubSpot
  39. OXY TO CIN
  40. 1. The Recipe for Success. 2. Contextual Marketing | Lead Nurturing 2.0 3. Three Keys to Contextual Marketing. 4. Customer Insights.
  41. 1 The Recipe For Success.
  42. RECIPE for success
  43. #GrowWithHubSpot
  44. PERSONAS: Your secret ingredient for effective lead nurturing. #GrowWithHubSpot
  45. What is a BUYER PERSONA?
  46. What is a BUYER PERSONA? Semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals.
  47. Goals
  48. Goals Challenges
  49. Goals Challenges Measurements of Success
  50. Goals Challenges Measurements of Success Behavioural Patterns
  51. Marketer Mary Business Size: 25-2000 employees Job Title: VP, Director, Manager Goals: • Generate leads and support sales with collateral • Manage company communications • Build awareness for the company Challenges: • Too much to do! Mary is a busy lady. • Not sure how to get there. • Marketing tool and channel chaotic and disorganised. Measuring Success: • Traffic, Leads, Registrants • Boss's Gut Check • Campaign Effectiveness WHY MARY LOVES HUBSPOT: Learn Inbound Marketing Easy to use tools that make her life easier Easier reporting to sales and CEO
  52. single 
 view An aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by a company about its customers.
  53. #INBOUND14 14% of Marketers say they were strongly capable of creating a single view of the customer. -eMarketer #GrowWithHubSpot
  54. If you don’t nail down your buyer personas, every aspect of your lead nurturing will suffer.
  55. 91% Of marketers say they use content in their marketing
  56. 91% Of marketers say they use content in their marketing 42%say they are effective at it. ...but only
  57. #GrowWithHubSpot
  58. THE BUYER’S JOURNEY The active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. #GrowWithHubSpot
  59. ingredient two:
  60. THE BUYER’S JOURNEY ingredient two:
  61. Map content to the Buyer’s Journey Ingredient three:
  62. Tailor all content, existing and future, to each relevant stage of the Buyer’s Journey.
  63. Content Type Relevant& Format
  64. Content Type Relevant Keywords & Topics & Format
  65. Content Type Relevant User Behaviour Research Needs Keywords & Topics & Format
  66. Content Type Relevant User Behaviour Research Needs BUYING CYCLE
 STAGE Keywords & Topics & Format
  67. Nurah, I’ve already got workflows and drip campaigns. Plus, I already got ma lead nurturing did… right?
  68. Modern technology and the behavior of the modern buyer has grown the complexity of nurturing leads through the sales funnel. #GrowWithHubSpot
  69. 2 Contextual Marketing: Lead Nurturing 2.0
  70. #INBOUND14 NOBODY wakes up and thinks: “I HOPE TO GET MARKETED TO TODAY.”
  71. 08
in 2012 12
in 2000
  72. (source: DemandGen) Leads nurtured with targeted content produce an increase in sales opportunities of more than 20%. #GrowWithHubSpot
  73. #INBOUND14 43% Marketers globally say that their priority is to translate a deep knowledge of their customers into a relevant interaction. -Marketing Charts #GrowWithHubSpot
  74. #INBOUND14 39% Of marketers globally say that understanding their customers and translating that into relevant actions is their biggest challenge. -Marketing Charts #GrowWithHubSpot
  75. contextual marketing: The practice of personalising your business to your Persona based on who they are, what they want, what they need or what they do.
  76. Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. #GrowWithHubSpot
  77. 1 2 3 Gather Personalise Sell Three Keys to Contextual Marketing:
  78. Gather Acquiring information across 
 all touch points.
  79. Gather explicit data from form submissions.
  80. Form fields should serve to qualify leads, assign Buyer Personas and ask direct questions relative to the sales process.
  81. Gather implicit data from user behavior.
  82. #GrowWithHubSpot
  83. PERSONAS: Explicit and implicit data will build the 360° view of your Persona. #GrowWithHubSpot
  84. Personalise Tailoring the experience across 
 every interaction.
  85. #INBOUND14
  86. #INBOUND14 71% of consumers reported being more likely to make a purchase if an email was tailored to their likes and preferences. -Marketing Charts #GrowWithHubSpot
  88. Segmentation WORKS!
  89. personalisation
  90. Personalised emails improve click-through rates by as much as 14%, and conversion rates by as much as 10%.
  91. Device Persona Weather Location Lifecycle Stage Time of Day
  93. Personalisation on Website Pages and Landing Pages
  94. Smart Calls-to-Action
  95. Smart Calls-to-Action
  96. Smart Calls-to-Action
  97. Smart Calls-to-Action
  98. Source: Marketing Charts
  99. Mobile has now outpaced desktop! Source: Marketing Charts
  100. Please stop making Nurah throw her phone through the wall. #GrowWithHubSpot
  101. Use Smart Rules to change content based on browsing device.
  102. What if you don’t know a lead? #GrowWithHubSpot
  103. Anonymous Personalisation: Customise content for visitors based on their Country IP.
  104. Anonymous Personalisation: Customise content for visitors based on their Referral Source
  105. Progressive Profiling
  106. Social Media Monitoring
  107. Automatic Colour- Coded Monitoring 
 Dependent on where they are in their lifecycle with your business.
 (lead, opportunity, customer, hero)
  108. 82% of consumers 
 are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team are active on social media #GrowWithHubSpot
  109. Sell Building context into the sales process.
  110. The goal of Contextual Marketing is to prevent any potential friction through the sales funnel.
  111. M arketing
  112. M arketing Sales
  113. Send notifications on key activities direct to your inbox.
  114. Leverage implicit and explicit data to build stronger relationships with your prospects and leads.
  115. Build social media streams based on segmented lists of contacts.
  116. Don’t forget to engage or respond in real time and with useful information!
  117. Don’t forget to engage or respond in real time and with useful information!
  118. People have problems. Your company has answers. Be the conductor of that information & solve a problem.
  119. Let’s start with a story. Customer Insights
  120. @yourtutor | #TBD Caroline
 HALLIDAY Director of Consumer Marketing
  122. SOLUTION 1 + 1 = ? 2 + 1 = ? 3 + 1 = ?
  123. #GrowWithHubSpot
  124. #GrowWithHubSpot Let’s go back to 1965.
  125. #GrowWithHubSpot
  126. #GrowWithHubSpot Introspective opening?
  127. #GrowWithHubSpot Introspective opening? Good positioning & social proof?
  128. #GrowWithHubSpot Introspective opening? Good positioning & social proof? Testimonials?
  129. #GrowWithHubSpot
  130. #GrowWithHubSpot
  131. #GrowWithHubSpot Create marketing that people .
  132. HUG Melbourne #HUGMEL @HubSpot @RyanBonnici Grow with HubSpot Does textSYDNEY THANK YOU!!!