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With IBM releasing lots of new Maximo offerings in May 2017, we wanted to share the most current product information with our customers.

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  2. 2. NEW MAXIMO OFFERINGS With IBM releasing lots of new Maximo offerings in May 2017, we wanted to share the most current product information with our customers. There is a new feature pack for Maximo, new versions of Scheduler and Scheduler Plus 7.6.5, the next mobile release –Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2, and Maximo Asset Health Insights! These are all available now for SaaS and on premise. And don’t forget, Maximo 7.5 goes out of support in April 2018, and older versions are already unsupported. With new ways for you to extract value from your business, there has never been a better time to upgrade to Maximo 7.6!
  3. 3. MAXIMO FEATURE PACK – AVAILABLE NOW! On May 19, 2017, IBM Software released the Feature Pack for Maximo Asset Management. It is a gateway to many new features and functionality including:  New Budget Monitoring Application  New Time Zone Rules Application  Inspection Tools to build and conduct online inspections for assets and locations  Enhanced UX and Work Centers  New landing page for Work Centers  New Security Group Templates that enable access to Work Centers, and tools and tasks  Platform Certifications: Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and Oracle EBS 12.2.6 Maximo
  4. 4. BUDGET TRACKING APPLICATIO N Users can specify a budget based on a financial period or specify a date range such as a fiscal year or quarter. Budget administrators can then create budget lines around 9 out-of-the-box axis points (WO, Asset, Location, Chart of Accounts, 6 GL Components). After determining what will drive the tracking, users can identify what kinds of transactions will impact estimated, committed and actual budget costs. There are 64 out-of-the-box rules provided to determine how transactions are considered against the budget. Once established and approved, these budgets can be used to drive reporting that can help make better decisions across the organization and improve overall fiscal tracking and compliance. Maximo
  5. 5. Maximo
  6. 6. Maximo
  7. 7. INSPECTION TOOLS AND TASKS Starting with, Work Centers have been released for Technicians, Supervisors, Business Analysts, and most recently Service Requestors. now offers support for Inspection processes. An Inspection form can be created that becomes the framework for the steps needed to be performed during an inspection, defining the kinds of questions and responses that need to be captured. It is managed with a status like other Maximo documents. Once active, these Inspections can be executed and data easily captured in the field on a smart phone or tablet to drive safety, standards and regulatory compliance. Watch Video Maximo
  8. 8. TIME ZONE RULES APPLICATION Organizations with multiple and/or global sites can specify time zone rules to identify the local date and time when records are created for a process, such as generating work orders from a preventive maintenance record. You create a time zone rule by associating the process and the process rule with the Maximo business object. Time zone rules can be associated with a process at the system, organization, or site level. Maximo
  9. 9. Maximo
  10. 10. MAXIMO SCHEDULER 7.6.5 Weekly and Monthly Planning Buckets -Alternative resource availability input Performance -Better UI responsiveness and refresh at different zoom levels and data volume Optimization enhancements to streamline processes -Faster running models now support Multi-Skill Labour and improved Error Reporting -Optimization Engine upgraded to IBM iLog DOC 3.9 • Add-on product to Maximo EAM, code embedded in core Maximo therefore a single install • Requires a separate license purchase • Includes integration adapter and optimization engine and models Scheduler 7.6.5
  11. 11. Scheduler 7.6.5 PLANNING BUCKETS (RESOURCE MODE) • As a planner, I have different viewing requirements on different schedules – and even within the same schedule – depending on my timescale. For a shorter timeframe I want to see shift availability. But when zoomed out to months in the Gantt chart, weekly availability is better • Select from Shift, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and save with your schedule • Select on the fly within the graphical resource view
  12. 12. OPTIMIZATION – LOGGING User feedback: • Lack of error reporting made optimization hard to adopt Now available: Optimization Summary Conflict Report • Scenario fails completely with reason codes Unscheduled / Unassigned Work • Instead of scenario failing to optimize we can now remove work and give reason why we could not schedule or assign Scheduler 7.6.5
  13. 13. OPTIMIZATION - ENHANCED MODELS User Feedback • Slow and fails completely if Work Orders do not have enough information Now available: • Faster running models • Sample data was 45+ mins; now approx. 5 mins • Ability to not schedule work without required information • New Constraints • Repair Facility Assignments • Calendar Breaks 164 hours of load for Over head Line Crew – 48 hours available most days Resource Leveling: work can be completed in 3 ½ days Capacity Planning: will need additional resources to complete in 3 days Scheduler 7.6.5
  14. 14. OPTIMIZATION – ENHANCED MODELS Less splitting of work assignments New Functionality to assign to secondary craft New Constraints • Repair Facility Assignments • Calendar Breaks • Secondary Craft for Labor • Match Work Zones Scheduler 7.6.5
  15. 15. MAXIMO SCHEDULER PLUS 7.6.5 New High Volume Application: “Graphical Scheduling – Large Projects” Project Scheduling (Phase 2) -Backward pass -Highlight critical path -Introduce % complete Dynamic Dispatching (Phase 1) −Auto refresh for improved tracking of progress −Re-optimization based on real-time progress, including emergent work Weather Alerts −Visual indications of weather events −Alert notifications (email) Appointment Booking (Phase 2) -Customer communication (email) Scheduler Plus 7.6.5 • Advanced work management solution • Add-on product to Maximo Scheduler, code embedded in core Maximo therefore still a single install • On-prem and via SaaS • Requires a separate license purchase • Includes the optimization models
  16. 16. GRAPHICAL SCHEDULING – LARGE PROJECTS APPLICATION Enables users to bring in large numbers of work records (10,000 – 60,000) The new graphical engine introduces server side paging, sorting, filtering etc. in order to accommodate large projects with this volume of records Caters to planners and schedulers responsible for managing large projects like plant shutdowns and turnarounds. Scheduler Plus 7.6.5
  17. 17. HIGHLIGHT CRITICAL PATH Backward pass calculates the late dates and float to determine the critical path, allowing users to focus on the important tasks that drive the schedule finish date Filter to just the critical path at the push of a toolbar icon Choose your color to denote criticality Filter Backward pass Scheduler Plus 7.6.5
  18. 18. Users can track the progress of an individual work order or a project via the percentage complete capability. The percentages can then be displayed in the Gantt view, highlighting exceptions and helping your maintenance planner keep projects on track. • Enter the physical % complete directly into the activity table • Calculate the actual labor % complete • Calculate work order completion by tasks In Line Editing Scheduler Plus 7.6.5 CALCULATION OF PERCENT COMPLETE
  19. 19. DYNAMIC DISPATCHING Automatically refresh the dispatch view to show the latest progress and work details as they are posted. Dispatchers can also re-optimize the in-progress work list to reflect ongoing changes to the plan for optimal crew routing based on real-time progress, and weather event notifications. Scheduler Plus 7.6.5
  20. 20. • See active weather perils on schedules, appointments, and maps • Respond by adjusting the work schedule to ensure employee safety. Email notification to work owners and techs of weather events automatically • This capability requires a subscription to the IBM Weather Company Alerts for Worker Safety offering Work view Appointment Book Dispatching Scheduler Plus 7.6.5 WEATHER ALERTS
  21. 21. APPOINTMENT BOOKING - COMMUNICATIONS Automatically notify customer of appointment, cancellation, reschedule and ETA via email communication templates in the Graphical Appointment Book application. Improve customer service. Scheduler Plus 7.6.5
  22. 22. MAXIMO ANYWHERE 7.6.2 New features improve the efficiency of the work management process and access to data from Maximo to mobile devices. Advanced Mapping New offline map capabilities that can be configured to store local ESRI maps. See the current location of a technician’s mobile device in the maps of both the Work Execution and Inspection apps. Locate objects on a map that are associated with assets, locations and work orders when installing Maximo Spatial. Undo work orders Enable the ability to refresh any changes rather than having to refresh the complete set of lookup or system data Download a subset of the Maximo Anywhere apps from either Google Play or Apple iTunes Maximo Anywhere 7.6.2
  23. 23. MAXIMO ASSET HEALTH INSIGHTS Now offering the ability to:  Aggregate measurements and observations to quickly identify the factors that are adversely affecting asset and location health  Analyze the effectiveness of preventive maintenance programs  Investigate failure incidents through root cause analysis  Develop capital plan requirements using asset health information ,Additional flexibility in the creation of formulas  Integration available for PMQ, Weather data and HSE Manager that can publish data directly into Asset Health MAHI
  24. 24. Consistent look and interface with Maximo 7.6 Work Centers MAHI
  25. 25. INFO@BPDZENITH.COM WWW.BPDZENITH.COM BPD ZENITH UK | CANADA | USA | AUSTRALIA | NEW ZEALAND Contact us to begin your Maximo 7.6 journey