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Informed Actions presentation [Future Assisted Living Technology]


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Informed Actions' presentation, shown at HACT's session on the Future of Assisted Living Technology, at the CIH Housing 2018 conference on 27 June 2018

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Informed Actions presentation [Future Assisted Living Technology]

  1. 1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing
  2. 2. Cost pressure Provide improved levels of service Efficiency pressure Innovate better and faster Housing Organisations Doing more with less
  3. 3. Our Data Centric solution can: ● Predict unplanned jobs ● Optimally schedule resources for predicted event ● Improve resource allocation. ● Help optimise planned vs unplanned maintenance tasks ● Combines multiple data sources - IoT, Systems (repair jobs) 3rd party (weather, traffic) ● Showing the current, past and future status of assets. Overview To: ● Drive efficiencies ● Reduce costs per unit ● Deliver better customer service An overview of InformedAction’s IoT & Advanced Analytics solutions
  4. 4. Assets to Decisions and Actions
  5. 5. Assisted Care IoT & Analytics ● Using non intrusive battery-less IoT sensors in the home we Identify a patient's daily routines (e.g how long they send in the kitchen, bathroom, general temperature/humidity levels) ● Through anomaly detection and predictive analytics we Identify early a change in their routine which may be early signs of being on the decline. ● Carers are notified early to preemptive an issue ● Enabling patients to leave hospital quicker in turn freeing up beds for other patients ● Understanding Clinical Pathways to identify timely care needs for patients The solution is intended to provide “better patient care” through incorporating IoT technologies to enable patient monitoring at home.
  6. 6. Assisted Living Remote Monitoring A smart social housing solution to cut cost of maintaining housing, improve living conditions and health and social care provision. ● The service integrates remote monitoring, data management, data analytics and improvement identification. ● It will help make it easier for people to live independently for longer and make it possible to discharge people earlier from hospital. It will reduce the cost of providing housing and increase the life of the housing stock. ● Includes a LoRa network across Liverpool ● 2,000 homes with ‘Safehouse’ devices which incorporates four sensors; temperature, sound, humidity and motion. ● Microsoft Azure Components include; Event Hub, Cosmos DB, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, HD Insight Data Lake Store, Data Lake Analytics, Functions, App Service, Service Bus ●
  7. 7. ● Great savings are available in your industry ● Don’t need to do it all at once ● It’s happening now don’t get left behind Final Thoughts