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Appello presentation [Future Assisted Living Technology]


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Appello's presentation, shown at HACT's session on the Future of Assisted Living Technology, at the CIH Housing 2018 conference on 27 June 2018

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Appello presentation [Future Assisted Living Technology]

  2. 2. 120 3s 25,000 9/10More than half 2 | 24/07/2018 Developments where we have installed digital assisted living technology Of residents state our digital Smart Living Solutions have improved their wellbeing Supported housing developments in the UK Connection speed of digital Residents state they feel more secure and safe with Smart Living Solutions
  3. 3. 25,000 THEN NOWAssisted Living technology has changed significantly in appearance, functionality and benefits
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF DIGITAL Speed Future-proofed and Secure Social Engagement Speed Social Engagement Aesthetics and Usability Data, Analysis and Insight Opportunities 4 | 24/07/2018 Digital telecare removes the risks associated with upgrades to the UK telecoms network Connection speed has been reduced from 1m40s to just 3s Integrated video supports a community environment and helps tackle loneliness and social isolation The appearance of the technology is modern, discreet and removes stigmas associated with supported living devices Rich data is readily available, supporting organisations to make better informed decisions about care and resources. Digital enables other solutions to be integrated such as smart home and healthcare technology, creating a single package of support and care.
  5. 5. OPEN ENVIRONMENT 5 | 24/07/2018 FITBIT MONITORING CENTRE TELECARE TELEHEALTH OPEN SOURCE SENSORS PRIVATE HEALTHCARE WEIGHT WATCHERS SERVICE USER FAMILY CARER AppelloIQ (part of our Smart Living Solutions suite) is a simple to use, real-time platform that amalgamates data from all devices connected to Smart Living Solutions (e.g. Fitbit, Activity Sensors, Telecare peripherals). It provides easy access to all of this data in one view and also utilises this data to provide insight into the wellbeing of residents and property assets. This means organisations are now able to take advantage of the data to identify workflow efficiencies and provide proactive care recommendations.