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High Tech at Home 6-19-13


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Presentation made by Bob Krollman on the 19th of June, 2013; discussion moderated by Dr. E Ayn Welleford.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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High Tech at Home 6-19-13

  2. 2. LEARNINGOBJECTIVESBecome familiar withthe definitions ofAssistive TechnologyDevices and ServicesSee examples of anarray of AssistiveTechnologies that cansupport safely Aging inPlaceConsider how existing, newor emerging assistivetechnologies can enhanceoutcomes for the elder andthe caregiverReview a number of resourcesthat can be useful withidentification, selection,acquisition and support ofassistive technologies used tosupport elders and caregivers.
  3. 3. 3ASSISTIVETECHNOLOGYDEVICES• Any item, piece of equipment, or productsystem that may be used by a person with adisability to perform specific tasks, improvefunctional capabilities, and become moreindependent. It can help redefine what ispossible for people with a wide range ofcognitive, physical, or sensory disabilities.ASSISTIVETECHNOLOGYSERVICES• Any service that directly assists anindividual with a disability in the selection,acquisition, or use of assistive technologydevices that result in greaterindependence, safety of comfort of anindividual.
  4. 4. 4AssistiveTechnologyServicesEvaluationSelection of theappropriateequipmentExploring fundingoptionsCoordinate withservice providers(therapists,engineers,personalassistants)Training /Technicalassistance forthe person andsupportingindividuals
  5. 5. 5Low-Tech, Mid-Tech and High TechDevicesHigh: Higher cost, needspecific training to learn,often customizedMid: May costmore, requiresome training,have specialdesign, oftenneed powersourceLow: Inexpensive,easily made, easyto learn, readilyavailable, easy toreplace/maintain
  6. 6. AT Devices Can beCustomized by:6Assistive TechnologyPractitionersOccupational therapistsPhysical therapistsRehabilitation engineersSpeech languagePathologistsCaregiversAT Users
  7. 7. SAFETYSafety concerns are always part of the conversationabout self care and independence. Assistivetechnologies can go a long way to reducing risks forthe care recipient and the care giver.Two areas of the home where AT can make themless dangerous are the kitchen and the bathroomareas.7
  8. 8. H20 SafetyAnti-Scald Valves19 June 2013 8
  9. 9. H20 Safety9
  10. 10. Overflow and Temperature Monitors10H20 Safety
  11. 11. KITCHEN11
  12. 12. Stove Safety12
  13. 13. Stove Safety13Automatic Stove Shutoff
  14. 14. Stove Safety14Safety Burners
  15. 15. Kitchen Safety15Microwave Ovens
  16. 16. Kitchen Safety16Coffee Maker
  17. 17. Meal PreparationStirring food on the stovetop17
  18. 18. Meal PreparationSalad Preparation18
  19. 19. Meal PreparationEating Utensils19
  20. 20. Meal PreparationPlate/dishes20
  21. 21. Medication Compliance21
  22. 22. Medication22.MedSmart PLUS Monitored Automatic Medication Pill Dispenser
  23. 23. Medication23
  24. 24. Lighting24
  25. 25. Tactile Markers25
  26. 26. Example of Alarm Clock withup to 6 recorded messagealarms26
  27. 27. Example of Extra Big andLoudTimer & Alarm27
  28. 28. Example of Extra LoudAlarm28
  29. 29. Examples of LargeDay/Date/Time Clocks29
  30. 30. Programmable RemoteThermostats-WiFi30
  31. 31. Thermostats31
  32. 32. Portable Heaters32
  33. 33. Telephones33
  34. 34. Wandering34
  35. 35. Notification System35
  36. 36. Notification System36
  37. 37. Angela SocialEngagement PlatformAngela is a social-engagement Cloud based platform that allows residents intheir homes or in assisted living facilities to access multimedia content andparticipate in video chats with family or physicians through single-click access. June 2013 38
  38. 38. APP-WEAVE39
  39. 39. APP- My Medical40
  40. 40. APP-Medicine Cabinet19 June 2013 41
  41. 41. Bob KrollmanAssistive Technology Specialist/Aging CoordinatorVirginia Assistive Technology SystemRobert.krollman@dars.virginia.gov703-400-103151