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Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - Wirasoft


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Published in: Technology
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Collaborative Solutions eHealth Event - Wirasoft

  1. 1. Wirasoft Pty Ltd • Wirasoft Pty Ltd is an Australian company currently located at Australian Technology Park, Sydney, offering a wide variety of IT business solutions and services – Enterprise Integration – SAP to Non-SAP Integration – Database Design – Enterprise Portal Development – JEE Application Development
  2. 2. Wirasoft Pty Ltd Collaborative Solutions – e-Health – Pitching & Networking Event 27 March 2014 Family member X Family member Y Our solutions or project ideas: Title: Aged and Infirmed patient stay-at- home monitoring system Problem: A cloud based approach to allow family members to monitor their loved ones while they remain on their own dwelling and get any medical help they need for as long as they can and able to communicate with their relatives anywhere in the world for 24x7 Solution: To solve this problem, we are applying the latest RF technology for Real time location system, integrated with the RF for Consumer Electronic, wireless sensors, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose reader, etc. in a relative cost effective wireless mesh network Aged and Infirmed patient HL7 Health Carer Health Department GP Pharmacy
  3. 3. Wirasoft Pty Ltd Our contact details: Rudolf Wirawan Founder & CEO +61 402 236 310 Collaborative Solutions – e-Health – Pitching & Networking Event 27 March 2014