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Collaborative Solutions e-Health event - WWWMachealth


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Collaborative Solutions e-Health event - WWWMachealth

  1. 1. Who we are • Software development company focused on e-Health • Operating for over 12 years • Pioneer in creating multiple world first products • All development done in-house – in Australia
  2. 2. What we offer • Development of software for web and mobile devices • Ability to interface with electronic health records and clinical systems • Integration of software with third party software and hardware
  3. 3. YourHealthRecord • Online electronic health record owned and developed by WWW Machealth • Operating since 2003 with over 2 million records • Our various monitoring apps offer ability to store and synchronise data with YourHealthRecord.
  4. 4. Our solutions or project ideas Existing Monitoring Apps • Your Diabetes Diary • Your Cholesterol • Your Blood Pressure • Your Height Weight • Your Childs Height Weight • Your Health Record Project Ideas • Apps used by patients to record self monitoring results for clinical trials • Organisations storing their patient data in electronic health record • Physical monitoring devices (eg Blood Pressure monitor) saving data into patient health record via app through Bluetooth or etc.
  5. 5. Contact details Robert Ivcec Senior Architect +612 9506 3213