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IoT in healthcare


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IoT in healthcare

  1. 1. Internetof Things (IoT) Discover the best gadgets that works best for your lifestyle Prepared by: Nikhil Neema The next big thing - technology in motion Connecting anything, anyone, anytime, anyplace by smart network
  2. 2. Defining the next generation (IoT) internet of things  IoT refers to physical devices, such as a weight scale, thermometer and patients’ vital devices to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, diabetes and also helpful for athletes for their activity monitoring  Transforms information from the physical world in to the digital world  Gartner has estimated that there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the internet of things by 2020  These devices gather and share information directly with each other and the cloud, making it possible to collect record and analyze data. Source: Gartner research, self understanding of the industry
  3. 3. Market segmentation - IoT in healthcare, understanding the dynamics of the business Source: Self understanding of the industry, IDC reports IoT in healthcare Components Applications End user benefits Connecting technology Geographic presence Medical devices  Wearable external devices  Implanted medical devices Software and systems  Remote device management  Data analytics  Network and application security Services  Consulting and training  Support and maintenance services  Clinical operations  Inpatient monitoring  Tele medicine  Medication management  Clinical research organizations  Research and diagnostic laboratories  Satellite  Bluetooth technology  Near field communication  Wi-Fi Europe  U.K.  Germany  France Asia Pacific  China  Japan Latin America  South Africa North America  U.S.  Canada
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  5. 5. Source: Forbes and self understanding of the industry  Global IoT in healthcare market valued at USD 58.4 billion in 2014. Market expansion include the increasing urge to cure various chronic diseases, rising global population, and a demand for healthcare services  The market is expected to grow with 38% CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) during 2015 - 2020 and forecasted to reach USD 117 billion by 2020  Government/Infrastructure, global enterprises and home segment will fuel the growth - industrial equipment manufacturers are transforming to strategically place their products with the latest technology  Enabling businesses to monitor inventory management system, equipment's, and machinery. Connection motion sensors with alarms help detect unauthorized access. The future of innovative technology products and the market size at a glimpse with trends
  6. 6. Leveraging the use of IoT to benefit the community by adopting smart and innovative devices Source: Healthitanalytics, IDC research and self understanding of the industry Wearable devices A rich, cloud-based device of prompt patient information that could be used to track and monitor Parkinson’s disease to managing asthma and diabetes, a real time information at your finger tips Family care Devices that analyses urine check hydration levels and innovative electric toothbrush, devices that also keep a track of pregnancy, innovative clothes with sensing devices Clinical support A heart, BP monitor devices that attaches to your smart phone that is capable of recording ECGs, preventive and helps the user detect any heart irregular blood function caused due to severe heart disease Reducing preventable hospital readmissions Healthcare providers realizes the financial pinch of high rates of patients and have been adopting predictive analytics to keep patients at home, a noble step to improvise the social community Ease of handling patients medical history Doctors now feel easy as they can track patients data on their finger tips, with such innovative devices in place it is a win- win situation for the doctor and the patient Monitoring chronic diseases Diabetic patients benefits the use of wireless blood pressure and blood glucose measurement devices, connected with the primary care providers, demonstrates the potential for home monitoring devices to help patients
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  8. 8. Changing the landscape of the IoT market with an innovative approach  Machine to machine (M2M): Commenced with the intention to interact and taking decisions, with a concept of combining machine data, with Information Technology. With an actionable insight that can take real-time business decisions  The business to business (B2B) ecosystem: IoT in a context, with the accelerating potential of IoT in B2B applications have created an opportunity for existing and new businesses opportunities. Health care businesses are expected to gain most from the Internet of Things include manufacturing and insurance  The Power of multiple data sources: When you have data only from your devices, the value and usage of it is less. The power actually multiples when the number of data sources are more. This high level of correlation would possibly provide much more relevant and meaningful insights  Low cost devices with high battery life: IoT systems are dependent on sensors or devices to transmit the data in real time. The availability of such sensors has created the possibility to generate more device data than any time in the past  Smartphone penetration: While Smartphones and mobile internet growing , the need to provide data to the clients has become a value added service. Updates are available at a go with an ease, this will embark the future of technology  Increased digitization: Increased digitization is the way companies are exploring their strategies, a technology approach to bring their offering and services closer to the clients. Source: Nasscom, Gartner, IDC research and self understanding of the industry
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  10. 10. A look into the offerings and key strengths of leading players pushing the IoT market Source: Gartner business insights and company press releases Company name Offerings Key strengths Amazon Web Services Powerful services to gain insights on data, launched Internet of Things platform, that uses Kinesis (a real-time streaming service), S3 (a Simple Storage Service) Massive cloud computing business, as well as in-house software analytics expertise Amazon is the brand to watch AT&T Banking on its broadband network launched M2X, a cloud based data storage and flow network to connect the fleet management system by 2017 Aims at cutting costs and provide an innovative direction to enhance the fleet management system Bosch An automotive parts leader visions to connect IoT to ease maintenance and monitor devices to enable better customer care and services With a wide-reaching, diverse product portfolio, IoT represents a huge opportunity for the Bosch Group to increase business opportunities. Estimated 50 billion devices, appliances and systems to be connected by 2020 Cisco Framed a range of IoT services including switching, routing, wireless access, fog computing services to data analytics, security, management and automation Deeper understanding and insights to create new business avenues, and explore new revenue streams, Cisco is well established Dell High aims to build an infrastructure component for a world of IoT by offering endpoint connectivity for devices and analytics platforms to manage data Effectively navigating the converged systems market by positioning its product portfolio and offering innovative and industry leading products
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  12. 12. Source: Gartner reports and self understanding of the industry Market entry strategies for a technology firm to enter the IoT space - good connectivity with an innovative approach is the way to go Deliver Configure Define Enable Integrate Innovate Enable high quality devices to connect wireless network Define high quality of product lifecycle to ensure flexibility Configure your devices to ensure product flexibility and goodwill On-time delivery, tracking the competition is key to win the game Integrate into mobile operator networks around the globe Set up real-time controls that provides visibility into your networks to manage data effectively
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