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Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Standards Initiative Backgrounder


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Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Standards Initiative Backgrounder

  1. 1. Introducing the Mobile Coupon Ad Unit StandardInitiative and Specification MMA Global Initiatives Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Standards Committee
  2. 2. Overview •  The MMA is announcing a new MobileCoupon Ad Unit Specification to drivemobile advertising spend and connect itwith redemption events.•  This specification has been developedby leading MMA member companiesincluding: •  FunMobility  (Chair)  •  Inmar  •  Sprint-­‐Nextel  •  Valpak  •  ISIS  •  Acta  Wireless  •  Sparkfly  •  Medialets  •  RadiumOne  •  Jumptap  •  Spotzot  •  Mocapay  •  Univision  •  Tribune  
  3. 3. 3Source:emarketerTime Spent on Mobile is Skyrocketing…
  4. 4. When you say “coupon”most people think of this:But today’s couponslook more like this:andthis:andthis:4
  5. 5. •  Mobile is a game-changing medium tocommunicate offers,deals, incentives andpromotions.•  Mobile gives consumersrelevant offers when andwhere they want them,and offers advertisersunprecedented targetingcapabilities.•  Mobile Coupons are awin-win for bothconsumer and advertiser.What is a Mobile Coupon?
  6. 6. With cost-effective mobileadvertising and promotionsThrough fun mobile activities thatuse coupons as targeted reward.Via Inbox deals and pushnotification incentives that keepyour customers loyal.Through increased purchasefrequency and size.Mobile Coupons can driveWhy Mobile Coupons?
  7. 7. Why the need for a MobileCoupon Ad Unit? Technical capability : Enabling a standard and operational flow.Budgeting and media buying : Raising the mobile coupon as a way tostimulate mobile media budgets.
  8. 8. User Flow Mobile Coupon AdUnit StandardPrint  Ad  Mobile  Ad  
  9. 9. The MMA Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Specifications are designed to createa common framework, vocabulary and system for measuring theeffectiveness of mobile coupon campaigns.Mobile Coupon Ad UnitSpecification & Measurement Discovery   Impressions  Click  Throughs  Clip   Inbox  Clip   App  Clip   Share  Clip*  RedempMon   GeoAcMvaMon   PresentaMon  POS  RedempMon  *where appropriate
  10. 10. •  Ad Unit•  Clip Unit•  Presentation Unit •  List Unit •  Tile Unit •  Mobile CouponTrust Icon Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Unit Formats Enable a standard operational flow.Raise the mobile coupon as a way to stimulate mobile media budgets.
  11. 11. Discovery Impressions ClickThroughsClip UnitMobile Coupon Ad UnitAd Unit and Clip Unit
  12. 12. Clip Unit12Text to ShortcodePaper CircularMobile Coupon Ad Unit PrintIntegration
  13. 13. Clip InboxClipClip UnitInbox ClipInbox Clip
  14. 14. Clip InboxClipInbox Clip Consumer emailInbox Clip
  15. 15. Clip AppClip PassBookClip Unit Clip to PassbookPassbook (iOS only)
  16. 16. Splash Screen(if consumer launch)Passbook Clips Mobile Coupon(consumer tap orGeoActivation)Passbook ConsumerExperience
  17. 17. Clip AppClipNew AppDownloadClip Unit App Store DownloadAdvertiser Branded AppDownload
  18. 18. Mobile Coupon Configurator
  19. 19. Mobile Coupon Configurator
  20. 20. Mobile Coupon AppWidget Configurator
  21. 21. Redemption GeoActivationConsumer Checks InConsumer is withinGeoActivation areaConsumer is not withinGeoActivation AreaGeo Activation
  22. 22. GeoNotifications enables a push notification to be triggered when aconsumer is near a geographical location with an offer. GeoNotificationscan be established through a Passbook-enabled coupon, or a brandedcustomer coupon app.House ImprovementNoticed you were near! Useyour 15% off coupon now.House ImprovementSale near you! Save 15%NOW only at PleasantonHome Improvement.Push NotificationPush NotificationregionCoupon OfferGeoNotification
  23. 23. Mobile Coupon Trust Badge Coupon&campaigns&adhering&to&this&standard&will&be&encouraged&to&display&the&Mobile&Coupon&Ad&unit&symbol&to&build&visibility&and&credibility&for&this&initiative&as&well&as&clearly&identify&ad&units&as&redeemable&mobile&coupons&for&consumers&and&clerks.&&In&the&future,&this&will&become&a&mandatory&component&of&the&program.&&
  24. 24. •  Kicking off field trials in March.•  Agencies, ad networks, publishers and brands all welcome.•  Prefer non-blind data sharing trials, but not a requirementfor participation.•  To participate contact Michael Becker or Adam Lavine Call for Participation Adam Lavine Chief Executive Officer, FunMobility Chair, Mobile Coupon Ad UnitStandards Committee @adamlavine @funmobility Michael Becker Managing Director, North America Mobile Marketing Association @mobiledirect